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The Great Being, Part 35
Volume 5, Issue 11

We continue our weekly story of The Great Being, the Singular Self that is living through each of us avatars. We are watching how the story unfolds on the planet Earth through the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now in a new life around 40,000 BC. In the previous episode, Melchizedek and Layla, as Blu and Ska, had unveiled cave paintings for the tribe and explained how these would be used to train for The Great Hunt and then for battle. Previous installments.

The extra delay before revealing the boar last night added tremendously to the effect, Layla pathed, as Ska and Blu lay intertwined with their respective wives in their respective burrows.

Melchizedek sent back a laugh. It wasn’t intentional, a rock had somehow been moved into the wrong spot and I almost fell over it, he pathed back.

Cosmic fire support? She kidded him, although it could easily be that higher forces had helped them. You never know.

They had begun the training in the cave. It hadn’t started immediately.

Inside the cave - Altamira Spain caveAgent training included the ways of psychological persuasion variously called propaganda, advertising, marketing, social media, at different times in different places. Before being allowed into the Mystery Cave in small privileged groups, the tribespeople were beguiled by rumors of its secrets, most of which were elaborations on overheard whispers, which added to their aggrandizement.

By the time the first group of hardened soldiers was allowed to experience the Magic Theater, what they expected was a life-changing initiation into the deeper secrets of life, and therefore this was exactly what each one experienced. The use of small driblets of the King’s mushrooms added to this effect of course.

Melchizedek and Layla, as Blu and Ska, put on quite a show. Blu’s delivery improved with every performance, as did Ska’s singing. The soldiers came away with the belief that they had gone through just one of many doorways that would open later in the Mystery Cave, and were looking forward to the journey that would bring them to full awareness of what was happening, what the world is, what life means, how to become a King among Kings. They were frightened of the first quest, to conquer the wild boar as meat, but as soldiers they were practiced in keeping that fear in check beneath determination and honor. They were each prepared to die rather than be the one who couldn’t go all the way.

The fiercest fighters went through the process first, then the other warriors and huntsmen, finally the wives and children. The King balked at letting the slaves in there, despite Blu’s and Ska’s attempts to reason with him. They decided to keep their powder dry and bring it up with better timing.

Like the slaves, the wives and children had never expected to be allowed into the Magic Cave, but Blu and Ska had inspired the King with the notion that the men’s wives could undermine the training unless they were in on it. Somehow the wives and children knew it was Blu and Ska who had earned them that step up in status and they became their permanent allies. At first this did not mean anything — not until the Agents were ready to openly diverge from the King.

This was soon to come, but not in the way planned.


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