Excerpt from Bill Harvey's book

from Chapter 9
Dis-Identifying with the Thought Senate
Not Thrwoing your Authority
Behind Untested Head Spewings

Visualize the mechanism
whichs sends you verbal thought messages
not as one speaker,

Freeing Creative Effectiveness book

but as a vast senate of many different speakers.

Each experience you have had
creates a separate viewpoint
from which comments may be made.

Therefore, the first step to take
in analyzing any thought sent to you

is to determine who is speaking:

Whis set of experiences that you have had
is expressing its veiwpoint to you?

Do not identify with your thoughts.
You are not the thinker of the thoughts;

you are the hearer of the thoughts.

The thinker of your thoughts
is a subsidiary mechanism within you,
which attempts to put some of your feelings
into words;

you must then assess the way you feel
about these words.

Not looking at the matter this way,
most individuals tend to identify themselvees
as sthe author of the words in their head,
and consequently are biased in favor
of believing and defending these thoughts.

In fact, each thought you have
is merely a trial balloon,
a dreaft from your speechwriter
sent to you

so that you can decide whether you agree or disagree.

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