To Cross the Great Water

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Volume 5, Issue 28

Part 50 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. As Blu and Ska, they are now well into their new life, around 40,000 BC in the mountains of northwestern Spain. At this point of the story, our Agents are no longer conscious of their true identities; the new brain has taken over their souls — for now. Previous episodes.

Stari-ki’s army had begun their southerly trek in our last episode. Upon reaching what is now Lisbon, they were ambushed and many lives under Stari-ki’s command were lost before the attack was vanquished. The best fighters were allowed to live and their wives joined the other wives, all soon earning the trust of Stari-ki’s army. Meanwhile, Blu’s inner life had been changing as he began making his own best effort to remember his true identity, and Ska was also trying to get back to his true self, having a flash that maybe he was a girl. Layla and Melchizedek were beginning to wake up and leak through. Finally, we left you with Stari-ki, alone in his tent, summoning Planetary Command for help to revive Blu’s and Ska’s Rebel memories.

Blu was receptive to unconscious suggestions leaking through from Melchizedek, suggestions Mel did not even realize he was making. This is what drew Blu as if instinctively to meditation in the first place. Deep inside Melchizedek was the training that said when lost, go back to the general method and it will eventually restore all of your other methods. That general method was always meditation because in meditation all of the other methods will be rediscovered.

Atop the Rock of Gibraltar

Now sitting atop an enormous rock that would later be called the Pillars of Hercules and still later the Rock of Gibraltar, Blu was looking south at the continent across the narrow waters. Although still amazed by this scene they had discovered the day before, Blu’s attention was really indrawn. He had discovered there were sides to himself that took diverging viewpoints during an inner conversation. He wondered if one of these was his real Rebel self. Melchizedek, his real Agent self, never said a word during any of these inner conversations; his suggestions came through not in words but in feelings and images, because he was still largely asleep.

Sitting beside Blu and attempting to follow the meditation instructions given to him by this great friend, Ska’s mind was not as tranquil as his friend’s. Ska, who had always been just as courageous as Blu, now had contacted fear deep inside him for the first time and was overwhelmed by it, having never prepared any defenses against such fear.

The fear had started when he sensed it was possible that his real Rebel self was a female. He didn’t want to be a female. Females were wonderful but they were not warriors and he did not see how he could do his job if he found out he was a female. The new brain had a self-reinforcing mechanism which, every time it felt fear, made it more probable that this fear would be felt again in the future. It had not taken long to create a strong and chronic fear pattern in Ska’s brain. He hid all this very well even from Blu and his wife Asa. Stari-ki read it in his mind but said nothing about it to Ska, since he needed Ska to be effective and didn’t know what the best thing to say or do might be.

Stari-ki was in deep meditation himself, in his battle tent, his guards ordered to keep officers and others away until Stari-ki came out by himself. This was a different kind of meditation, as he was receiving information from Planetary Command. He knew they would reach this breach between land and water, and was told to await orders as to how to cross it. He wondered if they would be swimming, rafting, or picked up by starcraft and carried over. He hoped for the latter but suspected that Planetary Command did not want the natives to see all of the technology the Rebels had, in order to deny that information to the backstabber’s Agents.

Now they were showing him a picture in his mind of an enormous flood washing over the natural land bridge that used to be there. He supposed the flood must have taken place a long time ago, but Intel had not picked up on the loss of the land bridge in the first draft of the planetary orders.

The Flood at Gibraltar

Atop Gibraltar with Blu, Ska was not sanguine about his fears that they might be ordered to swim across. Ska’s brain and body remembered nearly drowning in this great water once before, before Layla had entered and saved the dying man.

Stari-ki felt a halt in the briefing from Planetary Command as some other voice came into focus inside his head. Someone else was cutting in on their conversation, with a news flash of some kind. Some warning… hard to make out in the din since now a third entity at Command had further news to impart. Why can’t Rebels ever wait to take turns? He thought the old saying automatically with a wry mind-smile, feeling the pride he always felt at being a member of such a pugnacious race, which is what he thought of Rebels. Of course they were a voluntary gathering rather than a single race.

Aha! This was the news he had been waiting for about the true identities of his right-hand men Blu and Ska. He had been right! Confirmed Rebels born in utero, lost contact years ago when taken over by brains. The larger dark-skinned one is Bluto, male, and the light-skinned one is Scarlatta, female. Both natives of Phaeton, relocated to Ceres after the planet’s destruction. Bluto is the one who follows orders and gets a job done. Scarlatta is a master spy specializing in seduction, not to be trusted but a valuable asset not to be sacrificed if possible. High priority placed on bringing their identities back to consciousness. Scarlatta was to have been born as a female but someone made a mistake and was punished for it. Ska had been hoped to still have value as a male and Command was still deciding on what to do with him/her when contact was lost forever, at least until now.

Stari-ki couldn’t wait to tell Blu the wonderful news, confirmed Rebels both. He would not mention to Blu that he’d half suspected to find out they were instead Agents, in which case he would have had to torture them physically and mentally, very slowly to death, to wring out every drop of Agent information buried deep inside. He was glad that was not the case as he needed both of them. This is why he would swear Blu to secrecy about Scarlatta being a female. They would give him the made-up name of Scar, which sounded manly, in order to not destroy his/her morale. Stari-ki was almost ready to hang up and go tell the boys versions of the truth when his tent was knocked over, burning, and sounds from outside the tent indicated utter pandemonium. They were under attack, and again he had failed to see it coming!

Savages attack


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Photo credits:
The Rock of Gibraltar by Scott Wylie
The flood at Gibraltar
Neanderthal by Frank Frazetta 

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