The Great Being’s Early Life: Story/Time Fun

The Great Being, Part 3

Volume 4, Issue 28

Heaven on Earth
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This is the third installment in our serialized story of The Great Being. Imagination-In-Itself eventually notices that it exists as part of the Eternal Omnipresent Nothingness, which preceded everything else in Logic Space. Effulgence projection — limitless light outward streaming from the singularity — occurred when Consciousness noticed itself in this way for the first time, although as explained in the first installment, time does not exist yet so everything is really happening all at once. However, within the infinitely shapeable effulgence, The Great Being (TGB) creates a game in which “He” inhabits pretend creatures like us. He invents Gamenesia where, in the Lost Lambs Game part of the universe/arcade, as TGB trips through us, he doesn’t know who He really is. This dramatically increases the emotional charge TGB enjoys so much. Here, TGB can become entrapped in attachment — loving something too much. Excess love is the root of all “evil”.

Even after inventing Time/Story — the Eternal Game Palace — and the Lost Lambs Game concept as one way to play the game, TGB played many roles before inventing “Matter”. Experiencing a made-up universe in which more than one being existed, TGB was and is able to experience relationships. This adds yet more fun. At every stage since self-discovery, TGB has continually invented more and more ways to have fun.

We typically do not realize how happy we are until after a time has passed and we look back. People and relationships are enough to make us happy but we don’t realize it. This is because of conditions down here on Earth during these last six millennia, as we’ll discuss later. TGB, knowing full well who He is, has no such blocks to appreciating each tiny aspect of experiencing relationships among the parts of Himself he has spun off for the joy of having company. This is the root joy of, and the raison d’etre for, the Universe. Without this as the carrot, TGB might have stayed as a singularity eternally, sans Universe.

Before we get into the difficulties and the promise down here on this Earth, rather than all the other variations on the Earth theme in the multiverse, let alone all the stories being played by TGB, let’s go back to the Beginning, when TGB first started playing Story/Time by inhabiting little spinoffs of Himself/Herself.

Before Matter, the created spinoff beings were invisible consciousnesses — “spirits” as early Humans called that sort of being. Matter was not necessary in those days to create stories with high emotional and fun appeal, and in the Lost Lamb part of the Universe, also attachment, drama and fear. The early stories TGB played were love triangles of one sort or another, sibling rivalries, aging, and the infliction and clearing up of misunderstandings about feelings for one another. TGB invented aging in the Lost Lamb theater as part of the challenge slope to create drama.

These themes are still popular, evergreen classics in the most cosmic sense. We find them in the three Bibles and the Bhagavad-Gita and in the latest novels, motion pictures and video series. The Earth variety is gamier as we are now immersed in Matter and further down the Great Chain of Being. With Matter we can now become attached not only to people, we can now also become attached to things. Matter was a natural development to come out of effulgence. Effulgence happened with, and is, Self-Awareness. The now Self-Aware Great Being invents Time, multiple selves, the Lost Lamb Game, and then shapes effulgence into visions/forms to further decorate the Universe. Once shapes are born it is a natural extension to add a tactile element to the newly minted visual element. TGB is a born inventor.

Haeckel said that “Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny” to mean that embryos develop from the first creatures in evolution through the creatures that evolved all the way up to the branch the embryo is on. In the womb, you and I are at first single-celled then simple microorganisms then sea creatures then reptiles then mammals then Humans. I would now add that the reverse is also true: Phylogeny recapitulates Ontogeny, in that the stories of our lives down here in the Matter level of the Lost Lambs corner of the Universe follow many of the same patterns as TGB played when He was newly born.

But we have added drama down here since the first days of life as Consciousness. Gamenesia makes that drama possible since as we play through the local course we do not realize we are impervious to anything and will eventually be back in a place where we can experience that invulnerability directly again.

Human history, myth and legend all provide clues as to the early Stories played by TGB, when all creatures also knew they too were TGB. Something like the stories of the gods on Olympus and their relationships with each other and with Humans is in no way implausible as the types of stories that would come out of a world before Matter in which all that exists are relationships among consciousnesses at varying levels.

Nothing in the ideas of all religions is implausible in a Universe created by TGB. Nothing in the idea of TGB is implausible since TGB is merely an infinite version of the consciousness we all experience — merely a difference in scale, not a difference of kind.

The idea of Trinity fits neatly within this story of TGB. Just the first three personality aspects of TGB would be a perfect fit with the idea of Trinity. E.g. Father=Self-Aware TGB. Son=the first spinoff. Holy Ghost=TGB pre-Self-Awareness.

The idea of a first Son that TGB would love deeply is not implausible, it is almost axiomatic. I am not anthropomorphizing by imagining the way TGB feels because TGB is all of us, not an alien.

The idea of a spinoff of oneself that turns against oneself is not a ridiculous idea either. If an infinite Being can explore all sorts of things, would this scenario never come up?

Zoroaster preached that the adversarial spinoff and the Original Self were in a cosmic war that could go either way. I don’t pick up that vibe myself. The Original Self is behind every manifestation and nothing can threaten it — which is us. The only threat is down here in the Game. We can be taken out of the Game by making a wrong move. And not knowing who we are and our ultimate Destiny, we think being taken out of the game is a really bad thing.

In the next episode: Earth. Our differentiation from other Games: the Acceleration Experiment. How do we get back lambs this far lost?

Best to all TGBs,


PS — See PS in earlier post about the ways this post has taken liberties using the Time metaphor to make a story out of One Eternal Moment — e.g. “let’s go back to the Beginning,” and “when He was newly born.” 

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