The First “Miracle”

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 5

Part 76 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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It was summery warm in the stone tavern that was largely open to the air. Melchizedek and Layla sat with two men in the upscale roof-covered section. Outside, the rest of the city could be seen in all directions — streets, bustling people, the walls and buildings mostly white. They had even seen what looked like crude marble columns in and around the capital building at the center of the city. They knew that area would be dense with Rebels and had skirted it.


In fact one of the men they were drinking with, Sniike (“Sn-eye-kkk”), was a Rebel. Sniike even remembered vaguely what he was and what his mission was, as he was a spy. However, he was in a human body with the same new brain that the Rebels had altered to be a weapon against the Agents, not expecting that they themselves would be so weak as to be affected. As a result Sniike had lost all of his supra-human powers and even the telepathic abilities of humans, which most humans had lost by now as a result of these brains.

They had chosen him not as an emissary to be shown the Truth but as a target of opportunity to be learned from, garnering intel on the Rebels. In fact they had not been the first to move. Sniike had chosen them, sensing what they were. Without anyone admitting anything outwardly, the adversaries had a realization of one another.

The most dangerous part of having Sniike around was that the Rebels would be able to read his mind and therefore be able to see everything the Agents would be doing on Atlantis, and hear their teachings — all the better to prepare counter propaganda. This Sniike find was not actually a happy one. The odds of success had just gone down a notch even though it already looked like a suicide mission. Nevertheless keeping Sniike was more practical than killing him, which would result in complete warfare and thus no opportunity to try the Miracle and Truth dissemination plan, spreading the good news.

Sniike and the other gentleman, Athenius, were both wealthy and powerful men in the society of the city and even in the entire island chain. Athenius had been born in the city, which was called Polis. Sniike had been born to the North in a maritime area known as Parsa. While Athenius was fair-skinned and middle-aged, Sniike was swarthy and handsome, probably about 30 years old. Melchizedek and Layla were still in their bubblebodies but projecting the appearance of two attractive 20-somethings, a couple very much in love. They had all of their faculties since they were not imprisoned in a human brain as they had been on previous missions.

Conversations in taverns like this one had been the means by which they had located these two men, who knew but disliked each other. Both men were interested in the intelligent and obviously rich strangers who asked questions and told of a superior society from which they came. Sniike was especially interested in Layla, especially in her mischievous green eyes, long red hair, and long legs.

Maitreya was dropping in notes now and then, heard only by Melchizedek and Layla. Perse is the name that Lucifer is now using, God knows why, and Parsa to the North is named after him. The area contains a dense concentration of Rebel troops manipulating a far larger human population. The Parsans have boats as do these people, with oars and primitive sails, from which often come expansionist ambitions. The Rebels have been building human armies throughout this region. This area is also named by the Rebels, after the Hell in which they rule.

Rebels called any area they dominated Hell. According to Rebel legend, this came from an ancient boon that had been granted by the backstabber (the name they called The One) as an insulting concession after the great land grab, to Lucifer, who at his request was given an area to call his own and in which to rule as absolute master. This area was actually a “shadow” universe called “Hell” that existed side by side with the “real” universe in which Melchizedek and Layla lived. Beings in the real universe would fall in and out of the shadow universe based on their own minds, putting themselves in Hell based on their fears, attachments, perceptions and expectations. During the time in Hell they would be theoretically subject to the Laws of Lucifer, who now in ~10,000 BC called himself Perse. Theoretically the backstabber and Lucifer would fight for the souls of these beings once they had fallen into the shadow universe. But these were the garbled half-truths of the Rebel ideology. How the shadow universe works, however, is the Truth.

The Rebels originally called this planet Hell-as-Earth, Maitreya went on, and these lands were named as the world capital, Hellas.  

“You say that your society has created things that are stronger and infinitely more complicated than the possessions, the tools and weapons, and comforts of modern life we enjoy here,” Sniike said skeptically. “Prove it.”

Melchizedek took out his cosmic smartphone and tapped on it a couple of times and then handed it over to Sniike, who felt the touch of the smooth metal with an immediate sense of fear, as it was so unlike anything he had ever touched. He gingerly turned it over while Athenius bent close to have a look too. On the screen there was a photograph of Sniike and Athenius sitting side by side in the tavern. Sniike dropped the phone.


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