The First Words

The Great Being, Part 13
Volume 4, Issue 40

This continues the serialized story of The Great Being, the Self we ourselves each are. TGB in real life is you, living through the name you currently bear and looking out from the eyes you currently own – and also living and looking out through everyone and everything else in the multiverse. In the story, we’re following TGB’s experience through Melchizedek and his partner Layla, higher beings who have recently reincarnated as humans on Earth around 200,000 BC. See previous installments here.

Bill Harvey talking head cartoon Melchizedek and Layla were used to being happy and as playful as puppies, but living in the first new modern brains on Earth was making them grumpy. The brains were noisy – always chattering about something. Both of them from time to time would slip into identifying with the wordstream in their heads and forget who they really were, until one woke the other up by mentally calling his or her name.


They had taught their parents to call them MEL and LAYLA in the hope that would also serve to remind them of their true identities whenever their parents would call them by name. This happened infrequently. The tribe was astounded by words but didn’t seem to need a lot of them, or to use them all that often. It took ingenuity to get a new word taught.

You can tell what is important to a people by their first words. So far the tribe had a vocabulary of a handful of words, mostly the names of individuals given by Melchi and Layla, HAH meaning woman, HAR meaning man, FI ER meaning fire, SADIR meaning any form of shelter (usually a combination cave/burrow/tent of branches), NO ROK meaning any hunting tool/weapon. Over time they would add names for the various animals and body parts. There was not yet a name for love, but everyone knew what affection was, expressing it in the nonverbal ways of cuddling and such.

Maybe we shouldn’t be teaching language, Melchi mused one day into Layla’s mind. This brain has been learning words from me and now it never shuts up. The pictures and babbling were less distracting. I get lulled by what sounds like me thinking and then I keep becoming the baby. When we breed with these people our progeny will have the new brains, and maybe we’d be better off without adding so much language into the mix.

It’s probably too late, Layla telepathed back. We’ve already started an unstoppable process. Melchi had to agree but continued to worry. Something seemed to have gone cosmically wrong with this Mission. The new brains were so powerful even higher more-evolved beings were finding them hard to handle. What would they do to these primitives?


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