The Attack on Atlantis

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 14

Part 85 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

“What now?” Athenius yelled from his bed. He was used to being called upon at all hours to solve difficult problems, make decisions, and provide advice, sometimes just to commiserate. Taking this as his duty and the role he had always worked toward, kind of the unofficial sage of Polis, he was supported by donations from those who wanted free access to him. Of course he tended to welcome everyone with kindness, even those unable to make a donation. However, he had been working himself to a frazzle this way as this late caller was not the first, and Athenius was starting to long for a nap at least.

He was tying his toga and walking to the front door when through it came General Ares in full battle armor, followed by a squad of his toughest men. This stopped Athenius in his tracks and his mind moved swiftly. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“All our ground forces in Europe and Africa have been as heavily armed as possible and set on march to the West,” Ares told him.

“What do you mean our?” Athenius asked. “Hellenes have armies everywhere I have not been told about?”

The General was annoyed at being questioned but used to it from Athenius, who was doggedly obsessed with honesty and complete information, from Ares’ point of view. Any other man who would have pressed him that way would normally be quickly dead, by Ares’ own hand.

“Athenius you ask too many questions for your own good. There has been a secret alliance with tribes in all directions, reaching farther than your own expert knowledge of geography,” Ares revealed, saying this now in a whisper to Athenius, so his own men would not hear. Ares was an awake Rebel in a human body, one of the strongest- minded Rebels in the zone, and had mostly conquered the overly-helpful human brain that wanted to run the show. But his men were merely humans, like Athenius, and full knowledge of the Rebels was against Perse’s orders, which he made exceptions to.

Ares had been ordered to let Athenius in on a small piece of the truth, filling in the rest with lies. Ares himself was against lying because it took up too much mental effort. The only way he had been able to counteract the human brain, sabotaged by the Rebels themselves, was constant inner attention, and he avoided anything that distracted from that task. Like lies. His plan was to tell as little as possible to Athenius, without distracting himself by having to make up and maintain lies. He knew Perse would yell at him for this, since Perse could read everyone’s mind at once it seemed, but he knew he was too valuable to be punished more than he could handle.

“I will fill you in en route. Right now these men will help you into the battle armor we brought and will quickly familiarize you with weapons and procedure. Then we will be off to lead the attack.”

“What city are we attacking and why?” Athenius asked without moving into action.

“It’s the city you found for us,” Ares whispered and Athenius’ eyes widened.


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