The Day They Invented Abstraction, Words, and the Ideas of Identity, Self, and Cooperation — All in One Lesson

The Great Being, Part 11
Volume 4, Issue 38

This continues our occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), that spark we take to be our own identity, the Experiencer, The One Consciousness, the Self of everything. See earlier installments of The Great Being here. Our series is a fictionalized version of our book MIND MAGIC: Doorways into Higher Consciousness.

Everyone had to have names after Melchizedek and Layla anointed Ma as MAH by the trick of pointing at the person, repetition of loud vocalization, and making serious eye contact. Da was dubbed DAH and their elder brother was christened TYG. Having one’s own name was like a precious gift in a world where the idea of gifting had not yet occurred.

Everyone in the tribe started coming to the twins and pointing at themselves, making it obvious that they too wanted a name. Fights broke out because the idea of lining up was too advanced. The babies tried but were unable to stop the fights with telepathy or by imposing themselves in the battle as they were restrained by MAH. Melchi and Layla felt responsible, which is not a good feeling when the phenomenon is violence, especially if you are a Bodhisattva.

DAH somehow picked up on their reaction and went into the fray and broke up the fighting. As the panting aborigines stopped, they landed in a rough half-circle and Layla grabbed the opportunity to point to the man at her extreme left, and yelled in a strangely powerful baby girl voice “POODOO”! The man looked as if he had received a blessing. Nobody had it figured out yet, but this first two-syllable name had something different about it that made it important. They looked at POODOO with new respect while saying the name to themselves over and over again.

These people are so silly, Melchi commented into her mind, where she smiled. Ya gotta love ‘em, she telepathed back, exuding maternalistic affection. She quickly named the rest of the people standing around, going from left to right and making strong eye contact while letting them all see that she was turning her head to look at them all. Some seemed to get it that the naming was coming their way so they should just be patient. This was the beginning of the teaching of cooperation.

She noticed that the last two were people she knew were mated. She hesitated and they looked worried. She singled them out and smiling broadly pointed back and forth between the two of them. They just looked more worried. Then she jutted her pointed finger at them and pointed back and forth between them. She beckoned them over. They approached warily, bending into a bow to get down to her level on MAH’s lap. She crooked a finger to get them to come very close. The rest of the tribe got closer to watch.

Layla pushed her finger into the hairy man’s arm then looked into his eyes and pointed at his mate and mouthed a wordless exhalation as if speaking with a breath sound and pointed at his mouth, touched him on his mouth again and again. The man looked at his mate and said “HAH!” — which was approximately the sound Layla had made. The wife was now HAH.

Then Layla repeated the act with the woman. Of course, she just called her man “HAH!” too, and Layla shook her head and gave the man the name “HAR!” They happily went off together, calling each other by their names endearingly. The rest of the tribe whom Layla had not given names wound up taking one of those two names, which came to mean “man” and “woman”. It didn’t go quite as far as Melchizedek and Layla had hoped, but some progress had been made.


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