Tracking the Second Team

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Volume 5, Issue 2

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to begin the current human race on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

Melchizedek’s and Layla’s existence was to be a yo-yo, constantly being dragged into self-forgetfulness by the new prediction-centric brains. Rising astride the same body as that brain, being one with it, and yet remembering that one was essentially a spirit or consciousness inhabiting that brain, had never been a problem for the Agents in previous assignments. This was a new one on them. They had to figure out a way to stay awake to their true identity and Mission in order to hope to accomplish it — which was now looking chancy.

But at this moment at least, they were ecstatically happy and it required no effort to stay awake to who they really were. They were back on the bardo plane, in which only consciousness in itself exists, away from and yet in total communication with the projected world. They were out of those brains — and on vacation. Someplace they loved, a beach always 80 degrees day and night, alone on holiday in a heavenly concoction of St. Bart’s, Cannes, Big Sur, Ibiza, Carnival, and the Kumbh Mela.

They had been parted for a long time by Mel’s reckoning, since he had been in a body. Layla, who had departed first, had no sense of any time having passed so she was extra delighted at Mel’s intense worshipful ardor for her.

Hey what’s all this… ooh…

Here on Earth the orgasm is what we identify as being the ultimate extreme pleasure. However, this is usually mostly physical pleasure. The spiritual level is orgasmic in the sense of being in every way the most extreme pleasure, felt physically, intellectually, intuitively, and emotionally.

M & L on the beach

In the ever changing dreamlike seascape thundering and spraying them they compared notes. Click below for audio enhancement.


Who was the other Team that gave them fire — what do we know about them? Melchizedek asked Layla because she had been here for a while with access to the Akashic  records (the Cosmic “cloud”).

Because we’re in the Lost Lambs zone, Earth has been dubbed a “mystery planet” in which the inhabitants — including Agents — are given clues to discover things, but they’re not going to give us all the skinny in advance, Layla pathed back to him with resignation. She had had time to get used to the idea and was a trouper. Melchizedek absorbed the information with a smile.

That explains a few things, he pathed. Good to know — so when a brain is trying to get me mad at my Original Self for not giving me enough information, now I know why I chose to play the game this way.

There’s only one other thing I was able to find out, she said, and the attention between them peaked. The tribe we were in was not typical. Most others are very violent.

His expression wryly conveyed “Naturally” and implied “What next?”

That’s where we’ll have to go, he pathed, right into the heart of the worst of them.

To get close to the other Team and learn their intentions, she agreed.



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