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We’ll Look Back and Realize This Was Our Finest Hour

Created August 27, 2021

We’ve licked terrible odds before and we’ll keep doing it. It’s what we do.

Every situation has a handle, which if you grab it, levers everything positive.

I have total confidence we will find the handle.

You can be sure even better technology will come out of it.

The world’s best equipped realists are doing hundreds of Manhattan Projects right now racing against medical, environmental, economic, thermonuclear, cyberdystopic, moral, spiritual, and emotional world collapse.

There have been many moments in history like this, none quite so well-armed. We stood up and faced it squarely and conquered it. That’s what we’re doing right now.

Soon the bickering will see its ratings drop. That will be the turning point.

The present epochal moment has forced us all inside. That is an excellent place to be. When you go inside, you open up all the possibilities to recreate yourself. The highest form of recreation.

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from my prior post, I’m going to provide bits of our metacognitive psychotechnology – helpful mental/emotional/intuitive hints – in each column from now on. The course will start today with this post.

The reason we are providing free metacognition training to the public at large is because the public needs it. To help all rise to the challenges, by entraining Observer and Flow states. Please benefit from these free stimuli and pass them on. We all have to become more effective in order to survive as a species. We need to think more clearly – that much is obvious by now.

Here is our first “lesson”. All of the experiences in our media including this blog are stimuli to evoke your own “spiritual immune system” known as the intuition. This video is only 64 seconds. After you watch it, we’ll talk about it a bit.

Before you can succeed in life you need to be able to see what it is that you want as the outcome, and you must realize deep down inside that if you do everything you can to bring it about, it can come about.

If you’re harboring doubt that you’re ever going to get there, that is programming yourself to fail.

Of course, one can never be certain how things will come out. All you can do is your best, and enjoy every second along the way, without being so attached to the outcome that you get in your own way.

It helps to previsualize the outcome you want, and to also previsualize a future in which you don’t reach your dream goal, and how you would handle it if that time ever comes. Once you know that you have a fallback way of handling it, you will have disarmed a large part of the limbic system’s emotional distraction power over your conscious mind. You will be able to do creative and constructive things you really want to do regardless of where it all comes out.

Please show YOUR MOVIE above to children whenever you can. Especially when they are feeling low.

Remind them of their gifts – the things they have going for them. Remind them of their proudest moments.

Advise them to show themselves their own courage in the face of adversity. Every time they see themselves being courageous about life’s challenges, they increase their storehouse of real courage. It’s like exercising a muscle.

It takes courage to be yourself, act authentically, without warping that by being overly self-protective. Authenticity counts for a lot.

Kids need to know we believe in their dreams, like we believe in them.

We need the same thing. Stay alert to make sure you are always backing your self, believing in your self.

This has only been the first class of the course, and so we have only covered a very little bit of what everyone needs to know to get into and stay in the more effective states of consciousness, the Observer and Flow states.

We hope you will stay with us week to week and hope you enjoy each week’s short video, a permanent improvement to this blog.

Next week: How to make sure you notice your own hunches – by learning how to detect and read the signals of your un-talking mind.

Best to all,





What’s Bothering Me?

Created August 13, 2021

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are feeling down, you don’t even know what’s doing that to you?

Isn’t that interesting? Some part of me knows that something is wrong. But my conscious mind doesn’t know what it is.

That could mean my bad feeling is for a stupid reason, and if I could only realize what it is that is putting me off, maybe the bad mood would evaporate, perhaps even evoking a laugh if the cause was ridiculous enough.

On the other hand, my hunch machine is sometimes quite right, and this could be one of those cases.

I must find out which of these is true, whether the bad feeling is something to ignore, or pay attention to.

Where to begin?

I write down the symptoms. That’s my go-to first diagnostic troubleshooting step when I lack joy.

Low energy

Not looking forward to anything today

That often leads to thoughts and usually then, the moving pen begins to write as if by itself (sometimes via keyboard).

When you discover what the stimulus is that is evoking negativity in you, you can decide what to do about it. That sometimes makes you feel better. The situation is usually something that comes from you in the first place, not from someone you know, and the solution usually involves your having to grow up a bit more to change your own attitudes.

So, this whole process is a good thing. It gets you back into a positive frame of mind, and makes you better too.

