Increase your Positive Thinking and Mindfulness with MIND MAGIC

Positive thinking is one of the cornerstones of success in all areas of life — Zone level performance, the ability to meet challenges, reach our goals and be happy.

The thing about positive thinking is that itís an idea all of us know by now yet not so easy to practice. Many books on the subject exhort people to think positively and prove why it is important but they donít tell the reader how to stay positive in the face of perceived threats, disappointments or other mood negators. Read more on positive thinking.

Positive thinking alone is not sufficient. The other cornerstone is mindfulness.

What exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is living with constant steady awareness. It benefits all areas of life increasing our sense of joy and connection. It is a form of attention control. We define Mindfulness as the optimal allocation of attention for maximum effectiveness.

Increase  Your  Positive  Thinking
and Mindfulness with MIND MAGIC

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The need to be master of oneís own attention has gotten progressively greater over the centuries as a result of information overload and its distractive effects ó the condition we call Acceleritis. Today, the need for Mindfulness has never been greater.

Persistent mindfulness results in a shift into a higher state of consciousness, which we call the Observer state, and it is from this state that the mind-body can launch into the Flow state or the Zone, the highest known state of consciousness, in which right actions seem to do themselves effortlessly. Read more on mindfulness.

Mindfulness and Positive Thinking combine to form the core of our book Mind Magic ó our recommended set of methodologies to achieve superior decisions, highest effectiveness, and creative innovation in all aspects of oneís life.

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Simply stated, Mind Magic
offers a better way
to run your mind.

…a practical guide for developing the power of mindfulness. The most striking thing to me about the book is its incredible clarity. It is a brilliant condensation of wisdom that resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth... And it really works. My suggestion: experience this book and share it. — Dr. Rick Ingrasci, from his review in Eric Utne’s New Age Journal


A unique stimulus to breaking old mental habits, MIND MAGIC is designed to evoke your ideas, and get you thinking and acting in new ways. MIND MAGIC glides along effortlessly, stimulating you in light and sometimes humorous but always unexpected ways, gently bringing you into an expanded state of awareness known as mindfulness.

MIND MAGIC doesnít just tell you how ó it provides you with tools and insights to see into your life situation in new ways.

Just published in its 6th edition, MIND MAGIC is available here, in bookstores and now also on Kindle E-reader.

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If everyone were to read just this one book, the improvement in social and personal consciousness would be astounding.
— Lynn S., Indianapolis, IN

This book ...seems to work like magic as you read it. It works. You don't. Rather than tell you how to transform your life, it gently does it to you as you read." - John Z. New York, NY

Doorways into Higher Consciousness

by Bill Harvey

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