The Miracles Experiment

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 2

Part 73 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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Melchizedek and Layla were relaxing on the beach with Templegard and Neva, letting the sun of this imagined world dry their wet bodies, when the battlecruiser arrived. They naturally had sensed its approach from far off. It was advancing from an unthinkable distance at an unimaginable speed. One being was aboard and they all recognized him at once. It was Maitreya, who was even older and more seasoned than Melchizedek. They cheered their greeting and he responded in kind. He did not slow the vessel but they felt themselves whisked aboard as he passed. It was briefly vertiginous but exhilarating.

Light bubbles again, the four of them danced around Maitreya, hugging their energy embraces. The excited froth of undulating evolving mathematical sculpture patterns inside each of their bubbles portrayed great joy in very different ways, expressing from varied roots in their own unique symbol systems, in which they each thought and felt.

Maitreya had been off on another assignment while they had been working on Earth. He appeared well briefed on Earth though, because as they tried to give him their reports he seemed to already know whatever they told him.

You said that we needed more power down on Earth. The One decided to try something — different, Maitreya told them, to stir up their curiosity and make the telling more fun. They got it and played along.

The way you say “different”, Melchizedek said, you make it sound naughty, wicked, like almost illegal. His bubble was smiling broadly.

It is a bit like bending the rules of The Lost Lamb Game, Maitreya said, which has no formal rules but kind of like an unspoken rule. He was proud that Melchizedek, whom he still considered his star pupil, could pick up on his tonalities so sensitively.

What is it, what is it, the other kids were all asking, for it was momentarily just like children playing a child’s game.

They sobered up when they heard Maitreya’s next words. Suffering on Earth justifies moving the line in the sand, The One said, at least as an experiment. If it doesn’t work, we go back to the old rules.

Mystery — Templegard began on a hunch.

Yes, it has to do with the Mystery Planet convention, Maitreya confirmed. We’re going to test, in a very small way at first, the combination of Revealed Miracle and Military Superiority.

We’re going to show the natives who we really are? Layla asked in awe. Everyone had assumed for millions of years that The One would never break the Mystery Planet convention in the Lost Lamb Game part of the Free Will Zone.

Yes, a very few, those who are or can be leaders from around the planet, Maitreya said. They will see the Truth and call it miracles.

What are we hoping that will achieve? Templegard asked.

The upside is that the ones we pick will be able to assimilate it and pick up the work of running their own planet despite Rebel mischief, Maitreya explained, not sounding too optimistic.

You don’t sound too optimistic, Templegard said.

It’s a long shot that The One feels is worth a try, Melchizedek guessed, and Maitreya’s gesture confirmed. They all knew that this Rebel game was not winding down the way other games always had. Instead it was getting worse and creating true Hell on Earth for many avatars of The One. Enlightened Self-Interest required that The One take extraordinary measures if necessary to reduce His/Her Own Suffering since The One is the Self at the inside of every avatar, that is, of every single thing in the Universe. All of the suffering in the Universe is felt by the One. In fact it is the One’s suffering that we think is us feeling it. Actually there is no “us” except the One.

This thing that we are in is the military superiority part? Nastassia asked.

Yes, Maitreya confirmed, projecting to them a picture of what they were inside of. It was a few miles long, an octagonal bipyramid, two 8-sided pyramids joined at their common base. Pretty colors and patterns shifted across its surfaces much the way the lights inside bubbles do, an endless Mandelbrot Julia fractal equation iterating, except in many more mathematical dimensions than in fractal logics alone. This ship, Atlantis, has more power than the sum of everything the Rebels have on and near Earth. The power is both offensive and defensive. In Atlantis we are invulnerable. Say hello, Atlantis.

It’s a great pleasure to meet you four heroes. Every ship in the fleet and every Angel aboard knows the great work of the Agents. It’s an honor to carry you, sirs and mams, Atlantis said.

Sirs will do, Layla’s bubble smiled. They were of course long used to the fact that all the ships were beings too, and the One had wrought them of HimHerUs, that is, of Our Self, to be at the same level of intelligence as Angels and humans, two large classes of created beings,
i.e. crea-tures.

The ship Atlantis

The ship “Atlantis”

The ship slowed to respectful speed in a solar system as it entered Sol’s system. Sol actually preferred to be called Solly in those days.

Atlantis didn’t need commands, it knew what to do, and the five of them watched with great interest as it oriented one of its capstones straight forward toward the Earth hovering in front of them. It moved steadily forward and Earth grew bigger and bigger until they were able to see that they were hurtling toward the ground.


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