Our Institute

The Mission of The Human Effectiveness Institute (THEI) is to make widely available new tools to  focus the mind, enabling higher performance. And in the process to continue basic research and tool refinement.

The Vision is that by becoming more effective individuals, the human race can solve all of the world’s problems which the race has created.

The Institute was formed in 1976 and was granted a federal tax exemption as a 501C3 scientific and educational foundation. Objectives of The Human Effectiveness Institute are, to quote from the Certificate of Incorporation:

“4. PURPOSES. The purposes for which the corporation is organized are as follows:

  • To conduct research into how humans internally process sensory, cognitive, emotive and intuitive information in order to make moment-to-moment action decisions – both normatively and optimally (i.e. how do most humans do this, and how can this be maximally improved).
  • To create, test, refine and distribute educational materials (both print and broadcast media forms; classrooms; home study; etc.) which tend to documentably improve the information-processing basis for decision-making in the sphere of normal day-to-day human life.”

The Institute’s first educational material was a book, MIND MAGIC, that was used as a course text at 34 universities including NYU and UCLA. The Institute’s executive director was invited by the U.S. Army to present the material to the Commandant and Corps of cadets at West Point, and to Delta Force at the Army’s graduate school Carlisle War College. New England Merchants National Bank was among the companies to use the material and to write an endorsement of its efficacy.

In January 2013, the 6th edition of MIND MAGIC was released – MIND MAGIC: Doorways into Higher Consciousness with newly added material.

Bill Harvey’s new book, You Are The Universe: Imagine That was released in May 2014. This breakthrough book, a theory of what the universe is, reconciles science with religion. It shows you a way of looking at reality that changes the way you look at yourself. You see the highest use of your life. Your own life becomes more exciting and inspiring. You have new under- standing of individuals and your love flows easily.

A companion DVD was created in 2010 with videos and a study guide to optimize the study and implementation of the MIND MAGIC tools.

The plan of the Institute, beginning with this book, is to distribute material designed to catalyze the upper mind, through all media and educational channels worldwide. Implementation within organizations will be linked with pre-post measurements of team performance. Basic research will be conducted to determine the psychophysiological substrate of the condition we call the upper mind.

A Personal Perspective by Bill Harvey

A child during an early career as a show business performer discovered that he sometimes experienced perfect performances which occurred while he observed himself without making any effort to perform – as if from outside, behind, or above himself. Let us call this “Condition 1”.

At other times performance required effort and was not perfect and at these times he appeared to be inside himself in the familiar daily state of “normal waking consciousness”. Let us call this “Condition 2”. He assumed Condition 2 to be the normal one and sought to find out more about Condition 1 which he observed to be “supernormal” in terms of performance effectiveness.

Over a period of years Bill Harvey discovered ways of triggering Condition 1 (see above), the state of automaticity and effectiveness. These trigger methods often involved self-reminders encapsulated in a few words which he called “trigger words”. Later in life he collected a subset of these trigger words into a book which he called Mind Magic, The Ecstasy of Freeing Creative Power. His use of the word “magic” was not meant suggest anything not susceptible to science since he has always believed that everything real is susceptible to science. His use of the word “magic” was intended to convey that the book was breaking into ground unfamiliar to most people and that the experience of Condition 1 would be as close to a magical experience for most people as scientifically possible.

About 35,000 copies of this book have been sold to date. The Institute has always sold these on the basis of a lifetime moneyback guarantee. 11 copies were returned under that guarantee. Over 2000 readers chose to write in unsolicited testimonials that the book had positive life-changing effects on them. Today the latest testimonials are sent in to and posted on the Amazon site where readers continue to give the book five-star ratings. And now MIND MAGIC has been released in its sixth edition with some additional material under the title of MIND MAGIC: Doorways into Higher Consciousness.

The purpose of the Institute’s work is to continue to study Condition 1, to discover its scientific underpinnings, to refine trigger methods and to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Effectiveness by Bill Harvey

“Effectiveness” is a word that is coming into increasing use in the advertising business – where it means a shift from relatively superstitious or “soft” measures of performance, to down-to-earth ones such as sales. In my profession as a media researcher I have come to frequently use measures of effectiveness as part of media optimization work. This has also in moments of reflection given me cause to think more broadly about “effectiveness” from the point of view of my earlier academic training which was in philosophy.

That led me to apply the idea of effectiveness to my experience as a self. I had been doing this all my life but it changed when I started to work with computers. From my use of computers during my day job I fell somewhat predictably into the “lens” of looking at my own consciousness as a software system – for example with programs that I might have created so long ago I don’t remember creating them.

Through this lens I watched what the character Bill Harvey did. I noticed performances I liked and others I didn’t. I reprogrammed my biocomputer by means of the standard vows and intentions. I noticed that this did not work particularly well most of the time but sometimes it did. I strove to detect what catalyst had been present and was always present at such moments when things worked inside me the way I had hoped. As I proceeded in this way I began to notice more and more layers of such catalytic conditions conducive to higher effectiveness.

Studying the shifts and patterns in my own personal effectiveness from moment to moment, and what interventions – often cascaded by “trigger words” – worked to actually tangibly improve effectiveness, I wrote a book, which led me to consult for the U.S. Army on the subject of maximizing the effectiveness of individual soldiers. The book appears to function as a “detraining” stimulus, that is, it seems to de-train the mind from following its well-worn streambed. This of course opens the door for new, by definition more creative approaches to the same or new situations. The user gains powers of self-observation that improve the function of the automatic feedback loop to notice areas of improvement potential and the most utterly realistic means to install such improvements.

The central function of the book I hypothesize is that it facilitates the consciousness being refocused out of the “Defender Syndrome” into the “Observer State”. This eliminates the need for mental effort to support motivations of which one is ashamed of having in the first place such as the need for the approval of others. Mental concepts are manipulated without the need to form words in the mind and so the intellect moves forward at an accelerated rate. The book however spends very little time discussing how it might work and instead focuses on being a stimulus set designed to evoke higher effectiveness.