Unless you don’t believe you have the power to change. That’s sort of a show stopper.

If you don’t feel the power to change, discovering the reason for your bad mood doesn’t help. It might make you feel even worse.

Clearly, it is not a good thing to assume you have zero power to change.

If you didn’t feel you have the power to change, before reading this, start right now to allow yourself to open your mind to the possibility that you could rise to this occasion. That you do have the power to change. Now more than ever before. That is called The Will. Determination. Resoluteness. Dedicated to keep agreements with your Self. Not a pushover or a weenie.

Whenever you don’t feel on top of your game enjoying life and the moment, stop a second and Check For Joy. If joy is not present, what is bothering you?

Pay special attention to (a) your dreams (b) the way you feel when you wake up in the morning.

You’ll see that a bad dream can discolor the first part of a day. Or take you off your game for the whole day just as likely. Unless you’re on top of it.

If you can see yourself (“metacognition”) you can detect what kind of mood you’re in. Metacognition is the Observer State. My book Mind Magic is a manual to teach yourself the skills involved in metacognition – really seeing yourself. Able to look critically and objectively at your own last thought. A higher state of consciousness which was given the name “metacognition” by eminent developmental psychologist John Flavell. Now that I have discovered his work, I see that he calls “metacognition” what I call the Observer State. Funny that both of our books came out the same year, and that it’s taken me this long to see that other scientists have not altogether missed what I have been writing about for years. Interestingly, so far, I have seen a lot written about metacognition from the standpoint of studying the phenomenon, but other than Mind Magic I’ve not seen any manual teaching one to have the skills to achieve metacognition.

Net-net, I am pleased that science, specifically developmental psychology, has in effect validated my work by recognizing the existence of this better state of cognition.

Hopefully dear reader you are already metacognitive – after all you have been reading stuff for some time 😊 – and may have been metacognitive even before that. Most readers whom I have met, say they read my book in the first place because they were having these Observer State experiences on their own, but at a very slow rate, and they didn’t even know what it was and therefore couldn’t really tell anybody about it.

Once you have steadied on the gift of metacognition, exploit it fully by setting a mental trigger that will go off as soon as possible after detection of a downer. No longer tolerate downers for yourself. You deserve joy in every moment. It isn’t a farfetched impossibility. People who are self-actualized, doing their passion work, having peak experiences every day, are already doing what I say you can do too.

Bad dreams can set you off badly and the obvious imperative is to decode them before you get out of bed or as soon as practical.

Once you know the reason for the dream it will no longer hold any power over you.

I’ve been enjoying my life and my moments this Summer and was not surprised to wake up in a bad mood, because during the bad dreams which caused the mood, I already knew that these dreams were disturbing me and I couldn’t figure out why. Neither in the dream nor after waking out of it.

After some contemplation I realized what had caused the bad dream.

The cause of the bad dream was that I am enjoying my life and my work so much right now, some part of me had found time to worry about somehow losing it.

Attachment is a cause of bad dreams in general. Things you are afraid of losing. Try that as a first possible key when you next wake from a bad dream, which I hope you shall never have to do again.

Best to all,


Can We Up the Level of Discourse?

Created April 16, 2021

My obvious point in the fictional last three posts 1 2 3 is that a lot could be accomplished by the world’s top leaders at least speaking nicely to one another.

Yet despite my treasured audience, I guess so far, my thoughts have not entered the right offices in Washington DC. The angry threats rattle back and forth globally, and seem out of sync with the fantastic job our government has been doing in all other areas.

This raises the question of whether my scenario is realistic, that is, what chance does it have to be carried out authentically on the world stage? Or must we conclude that we no longer have the stuff FDR and Eisenhower and Kissinger and many others used to have?

It’s been done before. Every world triumph started that way, people lowering the noise level and getting down to trading and collaborating, plain old negotiation.

Nowadays, with all the talk about rapid adoption of new ways of thinking, what better place to use these “new” sane strategies of making win/win happen.

Same thing down here among us.

Wind down confrontation to trade and collaboration to achieve win/win.

A goal worthy of unification of efforts.

I’m envisioning that is where the machinations of history are eventually going to wind up after we’ve tried everything else first – assuming we survive thermonuclear biological chemical mindbend war that is the gravity otherwise pulling us.

