Throwing Out All Beliefs

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 48

Part 67 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. Previous episodes.

Recap of last week's episode.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa.

If they were getting their orders in the same room and Neva is an Agent, Stari-ki now senses that he must be an Agent gone rogue or brainwashed by the Rebels. As a Rebel, it would be his duty to capture and eventually kill Neva, and he knew he wasn’t going to do that. His duty now was to love and protect Neva, and if that meant switching sides, then so be it. Letting his guard down, Stari-ki begins the tender dance of love with Neva and they shift into Flow state, with their attention completely in the Now. Stari-ki feels the Oneness with everything and realizes this is the ultimate reality. The One God is the Truth. And the Rebel story is a lie.

The lovers in the afterglow

In the warm afterglow, in each other’s arms, Stari-ki’s mind was rushing with a flood of revelations. He had just seen for himself that the Rebel view of the cosmos was incorrect. There was a singularity, a Oneness, and each of them were That. He now understood that something interfered with realization of this ultimate truth and caused people to make up other explanations, as the Rebels had.

What though if the Rebels were right and what he had just experienced had been an illusion perpetrated by the backstabber? Something inside him rejected that notion and he probed it to make sure it was not more manipulation of his mind from the outside. No, it was his all right. It was his aesthetic preference that the Oneness be the Truth. He wanted it to be that way. No one had to twist his arm or his mind. The Rebel picture of reality that he had accepted long ago now seemed like a harsh and self-dwarfing way of looking at life. What he wanted was to remain in the Oneness that still partially lingered now as Neva looked teasingly into his eyes waiting for him to say something.

“What’s my real name?” he asked huskily.

“Templar-ji,” she said, “or something like that. In the cloud classroom in the sky I heard someone call you that, and also call you Ad-am.”

“Ad-am Templar-ji,” he said, trying it on for size. “I’m not sure I don’t like Stari-ki better,” he kidded.

“Names are just like clothes,” Neva said, removing the fur covering their nudity. His body produced the desired reaction, his lingam swaying up like a sudden cobra. She straddled him.

“What is your earliest memory?” she asked him.

Now that was an interesting thought. He felt mentally energized and that the imperative to investigate deeply within himself had perhaps never been greater. He threw his mind back in time. There he was, a toddler crawling around his parents’ apartment within the asteroid Ceres, the largest single piece of a planet that had been called Ceres by the natives and Phaeton by the Rebels. He forced his memory back still farther and he saw Phaeton from space, the planet still whole, before it had been blown apart in the battle that formed the asteroid belt. Further back! He sensed he was hitting a wall. Something there is blocking me…

Then he relived a terrible experience, but it went by in a flash and he only caught bits and pieces of it. Neva saw him twitch and knew he had touched something terrible.

In a fight with mindblasts - The Great Being

“I was in a fight,” he said, “with mindblasts.” He strained to hold onto the glimpses of what he had seen and felt. “The other guy hit me with something so big I didn’t even know what was happening.”

“Anything else?” Neva asked.

He nodded. “Yes. Before the fight started, I had come upon this enemy and recognized him, and I called out to him. Maybe I had been looking for him or stalking him…”

“What was his name?” she asked.

He shook his head. “I don’t know. All I know is what I called out to him… and it makes no sense to me…”

“What did you say?”

“Hail to the second son,” Stari-ki said.


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Image: Remembering a Fight with “Mindblasts”, digital rendering by CK Niver

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