The Nurturing Cave

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Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 20

Part 91 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Layla had planted the idea in Terah’s mind. Terah brought a newborn baby boy to his master Nimrod and was rewarded with even more wealth and power than Nimrod had given his supporter before. Terah did not have to pretend tears, which gushed as he tore his robe and pulled hair from his head watching what Nimrod did to slay the baby with his own hands. The child of one of Terah’s most faithful servants did not even scream, as Layla was protecting it from fear during the awful event, then taking special care of the departing soul. Nimrod threw the lifeless carcass, splattering blood on the tiled marble floor.

Maitreya hovered nearby as servants secretly carried the real son Abram — destined to become great and perhaps greater than Nimrod, which had been Nimrod’s sole concern — to a cave where he would spend the first ten years of his life.

The infant was generally serene but when left alone hungry in the cave would cry interminably for food and company. The Agents never left him really alone, spending much time communicating with him telepathically. Abram was never specifically aware of them, although they helped set his mind on a course of meditation and contemplation. Abram evolved to use his mind with great logic. As soon as he was able to crawl he began to spend time just outside the cave looking up at the stars and the daytime sky. At first he worshipped the stars, sensing their greatness, but when they went away in the morning he realized there must be something even more powerful that bade them adieu. At first he thought that it was Sol, the local star, which appeared so much larger and could not be looked at directly. But then Sol went away at night so it too could not be the most powerful. From these early thoughts and feelings he derived the certainty that there was one most powerful thing supporting and behind everything else, to which he dedicated his existence.

The years rolled by with infrequent visits from Terah and Amsalai, Abram’s mother, as the king’s spies were everywhere. Terah and Amsalai loved the boy, and Abram himself was full of love, bestowing it on the humans who visited him as well as the animals who did not fear or attack him. Abram’s wider explorations — often in the dark, for he had come to intuit that he was in hiding from something — made him strong in body and courageous.

When it appeared that Nimrod had forgotten the specific incident of slaying the baby, for there had been many such ghastly events before and since, the Agents guided Abram to the tent of relatives far from the city. Taking human form temporarily in his bubble body, Maitreya introduced Abram to them and asked their help in teaching the boy to speak, read and write Hebrew (then called The Holy Language), Aramaic and Akkadian, which they did, sheltering and feeding him for several years before bringing him back to his parents in the dead of night and then slipping unseen out of the city themselves.

Terah and Amsalai, and Abram’s brothers Haran and Nahor, his sister Sarai, and Lot, Haran’s son and therefore Abram’s nephew but about Abram’s age, took Abram in with great love. His homecoming was the greatest joy any of them had ever experienced. They could not believe their great luck that Nimrod and his men apparently took no notice of these goings-on. In reality, the Agents worked hard to cloud the minds of many Rebel-backed humans who could have discovered Abram’s return.


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