The Performing Seals

Volume 4, Issue 37

To all our Pebbles readers, we wish you a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Give Thanks today and always. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Great Being, Part 10

This continues the occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), the Self that looks out our eyes. See the earlier installments of The Great Being. This series "The Great Being" is a fictionalized version of our book MIND MAGIC: Doorways into Higher Consciousness. We are focusing on the story of TGB on Earth, through the eyes of two beings who are aware of their TGB identity infused within their multi-incarnational characters of Melchizedek and Layla. The time: 200,000 BC. M & L have recently been born into the first two homo sapiens sapiens, each with a mutated brain containing a neocortex. The brain is so powerful it has been submerging their own true identities from time to time.

The role Melchi was playing he found quite amusing today. A crowd had formed and made oohing and aahing noises and slapped their thighs and each other as they watched Layla and himself crawl-chasing each other in a circle in the grass. Of course, no one had ever seen two month old babies doing that before.

baby seals

The day before had not been as pleasurable. He probably came close to being slain by a broken neck. Da — their father — had become panicky when he came up on Melchi meditating, eyes open but looking inward. Perhaps the man was concerned that the baby was broken and dying, but his fear manifested as excessive roughness trying possibly to shake Melchi awake or back to life. The moment passed when Melchi made soothing loving vocalizations and then his father calmed down and simply hugged him for a long time.

I need that meditation time, Melchi thought. In the moment to moment distraction of doing anything else, it is too easy to slip into forgetting myself and becoming this brain and body.

We’ll have to do it when they are not looking, and leave some awareness situational in case they sneak up on us, Layla thought into his mind, as he caught her in their play and they laughed and cooed rolling and wrestling like five year olds. The crowd went wild.

Their tribe had the old brains. It would be years before they began their main Mission of breeding with the old-brain people. Now that they had the tribe’s attention, their next step was to accelerate the use of language.

At the evening feeding, both babies going in and out of their true personalities, in and out of pure unaware baby ecstasy, in a moment of awakeness, Melchi removed his pursed lips from Ma’s left breast with a satisfied and loud “MAH!” sound. Layla smiled and did the same with Ma’s right breast. They laughed gaily, and went back to alternately suckling and making the “MAH!” sound. Ma started to play close attention to this with a broad smile on her face, and Da and Tyg gathered round, eager to see a new trick, their eyes wide.

Layla now pointed right at Ma’s face as she enunciated “MAH!” Melchi picked up on it and did the same thing. They looked her right in the eye and pointed at her, identifying her with the sound as they repeated it over and over, no longer bothering with the suckling part.

Suddenly Ma got it and started pointing at herself and making the “MAH!” sound. She knew that this was something new. A sound that was a person. Her eyes were very wide and she looked awestruck. “M-AH…” she said, her eyes looking inside.


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