The First Kids with a Modern Neocortex

The Great Being, Part 7

Volume 4, Issue 34

This continues our occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), the consciousness that rides in each of us. See the earlier installments of The Great Being.

When Mummy fell asleep and released her grip, baby Melchizedek explored a little, careful to not wake her up. Crawling was very difficult for his first day. He’d done this sort of thing for ages and could always function pretty well from the birth event on, having often to pretend that he was helpless to avoid hassles. This time was different. Half the time he forgot who he really was and identified with the baby. This was relaxing but also concerning given the Mission at hand.

Seeing was also more of a problem than expected. Finger control yet another challenge. First he studied what he could see to his right. Night. Downhill slope. Crescent moon reflected in river. What’s up close? Bumpy shadows — one just moved — people like us. We’re all together for mutual protection — good.

Seeing nowhere he cared to go at the moment in that direction he made the effort to get his little head turned the other way. Took a while — was wearing him out to make the effort. He kept it up but meanwhile his mind slid into a half-asleep state and he was once again identified with the baby’s own brain and body, forgetting Melchizedek and his memories and character.

Finally he got his head turned, not remembering why he was doing that. There across Mummy from him was another baby — he dimly remembered he was a twin — what’s a twin?  And then something in him could tell that this twin was a baby girl. He made an involuntary happy gurgling sound and felt happy. Mummy made a happy sleep sound. The baby girl’s eyes opened and looked into his. Excited now, his body started little jerking movements, and he made the happy gurgle again. Mummy’s hand came down on his back to hold him secure.

Melchizedek, said a voice in his mind, and he came awake.

Layla, he said into her mind. I keep getting taken over by this brain.

Me too, she confessed.


Best to all TGBs,


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