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Waking Up Rebel Forces

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 13

Part 84 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The pigeon flew into the home of General Ares, the planetary Shaitin, and directly up to the General, who was sitting by the fire contemplating his next political moves. Ares understood immediately that to be able to appear as such, the bird was a Rebel of at least the status of Prince, so Ares stood deferentially. The pigeon spit out a folded piece of paper-like bark on the floor. Ares knelt and carefully opened it, flattened it with his palm, and took it closer to the fire to sit and look at it, glancing occasionally at the tight-lipped bird.

It was a picture, a map. X was surely Ares’ current position, amidst an archipelago of islands. To the left side of the map there were rough lines of continents and two prominent objects. That one had to be the Pillars of Heracles, but the one farther out in the ocean, what was that?

The Pillars of Hercules

The pigeon stood up and morphed into a giant man, about ten feet tall, bowing over slightly to avoid the high ceiling. He was handsome, dignified, and appeared very sad. He was impeccably dressed down to his ebon hooves, which as always were highly polished, perfectly gleaming without a speck of dust or hangnail. General Ares stood at high attention before his supreme commander, who now preferred to be called Perse.

“Sir?” the General asked.

“You’ll recall the ship we destroyed some time ago on the other ocean,” Perse began.

The General realized the other object now very close to his position was another powerful ship like that one had been, difficult to destroy, and ultimately only Perse’s own ship was capable of finishing her off. The General became very aware of the danger he was in, not only from the enemy, but from his boss.

“Wool gathering is I guess your explanation for why you have been asleep at the switch?” Perse asked with apparent even temper. “Brooding over some political move?”

The General realized that Perse could read everything in his mind and had caught Ares with a smoking mental gun, derelict from his duty of discovering the enemy so close before it had to be pointed out to him as if to a child, thinking only of his petty schemes.

“Guilty, sir,” Ares said, throwing himself at the mercy of the arguably most merciless being in the universe.

“Now that I’ve made you aware of the situation, General, what are your plans?” Perse asked.

“If it please you sir we will destroy the vessel,” Ares said.

“Have fun,” Perse said in a bored voice and disappeared.

Ares sprang into action, called his general staff together, and gave them their orders. Many of the staff were off in space and attended the meeting by video. Those out in space were the most powerful battle craft, kept apart so as to present less of a tempting target, but now all streaking toward Atlantis.


Best to all,


Photo by NASA – PD-USG

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Spy Counterspy

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 12

Part 83 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Dozens of emissaries had been given the key message, trained in writing and code, given tools with which to subdue their overpowering brains, and other necessary tradecraft, and then sent into the world, and yet the Rebels still had no idea what was going on.



On a day like this I could destroy them all, Perse said of his followers. He was such a long league above them that they were as much of a hindrance as a help, he often felt, and this was one of those times. But he would never diminish his forces out of sheer disappointment, since they had a good way of keeping his adversary busy.

Perse was in his ship, the same planet-buster that had destroyed the fifth planet Ceres in the Sol system so many years ago, creating the asteroid belt. He accounted to no one for his movements and although his followers believed him to be outside of the Sol system, he was close by Earth, invisible to Agents and Rebels and even to Atlantis.

The Island with the big pointy mountain

The Island with the big pointy mountain

Undetected, Perse dove from his ship down to Earth’s surface, where he took on the appearance of a pigeon and flew toward a nearby island with a large pointy mountain. Flying onto the first beach he could reach, he mixed easily with the gulls, who ignored him. Walking toward the water he spied Sniike, who he knew had come to drown himself. He called Sniike.

Sniike turned suddenly and for some reason noticed a pigeon staring at him from a few feet away. He almost spoke to the bird but then realized how ridiculous it would be and started toward the water again. Perse flew past his face much closer than would a real bird. Sniike stopped ankle deep in the sea and watched the bird circle back and land on the water, bobbing there and staring at him. Sniike watched and waited.

Giving up? he heard in his head.

Yes I guess I am, he said mentally to the pigeon but mostly to himself. Unless my messages have gotten out and you are here to reinforce me, Sniike thought with irony.

