They Are Coming

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The Great Being, Part 37
Volume 5, Issue 13

Our weekly story continues of The Great Being, the Singular Self that is living through each of us avatars. We are watching how the story unfolds on the planet Earth through the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now in a new life around 40,000 BC.

They are coming to fight.
Neanderthal by Frank Frazetta courtesy of
The warrior looked back and forth and swung his mace at Blu/Melchizedek. He admired
the cleverness with which sharp stones had been wedged into the head of the club.  

In the previous episode, the tribe experienced the miracle of the first successful “Great Hunt” and instantly became converts to primitive animism. They were the first group of people on Earth to sense some higher power they could actually connect to. Perhaps emboldened by the victory of the Great Hunt, the tribe had set up a second base lower on the mountain, closer to the tribe that had driven them up the mountain.

Blu and Ska happened to be with the King when a slave woman was dragged into his presence. In Blu’s body, Melchizedek sensed the woman’s terror. She was sure she was going to be beaten, tortured and killed. But her determination reigned over her fear.

“Ja disappeared!” she cried, and Layla, in Ska’s body, saw an image that must be the woman’s husband. She did not path anything to Melchizedek, as they maintained radio silence around the King, lest they wake up the Rebel riding inside him.

“That is her mate, sire,” one of the guards explained. “A good slave and not someone who would run away and leave his family.”

“Where? When? Who saw him last?” Blu demanded. Melchizedek was concerned that they had to move quickly — Ja could be in mortal danger, could have fallen, or been taken by a bear or mountain lion, but might still be alive.

From their body language, apparently no one knew anything. “He did not come home last night,” the woman said, “I thought he was with another woman and waited for him to come home today, but he never came!”

“Gum said he last saw Ja on the Western perimeter where he had brought food to Gum, who was on watch last night,” the head guard responded.

Ah, there’s the clue, Melchizedek thought. “Ska and I will search in that perimeter,” Blu said, standing up. Ska leaped to his feet. The King nodded and they were out the flap of the tent and moving swiftly through camp. The sun was already low in the sky and it would soon be dark. Ska bent to pick up a branch to dip in one of the fires as they left camp but Melchizedek had a feeling and signaled to let it go, there would no fires. Layla understood: Melchizedek had not ruled out the possibility that the enemy might be involved.

Ska took the lead through the skinny trail that would not accommodate the two giant men abreast. There was quite a ways to go and each was left with his or her own thoughts. The sun dappled through the trees to splash on Ska’s golden body ahead, and Blu had a warm-fuzzy feeling for his friend Ska. Melchizedek detached himself from that feeling, pulling himself out of slippage into the unconsciousness-of-Melchizedek, which was the brain taking over and substituting its identity for his true identity. This slippage had been happening with increasing frequency to both of them but so far they had resisted the mental quicksand that had enveloped the King, a Rebel from the One Self of whom they were all a part.

Up ahead, as Ska, Layla’s mind was relaxed too, and she was contemplating her own sexuality. As Agents, Layla and Melchizedek were of both sexes combined, but Melchizedek had chosen to favor his male side and Layla her feminine side. They had been drawn together as lovers in an earlier incarnation and had been assigned together ever since, even though Melchizedek was an ancient face of the One, and Layla had been recently created. Now in a male body, Ska was enjoying his wife’s body, and knew that at these times the awareness of who she really was as Layla was suppressed. Layla knew to be concerned about this suppression because some day she might not ever wake up from it, leaving Melchizedek to cope with a robotic Ska-who-was-not-Layla. This was something she would never want to put him through.

As they went over the lip of the mountain onto a steep downslope, Melchizedek cautioned that they should move stealthily, and not disturb pebbles. This turned out to be a good idea, for they began to hear something below and they crept up to it from above, now on their bellies.

Over an escarpment not twenty feet away, there were three heavily-armed warriors, not theirs. With them, looking a bit the worse for wear was the slave Ja. They were talking to each other in a language the Agents did not understand but could translate by reading their minds: they were considering whether the prisoner might have outlived his usefulness, or if there might be some more information that could be tortured out of him.

We’re going to have to hurt some people pretty bad, Melchizedek pathed. It was his way of saying “kill”. They both hated hurting anything, but sometimes it was their duty. He sent an image into her mind that sent them both flying. Blu hit the man on the left with a killing blow, Ska the man on the right, disabling him and dodging his spear, grabbing it and then impaling him with it.

The remaining warrior looked back and forth and swung his mace at Blu. As if in slow motion Melchizedek admired the cleverness with which sharp stones had been wedged into the head of the club as it came toward him. He felt Flow state take him over and he merged with the mace, taking it as his own possession, and then stunned the man with a backhand left followed by the edge of his right hand behind the man’s ear. He threw the man over his shoulder, careful to not lose any of the man’s weapons.

Ska tossed Ja over his shoulder and they departed swiftly, calling the camp loudly for backup. Melchizedek could tell that Ja was going to live, but would take a while to recover and might have nightmares for the rest of his life. Ja recovered consciousness during the flight home, bouncing on Ska’s shoulder, and then suddenly he spoke:

“They are coming!” was all he said.


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