The Investigation into General Stari-Ki

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 50

Part 69 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa.

Blu and Ska were relaxing with their wives, enjoying watching the children play, and thinking how wonderful it would be if life was always like this. Blu pondered what their duty was, asking “What does the Universe want us to do, and why?” Unaware of Stari-ki’s transformation, Ska warned Blu that he might be mentally spying on them. Meanwhile, still in Neva’s tent, Stari-ki is asking the same questions. Neva tells him, “We’re all parts of the One consciousness,” and Stari-ki again wonders if this is an enemy thought. Except he no longer believes that Agents and the backstabber are his enemies. Suddenly, the phone rang in his mind: he was being contacted by high command. What now?

The Shaitan the planetary military governor

The Shaitan

It was the Shaitan himself — the planetary military governor — who reported to Lucifer Himself. Templar-ji made sure to think of himself as Stari-ki. The Shaitan seemed jovial and collegial. Well, are you among the living at last, young man?



Sorry sir. As I told Goma in a lucid moment, the rest of the time since my last report I was in a coma. I am just up a few hours and was about to report, Stari-ki reported with a ring of truth.

Good, good, your rivals up here wanted to blast your ass but I told them to let me handle it, the Shaitan said. After a moment he laughed. I’m a man of my word, son, so I do have my finger on the button right now.


How may we serve, sir? Stari-ki responded.

How are you getting on with Nastassia? the Shaitan asked.

If you mean Queen Neva sir, Stari-ki said, we have only begun negotiations to combine forces, but I speak confidently when I say it is done. Stari-ki was looking into Neva’s eyes. Neva smiled and nodded. This was the marriage proposal.

We of course can observe your every move down there, the Shaitan reminded him unnecessarily, although Neva raised her eyebrows. Stari-ki shook his head and held out his arms to indicate the degree of resolution that could be seen from the Shaitan’s command post, about a yard on each side, and then pointed to the roof and shook his head again.

Of course sir. We have been progressing according to your past orders. What are your current orders sir? Stari-ki asked.


Can she hear us?

Stari-ki thought only an instant before responding, Yes sir. Of course they know she’s in the tent, he thought in his hopefully-hidden mind.

Neva understood and stood up to leave the tent. She looked at him and he nodded, so she left and headed as far away as possible.

You can see she’s left now sir, Stari-ki said, and the Shaitan grunted assent.

You see, son, she’s an Agent, the Shaitan began. Our alterations to the native brains worked like a charm and she is under our spell. But her instincts are Agent instincts. We can’t control her every move. All the new brain achieved was enough inner competition and distraction to erase pre-life memories. We keep her under surveillance and hope to catch a whole batch of them that way. You have to play along with the game. She didn’t know we exist until she met you.

I suspected it sir, Stari-ki responded.

You’re a smart kid, Stari-ki. Stay loyal to me and you will go far.


My best to all,


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1. The Shaitan – Galactic Ruler by Aussiemate2

2. Lucifer – Lucifer
3. Stari-Ki from earlier post
4. Neva from earlier post

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