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Volume 4, Issue 43

Hi! This is Bill, writing to tell you about some new exciting features we are offering starting today.

I am super excited about the launch of our new YouTube channel, Bill and The Universe (BATU for short) today. Initially it will appear on Youtube with hopes of expanding to TV. There will be new program content every week and you can also see it here on my blog. For those of you interested in my father’s big band show business career in New York nightclubs and the Catskills backing up some of the top singers and comics of the 20th Century, our first series THE CHIEF should make you laugh and cry. We’re serializing the story in weekly 2-minute bites knowing that many of us are always in time crunch mode.

We are also offering two blog posts a week beginning next week. Each Thursday, starting today, you’ll continue to see our fictionalized serial The Great Being plus a new video from BATU to the right of the blog post.

Beginning Tuesday, January 13, we will offer the original Pebbles blog, which we call “Classic Bill”.  Here you will find new nonfiction pieces (sprinkled with occasional fiction) and Classic Bill posts,  including  psychotechnology and life tools.  And there will be a link between the Tuesday and Thursday posts. Plus the most current videos will also appear in the right column. 

We hope you’ll let us know what you like and don’t like so we can increase your enjoyment and takeaway value. Thanks!

The Great Being, Part 15

The Shaman Knows

This continues the serialized story of The Great Being, the One Self that each of us thinks of as our own separate self. Melchizedek and Layla, fully aware of their own true identity as The Great Being, have come to Earth on a Mission and now inhabit two babies circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments here.

MAH and DAH continued to hesitate as the old man waved more vigorously for them to come over. His circle of old women looked them over as they shyly approached the elder, bringing MEL and LAYLA in their arms. TYG despite his normal bravado seemed cowed and held back, holding his toy sharp stick protectively in front of him.

Do we “hide” and try to fool him? This would be one time I’d appreciate this baby brain taking me over, Melchizedek whispered telepathically to his partner.

He hears us already, Layla pathed back. His priestesses do too. They can’t understand what we are saying but they know we are a lot smarter than the babies they’ve encountered before and that we’re signaling something to each other.

MAH and DAH stopped a yard from the shaman, not certain what they were supposed to do, never having been presented at court before. Melchi and Layla had noted that the alpha male who acted like the boss of the tribe — the guy who wore the animal horn headdress and waved it like a weapon to maintain discipline — had been deferential to this old man.

We better play it straight or he will distrust us, Melchi pathed. Layla murmured pathic agreement. The old man was studying them and then reached up to take them.

Uh-oh, Melchi heard himself think. The kids were concerned that the shaman, an anachronism they had not been expecting to have developed this early with the old brains, might be a member of the opposing team, one of the revolutionaries. If so they were dead and this was a failed Mission.

MAH put MEL into the old man’s waiting hands and the shaman brought him close and looked into his eyes then back around at his circle of old women, who nodded at him. He reached up and DAH handed over LAYLA. The old man now had both of them on his lap. He repeated the close-up eye stare with Layla.

Something familiar about him, she pathed to Melchi nervously. The old man suddenly hugged them both to his chest and belly and made huh-huh sounds. Melchi looked up and saw that he was smiling fondly down at both of them. The women made the huh-huh sounds too.

He knows who we are and what we’re about, in a way, Layla pathed.

They are all very intuitive, Melchizedek agreed. But just normal Neanderthals it would appear. Their Mission was safe for the moment.


Best to all,


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