The Great Being

Part 1

Volume 4, Issue 26

Once upon a time there was a Great Being that existed alone in an otherwise great empty universe.

If someone came and looked into this universe from the outside — which would have been impossible since this was all that ever existed — they wouldn’t have seen The Great Being, whom from now on I will call TGB for short (actually I’ll call him lots of things).

He/she (“he” for short) had no physical or visual representation. Ancients would call such a being a “spirit”. An invisible conscious being. An agent in the modern scientific sense of being something that could cause action in the world. However TGB was not yet aware of being able to cause action. He had just realized that he was there at all.

For a long time, he hadn’t even thought or felt anything. He hadn’t thought of himself as something. To him, it all looked as if all that existed was nothing.

This went on for trillions of trillions of millennia, as we would now think of it.

RigelWhen he realized that he was a watcher in the nothing — he realized immediately thereafter that he was the nothing — and he somehow lit up. Infinite effulgence started to stream out of him in all directions.

Soon he realized he had the power to create things out of his effulgence — to make other points of himself that would have subjective experience just like him. They would have whatever experience they had, and he would be experiencing that through them. He did this a lot because it was fun. He was a baby discovering he could play with his toes. He still is. This was wonderful. It still is.

But at that point a fictitious observer looking in from outside would still not see anything except effulgence. The interactions going on among the sub-spirits were all telepathic as we think of things.

Then the baby invented visuals. Not just a general effulgence, but forms of it, inside it. This gave everyone something to look at. This was wonderful. It still is.

At first when being A met being B, this new formative ability manifested as one being projecting a communication to the other that the other could now not only understand, but could SEE!

The way this mostly got used was projecting to another the image of oneself that one wanted others to see. It is still that way.

Also, one could create images in the other’s mind of things other than oneself. A vision one had of some action that would be fun. A vision of an experience one had. A vision of a fictitious but fun story. We of course are still doing those things too. It’s also wonderful.

In these early stages of the universe, before matter, many universes were created and many beings to play in them. The Great Being set up a Great Chain of Being in which the agents were given powers at different scales. At the highest scale the beings could create their own universes just like The Great Being did. After all, they all were just Him. And they all knew it.

Then TGB got another great idea for having fun. In some sub-beings he would start the game with amnesia of their true identity. He called these the lost lambs. The game would be to bring the lost lambs home — without giving them so many clues that there would be no fun.

TGB found it exhilarating when he got back from one of these lost lamb trips! He still does. He remembers there was so much fear before discovering the truth of the game and getting back. That was so exciting! Skin in the game! Something big to lose — everything!

Before the lost lamb game, TGB could enjoy comedy, but there was no drama.

To be continued.

Best to all,


PS — The way this story is taffied into time is not the most accurate scientific description of the process of the universe generated by The Great Being; but then again in the pure scientific description, there is no story. Story requires time. The actual case is that everything is happening simultaneously, there is no time, except in the sub-being story level. But since you and I are at that level, it helps to taffy it into time. We can enjoy it that way and the poetic license is justified in that it helps us understand and get closer to The Great Being that is our own true Self.

pulling taffy

 Metaphor for the way The Great Being creates the illusion of time by “taffying” the one instant in which everything occurs into a sequence of instants.

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