The Kids Meet One of the First Shamans

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The Great Being, Part 14
Volume 4, Issue 42

This continues the serialized story of The Great Being, the One Self that lives as each of us, whom we each experience as “Me”. Melchizedek and Layla are two creatures who know their real identity as The One, and have come to Earth to speed up the moral evolution of human beings. It is circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments here.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was a bright ultramarine, hosting fast-moving and morphing cumulus clouds. Birds of all sorts crossed the skies calling cheerfully. MAH and DAH were carrying them downhill toward the river with TYG making his own way by their side, each of them carrying a stout pointed stick, TYG’s more of a toy. While never ceasing to look around for dangers, everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Melchizedek certainly was enjoying the outing.

Nice ride, he telepathed to Layla. It took him a moment to realize that she must have fallen back into the personality of the baby’s brain and body and forgotten her own identity, because she did not answer. Looking over at her in DAH’s arms he could see her lolling head and blank expression. Layla! he telepathed more urgently, and saw her come back into the girl baby, intelligence coming back into its eyes.

Sorry about that, she replied in his head. The powerful new brains that the two would spread on Earth by interbreeding had powers to overtake the inhabiting consciousness, which the pair had never encountered before in thousands of incarnations. It was almost as if the brains came with their own pseudo-self that could take over motor control and dim out the inhabiting true self. And the brains were becoming even more powerful as the two introduced the few words they were teaching the tribe. Instead of getting better at retaining their true knowledge of themselves, they appeared to be arming the new brains with words, which made it somehow harder to stay conscious of themselves and their Mission.

Halfway down to the river they passed the entrance to a large cave the kids had never seen before, partly concealed by small tree trunks and branches. Seated in front of the cave entrance were an older man and a number of older women. They were peering around curiously and enjoying people-watching as the tribe passed by on the way to the river.

DAH stopped to watch something that was going on, and so MAH and TYG stopped with him. A young man was respectfully approaching the elders, while his mate held back and watched. The older man beckoned him to come and patted the ground. The young man quickly sat on the place that had been patted. The two studied one another intently. The elder grunted and looked expectantly at the younger.

The young man began gesticulating and grunting and pointing, frowning at his mate who looked back defiantly. The elder took this in. The older women were attentively watching everything.

The older man closed his eyes and hummed to himself, his body swaying with the “music”. He opened his eyes again, his pupils momentarily absent and then rolling down into place, looking inward. Then he was fully present again and began communicating in body language to the young man. He pounded the young man on the back affectionately, pointed at the young man’s mate, shrugged and smiled, then laughed infectiously so that the young man laughed too.

The mate has not been treating him with respect, Melchizedek pathed to Layla.

And the shaman has advised him not to sweat the small stuff, Layla agreed.

The young man touched the old man’s hands with gratitude and stood up looking more confident and manly. The mate seemed to take this in and like it. They embraced and headed downhill.

I thought we were going to be the first shamans, Melchizedek sent suspiciously. It’s surprising that shamans would have evolved at this early stage of development.

What if this guy is on the opposing team, Layla shot back and they were both instantly alert. In this part of the universe there was free will, and creatures were born without awareness of their true identity as the One Self of the Universe. The area was called the Lost Lamb Game. The kids had come from outside this area, to help overcome certain difficulties and suffering associated with a multi-galactic Rebellion of One Self Shards that knew who they were, but did not want to be ever reabsorbed with the One Original Self because they liked themselves so much just the way they were.

The old man noticed Melchi and Layla, and waved to MAH and DAH to bring them over to him.


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