The War in Space

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 15

Part 86 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Atlantis had a klaxon horn that sounded like temple bells, which woke the entire population of Angels, Cherubs, Agents and visiting humans, including some Rebel spies, in the middle of night off the coast of Southern Europe and Africa. All but the humans listened in to Atlantis’s broadcast warning: “A very large fleet of Rebel warships is heading this way from across the galaxy and beyond. Please move indoors away from the surface of the ship.” Their hosts guided the visiting humans into the interior parts of Atlantis while the outer surface returned to its original diamond appearance.

An enormous army was assembled on the beaches of what are today Gibraltar and Morocco, and hordes of boats had already been launched, bringing assault troops across to attack Atlantis. In the boat leading the sea fleet, standing at the bow and taking the full blast of the sea drizzle, stood Ares in a heroic posture, fully aware that he was posing and feeling a little foolish about it.

Athenius was also on deck, holding on and observing everything. He had seen moving stars in the night sky but kept this to himself, having been told that Atlanteans had subjugated all of Europe and Africa and were coming for the Hellenes and Parsans next. This Rebel attack was pre-emptive and their only hope of success. If they lost, the Hellenes would become the slaves of the Atlanteans like everyone else. Ares implied they were heroes who could as easily die in this battle, but it was their duty to make this attack. Athenius took it with a grain of salt, knowing that even when people as sincere as Ares said something it did not necessarily mean it was true. Ares himself could have been told a fiction, a guess, a cover story, from whoever it was that had aligned all tribes, about whom Ares would not say a word.

Athenius was not sure that he would kill the first Atlantean he saw, or if he would interrogate him or her, or if he would be in a position to do anything but kill or be killed when the moment came, but he was staying alert internally and externally and not prejudging anything. Ares sensed this ambiguity but had no time to think about it.

The first blows were soon to come, and they would be horrific and devastating.


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