ge Reviews of MIND MAGIC


Reviews of MIND MAGIC

eastwestjournal logo"This book is a practical tool for people who want to look at how their heads and lives are working and then establish a more effective order in that process." More...


new age
"The most striking thing to me about Mind Magic is its incredible clarity... a brilliant condensation of wisdom and resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth." More...

women for women weekly
"Mind Magic may be a most useful book for you. Bill Harvey... has created a masterpiece of non-polluting words and word pictures which guides the reader through a real process of Self-discovery." More...

pentalpha journal
I discovered Mind Magic, read it through, re-read it, and plan to continue re-reading it indefinitely. Written in a clear no-extra verbage manner, it is the best tool I've come across. More...


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"I find it a most enjoyable and beneficial book. It aids in helping to find a center of focus at times you
need it most. Much appreciated!"
- Cynthia P. Olema, CA

"Fantastic! Can be used as a guide for years to come. Much inspiration and growth is involved. Have given it
as a gift and the reaction was
very favorable."
- Bobbie L. Los Angeles, CA

"A wonderful and insightful compil-
ation of study of the self and others, nearly completely free of cant and
self-serving dogmatism. May you
and your teachings prosper."
- Dr. P. La Trobe
University, Australia

"A friend lent it to me magically just when I needed it most. The results
were indeed magical, mindblowing
and beautiful. My gratitude for that practical wisdom of yours is
beyond expressing."
- Robert C. Chelmsford, MA

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