I can fly your message out, the pigeon said in his mind.


Best to all,


Image credits:
Perse by Charles Barnett III;
Island with the big pointy mountain (detail) — Records of the Soul

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Are you getting enough pleasure out of your life?

Originally posted April 14, 2015latest Great Being post

If you’re not, you’ve got to fix that. No one else is going to do it for you.

ability to re-create ourselves

All that exists is now, this moment, so you can’t be putting off fun to some hoped-for future. If you’re not getting it right now, this very day, you’re not playing to win at the game of life; you’re trapping yourself in illusion and accepting second best.

What’s stopping you from seizing the day and living your dreams, right this very moment? Very likely it’s the deep dark repressed (or expressed) belief that you don’t have the power to change your life into the ideal vision you had for it. Especially now, when so much time has passed, and you’ve got negative momentum leading away from the goal.

If everybody sees you one way, how could it ever be even imaginable that the consensus reality could ever change that dramatically? It’s a deep and true intuition we feel in our gut that when so many minds are tuned to one way, getting all those minds to change very much is literally unthinkable. Yet it is truly miraculous how much those minds can change once you’ve changed your own. Continue reading

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Emissaries, and the Apple

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 10

Part 81 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Thus began the diaspora of human messengers to the ends of the Earth, planting the good news that the most powerful being in the universe is living through us. Athenius returned to Hellas and received a hero’s welcome, as the populace largely believed his stories of Atlantis, and what he learned there.

Word spread and a group of Rebels accosted him on a side street and searched him thoroughly, much to his indignity. Agents appearing as a pack of feral dogs gave chase to the Rebels, who retreated only after they had assured themselves that Athenius carried no prize of Atlantis. The Rebel grapevine had somehow led Rebels to believe that Athenius would be carrying some advanced weaponry given to him by the Atlanteans.

Athenius already had a solid backing in Polis, and was widely taken to be nothing if not the One Honest Man — having irritated nearly everyone by speaking only the truth. So the idea that he of all people would make up a story was incongruous and people laughed at the notion, despite the efforts of the Rebels to paint him as an ambitious liar. He rose swiftly to great influence and his philosophical ideas spread like wildfire.

Atlantis emissaries

He was only the first of the emissaries. Once the process started to show its positive effects, more and more Atlantean expeditions went out to the four corners of the Earth to find exceptional leaders, inviting them to visit and bring back new learning. Rebel efforts to thwart the program were largely evaded by popping up in unexpected places and with considerable stealth. The ability to block telepathic signals without being detected was an enormous advantage that the Agent forces had over most Rebels. The Agents had much more control over their own consciousness because they were in unity with themselves, whereas the Rebels were living a nightmare of their own imaginations and thus were more divided internally within their consciousness, a state not conducive to advanced telepathic techniques. Continue reading

Mystical Illumination

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 9

Part 80 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Adam and Eve (with a lot of help from Atlantis and his/her team) served the guests a sumptuous feast, which they richly enjoyed. Sniike gulped while the others sipped the incredible wines. Children asleep, the party was well along when Sniike, who was also well along, began a stream of consciousness speech to Layla and then also to the table at large:

“Thank you for the many kindnesses you have given us. Before I get too drunk, can we get back to the work at hand?” After a moment of silence everyone laughed together.

Maitreya said, “When we close our eyes at night, we know that we’re still here, our mind, images, feelings… consciousness. This out here,” he waved at their fair surroundings, a banquet table under the stars, “is such a convincing illusion that we take it to be the truest reality, and the stuff in our heads we take to be just imaginary stuff. What is deepest in our heads and hearts is the true Self, and there is only one of us.”

Athenius smiled. “This stuff out here,” he tapped on the table, “compels our attention. If we do something wrong it could kill us. What good is what’s inside us compared to that?”

“What’s inside us cannot be killed,” Maitreya said. That was a conversation stopper.

“My people believe that too,” Sniike said quietly a moment later. “We each live countless lives.”

“The part that’s new, the revelation,” Maitreya said, “is that all of us are the same One Self living all these lives.”

“Is that the message you wish us to bring to the nations?” Athenius asked in a serious voice.


