The Historic Change in Strategy

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 18

Part 89 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Nastassia came to life in a strange location and situation. She saw she was on a beautiful beach on a fantasy planet with several colorful moons in the sky, one with rings, and off in the distance Atlantis shone.


She recognized the beach from a mindflash Layla had shown her of the place she and Melchizedek preferred to go between incarnations, and she sensed that her four friends were also here somewhere. At the same time she realized somehow she was still wearing her most recent human body, except that it was cut in half at the waist. Half of her was in one place and half in another.

As the scene clarified she realized that Maitreya was playing an elaborate joke, which she had known him to do, often to lighten the saddest moments. Superimposed on the beach scene they were also in a theater, she and Maitreya were onstage, and the rest were in the audience. Maitreya was dressed as a stage magician and held a magic wand. She was his assistant and he had just sawed her in half and spread the two boxes containing her to amaze the audience, most of whom were in fact still stunned from having been vaporized after a fierce battle, so it took a moment to reorient, the way Nastassia had.

“And now, for my next trick…” Maitreya said, clearly referring to the failure down below, and taking full responsibility for it in his humorous way.

The auditorium faded and they were lying on the beach in their bubble bodies, recovering. Melchizedek was first to appear in his favorite male human body, and Layla followed a moment later, in her favorite female body. This was the way they liked to appear in this vacation reality. They rolled over a bit to embrace.

TemplegardNastassiaTemplegard was inspired by this to put on his own human appearance, a youngish tough with a stubbly face and hair casually falling on his forehead. He smiled engagingly at Nastassia, who put on a human body he liked very much, a lot like Neva but lighter-skinned and with hair only on her head, long and black as Neva had. He reached over and pulled her to him and kissed her gently.

Layla whistled and then called “Hey Atlantis, is that you?” but no answer came.

Thinking Atlantis looked from here like one of those trees some northern Earth human tribes liked to decorate at the winter solstice, Maitreya said, “I still have never found out what happens with AIs,” meaning artificial intelligences, “whether they reincarnate the way we do, or need to be repaired, or what.”

“I guess The One put the image of Atlantis there to cheer us up,” Melchizedek intuited with accuracy. “Now what do we do?”

Maitreya followed suit and put on a human body to be polite. He reappeared as himself but dressed as the King of Atlantis, covered in a magnificent outfit made mostly out of colorful feathers. “Well that ties it,” he said. “The straight-out warfare option has been closed off forever. Perse knows that we know that he will destroy the Earth rather than give it up in battle.”

“What’s left?” Templegard asked.

Maitreya seemed to be thinking, meaning he didn’t know. They all wondered if they would be shown a sign. Maitreya actually was praying for an answer.

To vamp for his mentor, Melchizedek summed up the situation. “Earth humans are being systematically enslaved by their Rebel masters, who train them as warriors by means of incessant war. They are further enslaved by their Rebel-altered, overly-helpful and meddling brains, which act as automatic dog collars to keep each human distracted from — and eager to run away from — whatever is going on inside. So they are outwardly-focused on their senses, material things and pleasures. They have no sense of connection and so are naturally competitive.”

“Easy to manipulate,” Layla added.

Maitreya’s prayer was answered — as usual, through someone. His star pupil Melchizedek had helped midwife the answer, which arose from the place in his gut that channeled the most realistic intuitions. “Our only possible strategy left is to educate a few of the most able people to lead the others out of this dual enslavement,” he said.

“Like the emissaries we sent out before the first time we were blasted,” Layla suggested and Maitreya nodded. “Yes,” he confirmed, “that is the only technique left to us. The only question is whether the One will back off on miracles or not — whether Earth will remain a mystery planet — or if we are back to the original rules of the Lost Lamb Game.” That left them all musing.

Alone among them, Maitreya had been to many alternate futures on other missions, although he did not talk about it. He had yet to visit a future in which they won. Still, in his heart he knew that victory was inevitable, since one’s toe cannot take over the whole of a being, and one’s own Self sent out on a journey could not in the end come back and destroy oneself. Could it?

“That’s going to take a long, long time to work,” Templegard said evenly and Maitreya and Melchizedek nodded in unison.

“It’s a race between education and enslavement,” Nastassia said.


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Image sources:
1. Ibiza Dreams:Techno Trance YouTube channel
2 &3. Agents of Cosmic Intelligence by Bill Harvey illustrations by Charles Barnett

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