Why go through all that?

Why not save ourselves the time and scars?

We can do it now, it’s simple, let’s talk about it if you agree with me or not, just talking without threats etc. is all I’m proposing.

In our common interest, much appreciate if you’d kindly pass this on. Thanks!

President Biden has proposed a summit with President Putin and it is expected to happen but not in the next few weeks. That still gives us time to plant the seeds for an innovative rather than predictable approach. If you like that idea, please help me disseminate these memes. Thanks again!

All my best,


A Way to Decide How to Live Your Life

Created March 5, 2021

Painful periods in history have always made us stronger. Other than the venom of our disagreements, we now show great promise as a race. We are now advanced enough to come up in less than a year with vaccines that work against novel deadly viruses, and several nations are visiting Mars right now. Think of all the great new tech we are making and using together. If robots put us all out of jobs, governments and businesses will have to sponsor us so they still have someone to sell things to.

On the other hand, everyone is so roiled up by the last few years of callous misuse of media for political and financial gain, including several nations that had taken years to calm down, it could all blow up before we get to ultimate technotopia.

It would sure be a shame to let that happen.

Because if we can keep a steady hand on the tiller, it’s in everyone’s self-interest to not blow it all up, but for national leaders to create win/win trade deals keeping the whole machine going and making it work better year after year.

As nations and as individuals, we’ve all gotta feel for the other “guy” because either we’re one big happy family or we’re one big dysfunctional war hole.

The biggest disagreement that is driving us apart reflects two very different worldviews. One view assumes that the universe is benevolent or neutral, and that everyone is trying to do the right thing. The other view is that the universe is a dangerous place filled with both good and evil beings. Those of the latter view naturally are more likely to exhibit hate and be prone to violence.

Millions or billions of us need to really rethink about how to live the rest of our lives. It might be a whole different worldview than we have lived by until now.

The way I go about thinking about how to live my life starts from looking over what I think the world is.

I find it implausible that the universe is an accident.

The one thing that I am certain exists, is my consciousness. If my consciousness can exist, a God-sized consciousness could also exist. That consciousness might regard itself in some other way than as God per se. That consciousness could be as scientific as a far more advanced version of our science. It could have a sense of self the way we do. It could know itself better than we each know ourselves. It could realize that it is a vast biocomputer, that it processes information the way our minds do.

It could have such immense processing power that it can pay attention to an infinite number of different things at once. In that way, it could be playing a three-dimensional “videogame” through us, its avatars.

If that were the case, our consciousness could live forever, once our current body stops working.

None of this is unscientific. Great scientists differ in their hunches as to ideas like this; one of the greatest physicists of all time, John Wheeler, had an open mind about such subjects. He postulated that consciousness is an essential causal factor in making the reality we experience, exist. (The link brings you to a ten-minute video explaining this in more detail for those interested.)

All religions could be essentially true, including the miracles. Who among us has not experienced miracles such as suddenly knowing something is going to happen, what someone else is thinking, or receiving an incredibly good idea out of the blue? Some of us have experienced more inexplicable things than others. I’ve shared my own strange experiences in my book You Are The Universe.

Paranormal experiences have brought out the spiritual feelings I had as a small child. People who have not had those experiences are highly likely to be skeptical about God.

I was highly skeptical of the things I was told about religion. As life confirmed the predictions inherent in all truly religious ethical statements, I became somewhat more open-minded. I identified in myself a cultural bias which dichotomized my thinking into pro-science/anti-religion vs. pro-religion/anti-science.

I concluded that one must allow for the probability of some sort of God. That had not been ruled out by science. That was when I began to think about how they might both be true.

I see the universe as a single consciousness. The original Experiencer is living through each of us, not just humans but everything. That is my take on what is going on. I invite you to start again to consider what the universe may be, and how your bet in reality is going to guide you to right action, in your future reimagined free of lockdowns your mind may have firmly decided in the past.

Even though we have learned millions of amazing things since we began, we still know very little about the largest questions, who are we, why are we here, and therefore we must bet our lives on some basic assumptions that are relevant to decision making day to day.

