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The Human Effectiveness Institute as a philanthropic (501.c.3 scientific and educational) organization is able to accept your donations and they are tax deductible. Although we’ve been financed since 1976 largely by sales of books and such, we have received substantial donations over the years, including by me and my family. Wonderful people have also donated and/or discounted the cost of their time in support of what we are trying to do. In asking you for donations right now the first thing I need to tell you is what we are trying to do, what your money will be used for, and what good we expect to come out of it.


Having founded THEI, my philosophy has become embodied in this organization, which I expect to go on after my death. My training and degree are in philosophy. In a few words, my philosophy is that there is nothing to fight or be negative over, it’s all okay, it’s all going to come out fine in the end, because there is only one of us. One self, masquerading as each of us, and as each other being and thing in the multiverse. Like a humongous artificial reality game where the one self looks out through your eyes and mine at the same time – “time” not being what it seems. An arcade universe.


The Charter states that we shall study how people make decisions and how they can do it better; then we will create educational content that will help children and everyone else learn how to make decisions by better processes. How does this follow from the philosophy?

Every action you take in your life is what we mean by decisions. We don’t just mean the occasional crossroads where you try to figure out which way to go, but every moment to moment you wind up using one way or a different way, a crossroads that is not so obvious, but which is really the same sort of thing as the “big” decisions.

So in setting out to educate people in improved decision making really means also setting people up to react spontaneously with better decisions to the thousands of stimuli and experiences that bombard them each day, not just how to ponder the ones made over hours, days, or longer periods of time.

How did our philosophy lead us to this Charter? We observed that people’s actions are driven by a very different philosophy, one which assumes that we are all potential enemies, not the same person underneath, and that this has led to a world of strife. We realized that we could educate people to make decisions using better processes that would tend to reduce strife without having to impose or even educate people about our own philosophy. 1


Our theory of Acceleritis is that the invention of written language was the tipping point at which we began to invent new ideas and things at an ever-increasing rate, which has caused an accelerating increase in the number of different things that ask us to think about them each day, that clamor for our attention and engagement of our thought and feeling processes. The same processes used for all decisionmaking, big/occasional decisions, and small/continuous ones.

The New Brains

Although hominids have been around for millions of years, we only got these new brains 200,000 years ago. They are bigger and heavier than any human brains before them. They are incredibly powerful, armed with automatic programming: a senate of different processors debating in realtime and cumulating to an action decision, like a machine learning process. They also work automatically to bring up action solutions they are always offering to the sense of self, kind of like some of the overly-helpful programs in our PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Interaction Effect

An interaction effect exists between the new brains and Acceleritis. Acceleritis serves as an ever-increasing distraction (information coming in which takes away your focus). The sense of self when distracted allows the brain automatic recommender system to take its place at the helm. This is our explanation for what Freud dubbed the Ego. Freud pointed out that the Ego was the part of self that first appeared when the baby first felt it was not getting what it wanted. Ego was created to take the role of manager, agent, promoter, defender for the original self which he called the Id.

In our view Freud was right and that Acceleritis gives the Ego much more power over the individual. The balance that Freud saw between the Id, Ego and Superego (embodied ethical teachings from outside) is lacking. There is no balance. The Ego is the only one with the time and motivation and opportunity to take charge because the rest of the self is overwhelmed by too much to think about already. Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize for pointing out that “fast thinking” runs the show most of the time, even though “slow thinking” makes better decisions. We agree, and we associate the Ego with fast thinking, although Daniel might not agree. We definitely agree on the observation that the brain’s own fast reaction usually gets us to accept it as our own and take the recommended action without hesitation.

Our term the Observer state means when one has learned (from THEI content and/or from life) to not identify with the brain’s automatic reaction.

States of Consciousness

Over the years it has become clear to use that the methods taught in our first book MIND MAGIC relate to states of consciousness. Those methods had evolved in my own life as pragmatic ways I found to avoid wasting time with negativity and going straight for the solutions. In the 2002 Fifth Edition of the book – the one called FREEING CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS – we added a Foreword about why the book had an effect on thousands of readers who wrote to us. The explanation we gave was a state of consciousness conducive to making better decisions – the Observer state – where the true self takes mastery over the brain.

Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, coiner of the term Flow state, and a former advisor to THEI, has taught the world that an even higher state exists than the Observer state. In Flow one is internally in total self-harmony and balance, nothing is getting in the way of anything else, and all decisions are made right and smoothly. The individual is happy and the experience is wonderful. By doing one’s own work so perfectly that others can enjoy watching it and benefitting from it in other ways, one is living a fulfilled life, and giving maximum value to everyone else. Clearly a world of people in Flow ought to be a frontrunner for the status of ultimate good (summum bonum).

What Will Accomplish These Aims?

If our aim is to improve decisionmaking, and get more and more people into the higher states more continuously, (a) what have we been doing to make it come out that way, and (b) what will we be doing in the future with your money, moral support, guidance, and your ability to let your friends know about THEI? For these are the things that we hope you will consider giving us, if you perceive us to be making a positive difference, and with your empowerment, to amp it up a lot.

