These New Brains Have Their Drawbacks – How Could This Have Happened?

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Volume 4, Issue 52

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to begin the current human race on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

Melchizedek and Layla caused a spurt in the size of the tribe.

Melchizedek and Layla caused a spurt in the size of the tribe with their diligent baby-making, and the new generation all sported the new brains that Mel and Layla had been the first to wear. Whereas even the two trained Agents had often been fooled by their own brains into thinking and feeling egotistically and even sometimes forgetting their own true identities and Mission, this new generation they had spawned was not as prepared to cope with and overcome the overly-helpful new brains. It became clear right away that these new kids had been born spoiled, and even before excessive nurture, their nature was to be covetous of more than whatever was their share.

It’s the way these brains never stop making predictions, Mel pathed to her, as Layla breastfed two of her latest babies, TIM and TOM, who seemed to instinctively compete and were now hurting her as each tried to out-engorge the other. The brains generate pictures and feelings of how it could be, both the desirable and not desirable, which makes these kids dissatisfied if they get anything less than the best-predicted scenarios.

How could this have happened, Mel? And what are we going to do about it? Layla pathed back somewhat frazzled. She loved these kids and they were driving her crazy with concern.

Layla be careful, Mel cautioned. Remember we’ve got these brains too and we can’t get caught in the attachment they create or we’re no use to anybody.

It was easier said than done. Neither of them was performing at their normal (high) level, as both had been dragged down by the horror of the situation. The One Self in them had been the scriptwriter as always, so how could these brains be backfiring so badly?

Years had passed. GINA and KARL and many of the other new bambinos were now teenagers themselves, and Mel and Layla in their late twenties, almost at the limit of the typical lifespan in those days. The babies got more and more problematical as they grew older. Most of the Neanderthal kids had been instinctively well-mannered – with a few exceptions like GLYP and their older brother TYG – probably because they knew they were powerless and dependent and therefore grateful and eager to please. This turned out to be a rarity with these new kids.

Some of the new-breed kids were demanding and aggressive, some were stuck in their own heads and not fully in the external world, but they all needed help. Luckily for them their mother or father – Layla or Melchizedek – were telepathic. In the case of KARL for example, the Agents were able to diagnose why he had from birth been extremely cowardly and afraid. Being the son of the tribe’s alpha male, KRAK, the poor kid’s brain was constantly comparing his weak little self to his father. They were able to alleviate the condition a lot by planting pictures of how KARL was going to grow up to be strong and brave, and they re-channeled his almost catatonic shell-like retreat into an emphasis on exercise and play for the purpose of body building and acceptance of pain.

Layla woke up one morning and pathed to Melchizedek almost a wail of compassion: How are parents who aren’t telepathically developed going to help these children?  


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