Excerpt from Bill Harvey's book

from Chapter 10
Improving Inner Visibility

In this state,
one runs forward
into a revelational vein,
mining deeper and deeper into the vein,
only losing track of the hinted-at next idea
when the conscious mind suddenly becomes aware

Freeing Creative Effectiveness book
of the content which has already gone past, and “sits up and takes notice”

This spotlight of recognition
appears to frighten the modest voices,
who seem to “zip behind trees”
when you look sharply at them.

The smallest inner voice
is that of the Master...

This is a voice incapable of giving you bad advice;
all that comes from this voice
you will instantly recognize
as clearly right
from every standpoint.

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"This book...seems to work like magic AS you read it. IT works. YOU don't. Rather than tell you how to transform your life, it gently does it TO you AS you read."– John Z. New York, NY

“I received your books today – thank you... Your brilliant and lucid instructions are wonderful—without any trapping of history or tradition. Buddhism uses the term 'boddhicitta' or what is now the word entering medicine 'mindfulness'. I love that you focus on experience (vs. knowledge)—the Dalai Lama is always reminding us that it is in the experience of mindfulness that we truly change ourselves and awaken to our deep humanity. - Phillip Romero, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Medical College Cornell University New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY

“You’re on the right path out of the maze of today’s paralyzed world.”
- Fred K. Beloit, KS

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