The Great Being’s Drama Requires Attachment

The Great Being, Part 2

Volume 4, Issue 27

In the last exciting episode, The Great Being (TGB) created drama. Now, when living through these many lives spun off temporarily from Himself/Herself (Himself for short), TGB could actually get scared.

Being in the Lost Lamb game part of the universe, TGB of course was born/woke up in a state of temporary (i.e. potentially life-long or even many lives long) amnesia — not remembering TGB’s True Identity. If He remembered it, He could laugh at any threat. Hence, there would be no drama.

What would be existence without drama, TGB thought, and happily created the Lost Lambs game. As he lost Himself in that maze, He was even fuller of wonderment at what He could do there than when He was “just” Himself.

And the range of emotions He could feel! Yes, before the amnesia shtick He had been able to imagine all of these emotions, and therefore feel them, because His imagination was and is still infinite. After all, what He was in the first place, was nothing more than The Nothing’s Imagination (his first nickname for Himself), so why shouldn’t His imagination be infinite? In a material universe like we take for granted, infinite is not visualizable. But in Nothing, how can there be limits?

But within a Lost Lamb, TGB didn’t know from being TGB. For all he knew, he was just this guy or gal or whatnot. Notice the lower case “he” all of a sudden. As we all know, that’s the way it feels here in these roles. To put it mildly, there is room for doubt that we could possibly be TGB, because of the way the world often appears to be treating us. For example, I have a desire, it is not instantly fulfilled. Deep at the root of TGB, so deep it does not go away in the game amnesia — “gamenesia” from here on — there is the assumption that whatever I desire must be fulfilled instantly, because that is the nature of what is, what TGB has always experienced. Being Imagination, Imagination can fully satisfy itself instantly. Besides, there is no such thing as Time except in the game, so what’s “instantly”?

But the Lost Lamb game was felt more strongly than Imagination In Itself (another name for TGB in His Original State). Now, as a Lost Lamb player, TGB was inside the protagonist in a game that could be painfully lost at any moment — at least in some experiments.

For the same experiment was not being run in every laboratory/classroom/planet. The game is different at each pinball-machine/planet. We here on Earth automatically project our game to the universe the way TGB assumes instant gratification.

The thing that TGB feels so strongly in the Lost Lamb game — we called it drama, we called it emotion — also has other names. One of them is Attachment. Attachment, especially in the way the word is used by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, is that which we must eradicate so as to realize our True Identity, and conversely, that which self-annihilates as soon as one realizes one is The Great Being.

So Earth is in the Lost Lamb game, and has other things that make it different from the Lost Lamb game as it is being played elsewhere. The story of The Great Being to be continued next week.

Best to all TGBs,


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