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Ur 1753 BC

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 19

Part 90 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The Rebels were in control everywhere. This made operations far more difficult than they had been before. Only Melchizedek was risked; the other Agents remained in their spirit bodies. Melchizedek had a humble birth in a small desert oasis far from the big cities and immediately began a lifetime of conquering and reconquering the brain that came with the human body. As had been the plan, no one noticed him as anyone of any importance.

Unfortunately, a very high being on his way to Earth to play a central role in the new strategy, was not as fortunate. Rebel spies were everywhere in Earth’s solar system and little escaped their notice.

But now Templegard and Nastassia were the spies, in the great palace of Ur in their bubble bodies, in stealth mode so as to avoid detection by disembodied Rebels guarding their human puppet and beneficiary Nimrod — the most powerful man on Earth, ruler of Ur in Chaldea, later to be known as Iraq. Nimrod had no idea he was being manipulated, believing that his size, strength and iron will alone had brought him to where he was today, and surely those qualities factored in.

The ziggurat temple of Ur - Bill Harvey blog The Ziggurat Temple of Ur

The palace was as lavish and ornate as anything the Agents had ever seen on any planet and in any plane of existence save heaven itself. Fine artists had wrought splendor all over the beautiful city reaching an apex in the palace and in the ziggurat temple. Nimrod had clad himself in fur-trimmed purple robes and much priceless jewelry, but the cut of what he wore still bore the look of a warrior, which is what he fundamentally was. A third of the human race specialized in war and the other two thirds joined in fighting whenever needed. The Rebel cause was being served well on the enslaved planet, on which most of the slaves were ignorant of that status.

“I don’t like that news!” Nimrod roared, and his seers cringed. They had seen messengers and viziers who brought bad tidings often killed. The three who prostrated before him now, cowering, were the bravest of the mages and had divined the oncoming occurrence. Actually Rebels had planted the ideas while the astrologers watched the stars. The other sages had refused to say a word to Nimrod about it, but these three felt that their duty required bringing this important news to the king even if they were to be slain for uttering it. Now Nimrod stood up and paced around them on the marble floor, and they waited to be smote by his huge jeweled rod. But he did not strike them. His manner became cunning.

“Have my good friend Terah bring me the new son as soon as it is born, and I will kill the baby with my own hands,” Nimrod said.


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Image: Reconstruction of Ur-Nammu’s ziggurat, based on the 1939 reconstruction by Woolley

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