The Celebration

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 51

Part 70 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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Recap of last week's episode.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa.

In our last episode, Stari-ki was contacted by the Shaitan, who reported to Lucifer himself. When asked how he was getting on with Nastassia (Queen Neva), Stari-ki by answering positively also made a marriage proposal to her. At Stari-ki’s unspoken request, Neva left him alone with the Shaitan, who then told Stari-ki that Neva is an Agent. He explained further that Neva is under Rebel surveillance, and encouraged Stari-ki to play along with the game. Feigning agreement, Stari-ki doesn’t let on that he knows his own true identity is an Agent too.

I didn’t hear your answer, the Shaitan pressed.

Sir you know you can always count on my loyalty, Stari-ki professed, and yet also still felt deeply.

As soon as they cut off the call, Templar-ji took off after Neva, following his instincts, and caught up with her just outside camp. She studied him as an animal would, unsure as to friend or foe. He took her hand and then into his arms and kissed her.

They know you’re an Agent, he said.

I’m a what? Neva asked.

You and I received final training together in that classroom you saw. I can see it now too. We were Agents.

What are Agents? Neva asked.

I’m not sure, but they represent one side and Rebels the other side, Templar-ji explained. Agents say everybody is one person. Rebels say the person we think of as God and our own self is actually one of many gods who stole the Universe from the others, who are now called the Rebels.

Sure I’m an Agent! Neva concluded. Then the implications set in. People in a position to destroy us at whim know I am a sworn enemy. What are we going to do? she thought to herself.

He nodded. The Rebels could see their every move, could destroy them any time they wanted to, and unless Templar-ji and Neva could hoodwink them, night and day forever. it was only a matter of time before their destruction was assured.

We are going to die to live again and continue our mission. For as long as we can, let’s send out messengers to bring instructions to people everywhere. That’s what we can do for right now, Templar-ji said. Neva thought for an instant, nodded, and then kissed him.

The Wedding Couple

The Wedding Couple

That night there was a huge celebration of the wedding of Queen Neva to General Templar-ji. All of the reserves were plundered to fill everyone’s appetite. Templar-ji had asked Blu and Ska to stay afterward when the party was over. Around the still-blazing fire sat the newlyweds, with Blu and Ska. He quickly filled in his two key men with the facts, including the conversation with the Shaitan and the admission that he and Neva were Agents.

Careful! Templar-ji advised, noticing the sober faces, they can see us, so keep laughing and smiling the way we have been all night. Also let’s talk aloud as it will seem less concerning than if they see us sitting here with our mouths shut.

Blu and Ska easily relaxed into the game of pretending to be merely carousing. “Ok,” Blu said, “so you two and we two are ancient enemies, is that what you’re telling us?” Blu asked and laughed half-naturally. “When do we start killing each other?” This provoked him to really laugh but his eyes were alert.

“We think you’re Agents too,” Neva said, and giggled insincerely for the eyes in the sky.

“Looks like the Rebels turned the three of us,” Templar-ji said, indicating the three males. “They put blocks in our minds, made us think we were Rebels,” Templar-ji added, and laughed uproariously. Now everyone began truly laughing.

Blu looked at Ska and asked, “Are we believing this?” and then everyone laughed again.

Neva called Blu and Ska to come and sit very close to her. They all realized this could look suspicious to the observers above and so Neva touched the men as if flirting to make her new husband jealous or something. Templar-ji, fascinated, changed position to watch more closely whatever Neva had in mind. She began to enter Blu’s and Ska’s minds. Meanwhile Blu asked What evidence do we have either way?

Neva answered aloud. “Which makes more sense to you, that we are all one thing, or that there were a bunch of gods and one screwed the others?” They all fell over laughing but Neva was still focusing on Blu and Ska.

“Mel — something,” Neva said.

“What’s that?” Blu asked, for she was looking at him.

“Your name — your real name — Melchi — something,” she said.

“Melchizedek!” Blu said, large portions of his memory returning in a sudden rush. He knew Neva — she had been Nastassia when they were first trained. He remembered because he had been the trainer.

“And me,” Ska asked?

“You are Layla, of course,” Neva said, and Layla had a sudden rush of herself and her memories. Neva and Layla hugged while Melchizedek looked on with a beatified smile. Now they all three remembered the training, and that Templar-ji had been with them then, and the four of them abruptly realized that Stari-ki’s actual name was not Templar-ji but Templegard. Then Melchizedek and Layla got up and hugged for a long time, causing stares from the few of the army and tribe still half awake, for the pair of course still wore the bodies of Blu and Ska.


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Image: The Wedding Couple: digital rendering by CK Niver

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