Waking Up Rebel Forces

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 13

Part 84 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The pigeon flew into the home of General Ares, the planetary Shaitin, and directly up to the General, who was sitting by the fire contemplating his next political moves. Ares understood immediately that to be able to appear as such, the bird was a Rebel of at least the status of Prince, so Ares stood deferentially. The pigeon spit out a folded piece of paper-like bark on the floor. Ares knelt and carefully opened it, flattened it with his palm, and took it closer to the fire to sit and look at it, glancing occasionally at the tight-lipped bird.

It was a picture, a map. X was surely Ares’ current position, amidst an archipelago of islands. To the left side of the map there were rough lines of continents and two prominent objects. That one had to be the Pillars of Heracles, but the one farther out in the ocean, what was that?

The Pillars of Hercules

The pigeon stood up and morphed into a giant man, about ten feet tall, bowing over slightly to avoid the high ceiling. He was handsome, dignified, and appeared very sad. He was impeccably dressed down to his ebon hooves, which as always were highly polished, perfectly gleaming without a speck of dust or hangnail. General Ares stood at high attention before his supreme commander, who now preferred to be called Perse.

“Sir?” the General asked.

“You’ll recall the ship we destroyed some time ago on the other ocean,” Perse began.

The General realized the other object now very close to his position was another powerful ship like that one had been, difficult to destroy, and ultimately only Perse’s own ship was capable of finishing her off. The General became very aware of the danger he was in, not only from the enemy, but from his boss.

“Wool gathering is I guess your explanation for why you have been asleep at the switch?” Perse asked with apparent even temper. “Brooding over some political move?”

The General realized that Perse could read everything in his mind and had caught Ares with a smoking mental gun, derelict from his duty of discovering the enemy so close before it had to be pointed out to him as if to a child, thinking only of his petty schemes.

“Guilty, sir,” Ares said, throwing himself at the mercy of the arguably most merciless being in the universe.

“Now that I’ve made you aware of the situation, General, what are your plans?” Perse asked.

“If it please you sir we will destroy the vessel,” Ares said.

“Have fun,” Perse said in a bored voice and disappeared.

Ares sprang into action, called his general staff together, and gave them their orders. Many of the staff were off in space and attended the meeting by video. Those out in space were the most powerful battle craft, kept apart so as to present less of a tempting target, but now all streaking toward Atlantis.


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Photo by NASA – PD-USG

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