“We can do that, kind sir,” Sniike said, “although we may never believe it.”

“What is necessary is for you to know it,” Maitreya said.

“We can do that too,” Sniike offered with a wink.

Maitreya’s smile did not change as he looked to Athenius.

“I will not carry a lie or a story or propaganda or whatever you want to call it,” Athenius said. “We are friends now and I love you people and am very grateful too. But the only message I would bring to the world for you would be some message whose truth and value I was totally certain of.”

“That’s the only way,” Maitreya said to them both, “it won’t work any other way. I need to show you something.” He stood up. “You can leave your plates, we’ll come back here soon.” The others followed and he led them into the boat, the same one they had arrived in, and he took off and flew them straight up toward the capstone of the upper pyramid (the one that was not below ground) of the great ship Atlantis.

Athenius and Sniike couldn’t help thinking again that they were flying up the side of the endless mountain that led to the throne of God. They imagined light shows in the sky appearing behind the approaching capstone. Chills ran up their spines and necks.

Then they were at the capstone, looking directly inside through its diamond texture. Inside there were a lot of couches arranged in a circle, and once inside through a sliding door, Maitreya directed them, “Lay down one person to a couch and relax.” They asked what was going to happen but he didn’t answer.

When everyone was horizontal they noticed how comfortable and pleasant it was to float here under the stars, visible above through the diamond texture of Atlantis, how nice to just breathe deeply, feel good. An extended moment began to occur in which everyone was equally contented with silence.

“I am you,” a voice said. It was not loud, but it boomed and reverberated throughout their beings. “I have always existed. At the core of you, look inside, there am I. We are one and the same. This is our game throughout eternity.”

Now reality changed. The same people were there but they were luminous bubbles with incredible and ever-changing internal details, floating in space. “Consciousness can make forms appear. Those forms can be changed by consciousness. Everything is illusion and real at the same time. You get to choose which illusion you prefer to live in.” Continue reading

The Second Cornerstone: Mindfulness

Originally posted March 24, 2015latest Great Being post

First you must still the mind - Bill Harvey

In the post on June 2nd, we made the point that better decision-making and higher performance is achieved mainly through Positive Thinking and Mindfulness. We included tools to increase Positive Thinking, which we also call Solution Orientation. We promised to investigate the nature of Mindfulness in this post.

Mindfulness is a form of attention control.

The need to be master of one’s own attention has gotten progressively greater over the centuries as a result of information overload and its distractive effects. We have given this condition the name Acceleritis™, the vast increase in the amount of information needing to be processed by our brains each day. ADD, ADHD, and a fairly obvious reduction in the general population’s ability to stay focused on one problem long enough to solve it, have been the result.

Watch a video about the cure for Acceleritis.

The need for Mindfulness has never been greater.

The Vedas, some of the earliest writings on the planet, recommend three yogic mental/emotional methods to achieve the conscious and willful control of our attention.

  • Concentration is the focus of the mind on a single object.
  • Contemplation is the focus of the mind on a single subject.
  • Meditation is the contemplation of the Self.

What then is Mindfulness?

We define Mindfulness as the optimal allocation of attention for maximum effectiveness. When one is mindful, attention optimally allocates both inwardly and outwardly at the same time. This helps us understand our own motivations in the moment, to consider not only our needs but the needs and probable responses of others, and to greatly improve what fighter pilots call situational awareness. This is in sharp distinction from our typical behavior, which is to allocate virtually all attention outwardly whenever the eyes are open.

It takes attention and effort to be mindful, but practicing persistent mindfulness not only allows us to be more present in each moment, it also allows us to shift into a higher state of consciousness to reach the Observer state more often and launch into the Zone or Flow state, the highest known state of consciousness in which right actions seem to do themselves effortlessly.

Mindfulness and Positive Thinking with a solution orientation — overleaping the focus on the problem once it is defined and going right to the focus on the solution — are the cornerstones of what I practice to achieve superior decisions, highest effectiveness, and creative innovation in all aspects of my life. Try this approach for yourself to see if it works for you.

Best to all,


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