The Founding of Atlantis

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 3

Part 74 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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The making of Atlantis

The Making of Atlantis

Melchizedek and Layla were not concerned with the planet rushing up at them. They were too interested by the thought of the One “adjusting away” from tolerating the suffering, by trying new experiments never tried in a googillion years. Being so complete to begin with, it was not a typical thing to see an apparent change of mind in the One.

That is really such good news, Layla literally bubbled, since she was in her authentic form as an energy bubble, and an attractive one at that. The one issue I’ve always wondered about was whether once I was again rejoined into the One, would I ever get bored. But now it appears not!

Melchizedek was well pleased with his prodigy and beloved. He’d known about her reservations and had not the right words so had waited for something like this, which he knew would eventually happen, unless he found the right words first. The One knew all and never got bored because HeSheUs is always being creative, sending solution suggestions down the great chain to us.

Meanwhile Atlantis was singing as he (she? Melchizedek would have to check) now slowly lowered the underside capstone toward what was below.

The clouds had parted and they now could see a vast ocean below. They would soon be submerged it seemed.

Look! Templegard said. He was first to see the island below them. It was hard to tell the relative sizes of the island and the ship.

Have we stopped? Neva asked.

Yes, Atlantis said. I’m cleaning up the ground beneath us and saving the wildlife.

They reached out with their minds and could see what seemed to be millions of glowing golden rings emerging from the bottom of Atlantis, like huge thick swarms of birds but in impossible numbers. Each of the Agents followed a different ring to the ground. Melchizedek saw a baby lamb being picked up by a golden hula hoop and carried to safety while other rings did the same for the baby’s family. Maitreya saw a ring transplant a tree, using its amplified telekinetics to help the roots find footing.

This will take a while, Atlantis apologized.

No bother, Maitreya said. Brother Melchizedek has a question for you, Atlantis. He had overheard the thought.

Atlantis, do you think of yourself as a male or as a female? Melchizedek asked with a charming smile on his bubbleface.

It depends, Atlantis said. Sometimes I feel one way, sometimes the other. With my twin, Pacifus, we always turned each other on, so that if one was feeling manly, the other felt womanly.

So there is a twin to this ship! Templegard said, thinking like a military man, and envisioning calling for backup if needed.

There used to be, Atlantis said.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Templegard said sympathetically.

There had been many great naval battles in space for the last many millions of years, so coming across survivors who had lost people (in many forms) was not a rarity.

Where was it? Templegard asked, in his empathy supposing that he probably also knew people lost in that fight. Great battles were talked about forever, always revealing new information.

On the other side of this planet, Atlantis said. In the other great ocean. In the battle of Lemuria — Mu for short. Lemuria was Pacifus.

Oh, don’t worry, Atlantis said, seeing that they were now thinking that Atlantis would be in similar mortal danger, and themselves as well. I’ve been completely upgraded.


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Image credit: Novus Atlantis by Sebastian Wagner

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