Tale of the Tiger

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Volume 4, Issue 48

The ongoing saga of The Great Being (TGB) as seen through the eyes of two of His/Her other incarnations besides you, me, and everybody/everything else. Previous installments.

Moving with exaggerated slowness, Melchizedek and Layla turned their heads and eyes to see the huge tiger growling at them about one good pounce away.

In a fifth of a second, Melchizedek processed through his traitorous brain’s handwringing over not having created safeguards against this situation, and was impassively pathing to the tiger a confident and respectful greeting as an equal, sans fear. His real fear was contained behind a firewall that he hoped the tiger could not sense. He called for Cosmic Fire Support.

The tiger’s eyes swung over to Layla. Sweet pussycat, you are such a beauty, Layla pathed to the tiger, with feelings of love and respect.

The tiger made a strange noise and its eyes looked unfocused. Are you all right? Layla pathed with concern.

The tiger growled again.

It’s not well, Melchizedek told her. And starving, because it’s been too ill to catch its normal prey.

Melchizedek sent an image to the tiger of a path going over the rise to their right and another half mile to the river at a small beach along the bank where tiger prey could be trapped with nowhere to go but into the rushing water. The tiger looked over in that direction, and then looked back at the two stripling teenagers, one good pounce away. It licked its lips.

Layla sent an image to the tiger of a dozen strong Neanderthal men with very sharp pointed wooden spikes, arrayed in a double column just out of sight in the woods around them ready to kill the tiger if it leaped. Melchi admired the detailed realism of the false image, and realized that having such a guard in place just out of sight would be the actual plan from now on, whenever they went out of camp. If they had a “from now on”.

The tiger was suspicious of trickery but not feeling up to par, it slunk off in the direction of the riverbank, hoping this was not a lie. Melchi cautiously sent friendly encouragement and sincerity to the tiger, without overdoing it, until the tiger was out of sight.

That could have been the end of the Mission right there Layla said.

A waste of the 13 years we’ve each invested already, he agreed. Then he spoke out loud: “I know we’ve both been reluctant and kind of holding back a bit from the next phase — and we both know why — but this was a wakeup call from the home office that it’s time to do what we came to do.”

“This will be the hardest thing I’ve ever been asked to do,” Layla said aloud, taking his hand and heading toward camp at decent speed, keeping an eye on the quarter in which the tiger was last seen.

“I know,” he said. “and doubly bad for me, watching you go through it.”


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