My baseline is that everything that has not been ruled out by science is possible. And so, my actions should be optimized for both an accidental material-only world versus a God World in which each of us is God, temporarily self-hypnotized for the zest of the game.

But beyond actions, one also has feelings, and feelings inside of us should also be optimized. If we merely go through life deferring the question of what the whole universe is, we are avoiding one of the most important aspects of being alive, and merely closeting the wonder and awe we were born with.

Aesthetically, I am betting on the God Universe. Pragmatically that also allows me to experience hunches and inspirations and spiritual feelings for all things and beings, which I find to be all very positive feeling experiences.

Since we cannot know definitively, the game is set up that way, we can either bet one way or another or can optimize for all worldviews simultaneously. But we cannot walk around the question of what we feel the universe is. It’s a key part of the journey. From that will come the wellspring of inspiration that will show you your new high road in life.

All my best, Bill

PS – Chapter 12 of MIND MAGIC provides more specific recommendations on how to reopen your mind to the expanded worldview possibilities of consciousness itself, which John Wheeler and other eminent quantum physicists have validated as consistent with quantum theory.

Don’t Fight Yourself

You may not realize it but sometimes you fight yourself. You are desirous of one type of outcome but your actions force you to the opposite outcome.

This is caused by mental-emotional processes that are built in.

How do you know when you are doing this to yourself?

One sure sign is negativity.

Negative emotions are a dead giveaway that you are fighting yourself. You want something very badly and your actions are going to work towards denying you that outcome.

The negativity is impossible to fully hide even if you are a great actor. And when the other person senses your negativity, they are less likely to be persuaded by whatever you say.

Negativity lowers your effectiveness. You are picturing yourself failing and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There is one sense in which negative emotions are a useful tool. Like an alarm clock, they wake you up to a problem needing to be addressed. Just like an alarm clock, to be at your best and most effective, you turn off the alarm before doing anything else.

However, most people find it is virtually impossible to turn off their negative emotions.

Chapter 11 of MIND MAGIC (free links during the pandemic) provides a battery of tools which can enable you to turn off negative emotions, while getting down to creative solution thinking, that will aid you in whatever your outcome quest happens to be at the time.

The first thing to do is to understand where and why you are experiencing negative emotions.

The easiest case is fear. It will be fairly easy to figure out what you are afraid of.

Anger is another type of negative emotion that is a little more difficult to diagnose in terms of the cause. But the secret is to ask yourself what you are afraid of losing or not getting that is making you mad. Anger is always the result of fear of loss of something you have or are trying to get.

Depression or disheartenment are the most difficult types of negative emotions to figure out the cause of. If you feel a dull vague sense of negative emotion it could take a while to determine the cause.

Your feelings might be hurt. You could be frustrated at how long some things are taking. It could simply be the aftereffects of a bad dream.

When it takes more than a couple of minutes to see the cause of your negative emotions, the best approach is to stop trying to figure it out, and to take a break from work, get into an alone space (outdoors in nature is the best), and just goof off. Yoga or meditation would be ideal if you do those things. Otherwise goofing off is a perfectly acceptable proxy. Goofing off is very close to meditation. The main point when you don’t know why you are sulking, is to stop trying to get through your TO-DO LIST. Goofing off is a wonderful cure, because it allows the subconscious mind to send you messages. Ones which would almost never get through while you are enmeshed in your TO-DO LIST.

Once you find out the cause, then a useful tool is drawing schematics of action options, circles with captions indicating what they represent, and arrows indicating what you are feeling the cause and effect relationships would be if you took those actions. Keep going until you feel that you have a plan and a sense of inner clarity.

There is much more useful technique in the chapter at the link above. Here’s a sample:

Transform worries into tasks


by distinguishing

the variables you can control

from the variables you cannot control;


then set out to control the former variables

and essentially ignore the latter variables.


Worrying is negative input

once you have identified the controllable variables

and have set yourself to controlling them.


Worrying under such conditions

implies that you should concern yourself

with phenomena beyond your control;

such concern is misplaced,

since you will always have quite enough to think about

as regards phenomena that are under your control.


That which is beyond your control

is not your responsibility;


whatever happens that is beyond your control

can only be accepted as necessary.


Wishing you alignment with yourself and the much-admired capability to keep on smiling through whatever life throws at you.

All my best,