To Slip Away under Cover of Endless Storm

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Volume 5, Issue 31
Part 53 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they have trekked southward to where they now face the Great Water at Gibraltar.


This episode marks the beginning of the second year of weekly postings of The Great Being. At this point of the story, our Agents are longer conscious of their true identities; the new Homo sapiens brain has taken over their souls. Their commander Stari-ki, an off-planet Rebel, is trying to wake them up to what he thinks are their true Rebel identities, Bluto and Scarlatta — the original Rebel inhabitants of those bodies whose souls had already moved on before Mel and Layla walked in. If Stari-ki knew they were Agents, he would of course have to torture them for all the information he could get about the Rebel’s great “enemy”, who they call “the backstabber” — none other than the One Self that inhabits everything, even each Rebel including their leader Lucifer, but they don’t accept that.

In our last episode, having fought off another sudden attack, Blu and Ska crept behind enemy lines to capture a prisoner, and brought him to Stari-ki for questioning. Their suspicions were confirmed: the attack was led by Aldus. But the questions remained: why was he trying to kill them? And how would they cross the Great Water? Suddenly, enormous bolts of thunder and lightning and torrential downpours brought Stari-ki out of his tent, naked, walking alone into the rain and toward the beach. Then he saw it: a silt-darkened column of rain in one line across the water, forming a temporary land bridge on top of the old sunken land-bridge. The way across — Goma had come through.


Blu and Ska meditatingBlu was dreaming. Ska was with him in the dream. In the dream, it was a bright sunny day and they were meditating on top of the great rock. In reality Blu was wrapped around Izbel under skins in their tent, which they had shored up against the amazing and endless downpour.  In the dream, Ska looked over at him with a certain affectionate look in his eye that was not manly. This surprised Blu. He had never seen such a look from Ska. Blu said, “I thought when we were very young we agreed that we preferred girls?”

And still the great waters tumbled from the skies.

The enemy had no stomach for attacking during this endless monsoon. Now would be the perfect time to escape across the temporary land bridge. temporary land bridgeGoma’s vessel had used amplified telekinetics to draw up tons of sand into the storm clouds, and chemicals to trigger and maintain the endless storm conditions. Under cover of what could be an unusual but natural thunderstorm going on for days, which might not be spotted by the backstabber’s Agents, a curtain of silt was continuously falling where the old land bridge still existed underwater, building it up like a rail trail so that now Blu and Ska could see it.
In his tent, Stari-ki was reading their minds and saw that this miracle they were witnessing was doing something to their minds, probably waking them up to their true Rebel identities.

“What is it?” Ska asked his companion. They were both on the beach, standing naked as that was the only sensible way to venture out into this monsoon, trying to see through the pelting rain flying down in hard large drops.

land bridge aerial view“Somehow God is helping us by making a bridge. Sand is coming down in a perfect line. I don’t see how that can be an accident,” Blu said, not knowing why he felt so strongly that he knew these things intuitively. How can I be so sure? And yet he was. It must be the man inside me, the true me, who knows these things.

Stari-ki was not happy hearing Blu, or Bluto as he now thought of him, using the word “God”. That was a term used by some uneducated natives on planets like this one, who sometimes said “gods”, and by the great majority of educated beings in the universe fooled by the backstabber into taking him to be the one and only true God. Rebels never used that word. Where had Blu gotten it? From the natives of course. Should Stari-ki make an issue of it? At the proper time. Right now he had other words to share with his key men. He had sent for them, telling his guards exactly where on the beach to find them.

Drenching the inside of his tent with water, Blu and Ska entered. “I see you already know about our escape route,” Stari-ki said with a wry smile. “Our friends above are doing that for us. Don’t think of it as a miracle, it’s an invention of ours, like your cave painting but far more advanced.” The men looked dutifully impressed, awed. “The weather will clear over the water in four hours, and as you saw we are already breaking camp and getting ready to go. You’d better go help your wives. You will be with me at the back of the line, and we will be the last three to leave, as the enemy will discover where we are and attack from the rear. The three of us will hold them off until they give up and go home.” He motioned to scoot them out and they left. As soon as they were outside, Stari-ki’s head popped out and said, “Blu one more thing,” and waved to signal that Ska could keep going, which he did.

Back in the tent and dripping again, Blu looked at Stari-ki with widening eyes as he heard the revelation. “Your real name is Bluto, that’s the name of the Rebel you really are, who was purposely born into the body you wear. That body’s brain is too powerful, as we have talked about. It was a weapons experiment of ours that worked too well, and it has formed its own identity and drowned out yours, which we are fighting to get back,” Stari-ki told him in a rush of words.

“And Ska?” Blu, now Bluto again, asked in a hushed voice.

“Scarlatta is a woman Rebel, a Master Spy specializing in seduction,” Stari-ki revealed grimly. “Ska already suspects he is a woman inside and it scares him. It would not help to tell him the truth right now, so we must hide it from him. Tell him his real name is Skar. If he asks what sex, tell him with a laugh that of course you are both real men inside.” Blu felt a chill as he remembered his dream.


“And later?” Blu asked. Stari-ki made an annoyed impatient shrug and waved his hand, meaning he did not know and there was no time to be wasting. They would somehow figure that out later. Blu felt a sense of foreboding and a touch of distrust, which he now felt he was able to hide from Stari-ki. Something did not feel right about this revelation. But he used the trick he had invented of letting these things slide right off his mind, and he had the feeling that this enabled him to hide certain thoughts from Stari-ki. Of course, one never knew when Stari-ki was merely pretending not to notice things.



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