1976 to 2015

Over 35,000 people read the book MM. Nearly one in ten wrote to say that it had positive effects. 12 people returned it (we have always offered a lifetime moneyback guarantee).

We also have given training programs at no cost in schools, to the Army and Navy, to inventors; wrote a report Plans For America praised by many well-known people in Washington on both sides of the aisle, spoke at the World Future Society, West Point, and in many other venues, produced a TV special about the future of education with the Pope for European television, went to China and signed the first cooperation deal to make a motion picture (still in development, one of the uses of funds), and in general responded positively to virtually every opportunity where someone was doing something positive and asked for help.

2015 to 2022

When one thinks about the size of the task, to take a malfunctioning world and lever it into one that is functioning much better, one is humbled and feels arrogant even thinking about it. And yet, if not us, who? And if not now, when?

So the main reason we are asking for donations now, when we have rarely sought them in the past, is because what we are really trying to do is to get you to join us. Not just your money but also a sense of our working together at this. So you input your ideas, you feel the passion for the work that we feel, and you share the idea of this positively-disposed community or movement with the people you feel could and would take time to help the world move forward, evolve, adapt, and do so in a way that reduces the vast suffering and stress that has become virtually universal – unnecessarily. 

Imagine that – a movement that is not “anti” anybody. That’s us. Will you join and help lead us? Here’s the plan – subject to evolve as more minds coalesce.

Books are not enough. They have done some good for some tens of thousands of people and the memes spread more widely to an unknown number. We will continue our work with the books and the blogs and the tweets.

However, fiction is much more powerful than nonfiction in reaching everybody, especially when it is in video or motion pictures. We have been working on a project for many years which has recently shot to the front of the list for us. It’s a series of media properties called AGENTS OF COSMIC INTELLIGENCE. AGENTS is a spiritual scifi adventure drama in which the same methods taught in the book MM emerge from the action. For just one example, a child seeing it could learn how to deal with his/her own negative thought processes from the ways the psychic warriors deal with each other’s minds. In the next section we show the main projects we seek your help with, funding and otherwise, and you can tag your donations by project and thus add to our insight about what people resonate with the most.

The education system is a crucial aspect of the solution. The methods must get into the schools. We have recently been approached by two leaders of an educational movement that has been accumulating content for eight years, offering to work together on this. For $100 per school we feel that we can rapidly roll out to hundreds or thousands of schools worldwide. You can even pick the school(s)!

Because of the interaction effect between the new brains and Acceleritis, the smartest people in the world have been fighting with each other for centuries. The acrimonious tone to the attacks on religion by science lately for example seem to us to be unnecessary. And the demand from each religion to be considered the only truth seems downright simplistic when it is quite possible to see how they could all easily be true. This is demonstrated in depth by our second book YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE, which explains our philosophy and how it is entirely consistent with all of the major religions and also totally consistent with science. One project is to find and bring together inspiring spiritual leaders from all of the religions to create an interesting interactive video/TV series aimed at showing the common ground. And healing the negative emotions ironically widespread on the subject of God.

There are other projects in the list and you’ll find the information below covering pretty much all that we are planning. We’re very grateful for your interest and would be most appreciative for your ideas and guidance as to where we should be going and/or which of the projects is most on the mark from your perspective – or any other input you’d care to share. Note that we are not going to go forward with all of this all at once. AGENTS is our focus right now and we’d love your donations to be tagged for that. But tag as your heart desires, and if enough of you donate to one of the other projects, or all of them, we will be able to gear up and staff up to take on more of them sooner.

The task is very large. It cannot be achieved with small efforts.

How To Donate and Get In Touch

[George and Team to write this part allowing use of credit card or Pay Pal to make one-time or monthly donations. I would prefer the monthly to happen and to see people upping their monthly as they see us making real progress on the project they care about the most etc. – thanks! This section should lead to and include a place where they can actually take action and make whichever kind and size of donation they want including the option to tag it to project(s) or let us decide how to best use it at any given time]

The Projects

[Bill to write the project sections including those mentioned above plus SECRETS FOR HEROES AND HEROINES, OUROBOROS, THE DEMOCRACY CHANNEL (UNLESS THAT NAME IS NOW BEING USED), A DANGEROUS WOMAN, THE MUSIC OF STAN SATLIN, CLASHBOARDS, ZONEHEADS and any others I have overlooked right now – thanks!]


1 To have taken the latter path would have classified us as a religious organization. Since the us-versus-them underlying philosophy which goes across all religions including atheism, materialism, capitalism, communism, racism, scientism is the cause of the strife, and religions fuel it by not being in harmony with one another, if we had done that we would have exacerbated the situation. By taking the path of an objective and pragmatic organization rather than a proselytizing philosophy, our plan was to present our philosophical ideas as useful fictions, things not to believe, but to try on for size in situations to see if explanatory power was increased.



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