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Volume 5, Issue 3

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to begin the current human race on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

Layla was impressed that Melchizedek appeared able to get more information than she had been able to cadge from their Original Self, who was playing this feel-o-vision videogame through them. Their True Self did not want to ruin the game by giving excessive clues to his avatar selves in the midst of their self-hypnotized games. Yet Melchizedek, as a more advanced player than herself, knew certain tricks. She would often come upon him meditating with an inner directed gaze in his open eyes, floating in a rainbow electrical ovoid shape over the highest peak on their bardo plane vacation island, from which the sea was dramatically visible in all directions. She knew at those times that he was looking deep inside and being guided by cosmic purpose.

Descent to the Mediterranean by Vladimir KushWe have our orders, Melchizedek pathed to her, coming out of his meditation and surprising her. We’re going to walk in. This did not particularly surprise her. Agents often used the walk-in method as it saved the time of growing up. And it made use of the memories of a specific avatar of the One Being as material for the game.

Melchi spirited them both out of the bardo and they approached the projected world, Earth now looking slightly different as they drew near the Atlantic coast of what would become known as Spain. There below on a beach punctuated by large black lava natural sculptures were a large number of human corpses seemingly washed ashore, apparently having drowned.

This group of warriors was driven to try to escape by sea, Layla intuited and Mel was proud of her, pathing her back a head-nod. Both groups are within the other team, he said. The other team is fighting itself? she asked incredulously and he murmured assent. They are quite competitive, he observed. When there is no human prey to steal from, they often fight among themselves. Here – these are the two.

He hovered over two of the corpses and Layla could see that these were among the hugest men she had ever seen on this planet. One was blonder and the other much darker of hair and skin. I get to be a guy this time, Layla noted. But these two look too dead to revive. We might wind up walking into zombies. Melchizedek had the same concern but would not give it voice. He called for cosmic fire support and led the walk-in, choosing the darker one, knowing Layla’s preferences. She unhesitatingly followed, entering the blonder one.

Melchizedek lost track of Layla while he struggled to restart and repair the brain, and the breath. He vomited saltwater and felt himself take hold of the body, which was moving like a powerful horse trying to throw him off its back. Turning quickly to Layla he saw the body still immobile and looking dead as a doornail. He reached out to contact her and got nothing. Imagining the zombie nightmare she might be in for a nanosecond, he applied mouth-to-mouth and then other moves to help the coughing body expel the seawater. Thanks Melchi! he heard at last and set about quieting his internal alarms.

They both fell back exhausted on the sand to recover and take stock. They didn’t have that much time, however, as simultaneously both felt internal alarms go off again. Humans were approaching, not yet in visual range.


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