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The First “Miracle”

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 5

Part 76 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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It was summery warm in the stone tavern that was largely open to the air. Melchizedek and Layla sat with two men in the upscale roof-covered section. Outside, the rest of the city could be seen in all directions — streets, bustling people, the walls and buildings mostly white. They had even seen what looked like crude marble columns in and around the capital building at the center of the city. They knew that area would be dense with Rebels and had skirted it.


In fact one of the men they were drinking with, Sniike (“Sn-eye-kkk”), was a Rebel. Sniike even remembered vaguely what he was and what his mission was, as he was a spy. However, he was in a human body with the same new brain that the Rebels had altered to be a weapon against the Agents, not expecting that they themselves would be so weak as to be affected. As a result Sniike had lost all of his supra-human powers and even the telepathic abilities of humans, which most humans had lost by now as a result of these brains.

They had chosen him not as an emissary to be shown the Truth but as a target of opportunity to be learned from, garnering intel on the Rebels. In fact they had not been the first to move. Sniike had chosen them, sensing what they were. Without anyone admitting anything outwardly, the adversaries had a realization of one another.

The most dangerous part of having Sniike around was that the Rebels would be able to read his mind and therefore be able to see everything the Agents would be doing on Atlantis, and hear their teachings — all the better to prepare counter propaganda. This Sniike find was not actually a happy one. The odds of success had just gone down a notch even though it already looked like a suicide mission. Nevertheless keeping Sniike was more practical than killing him, which would result in complete warfare and thus no opportunity to try the Miracle and Truth dissemination plan, spreading the good news.

Sniike and the other gentleman, Athenius, were both wealthy and powerful men in the society of the city and even in the entire island chain. Athenius had been born in the city, which was called Polis. Sniike had been born to the North in a maritime area known as Parsa. While Athenius was fair-skinned and middle-aged, Sniike was swarthy and handsome, probably about 30 years old. Melchizedek and Layla were still in their bubblebodies but projecting the appearance of two attractive 20-somethings, a couple very much in love. They had all of their faculties since they were not imprisoned in a human brain as they had been on previous missions.

Conversations in taverns like this one had been the means by which they had located these two men, who knew but disliked each other. Both men were interested in the intelligent and obviously rich strangers who asked questions and told of a superior society from which they came. Sniike was especially interested in Layla, especially in her mischievous green eyes, long red hair, and long legs.

Maitreya was dropping in notes now and then, heard only by Melchizedek and Layla. Perse is the name that Lucifer is now using, God knows why, and Parsa to the North is named after him. The area contains a dense concentration of Rebel troops manipulating a far larger human population. The Parsans have boats as do these people, with oars and primitive sails, from which often come expansionist ambitions. The Rebels have been building human armies throughout this region. This area is also named by the Rebels, after the Hell in which they rule.

Rebels called any area they dominated Hell. According to Rebel legend, this came from an ancient boon that had been granted by the backstabber (the name they called The One) as an insulting concession after the great land grab, to Lucifer, who at his request was given an area to call his own and in which to rule as absolute master. This area was actually a “shadow” universe called “Hell” that existed side by side with the “real” universe in which Melchizedek and Layla lived. Beings in the real universe would fall in and out of the shadow universe based on their own minds, putting themselves in Hell based on their fears, attachments, perceptions and expectations. During the time in Hell they would be theoretically subject to the Laws of Lucifer, who now in ~10,000 BC called himself Perse. Theoretically the backstabber and Lucifer would fight for the souls of these beings once they had fallen into the shadow universe. But these were the garbled half-truths of the Rebel ideology. How the shadow universe works, however, is the Truth.

The Rebels originally called this planet Hell-as-Earth, Maitreya went on, and these lands were named as the world capital, Hellas.  

“You say that your society has created things that are stronger and infinitely more complicated than the possessions, the tools and weapons, and comforts of modern life we enjoy here,” Sniike said skeptically. “Prove it.”

Melchizedek took out his cosmic smartphone and tapped on it a couple of times and then handed it over to Sniike, who felt the touch of the smooth metal with an immediate sense of fear, as it was so unlike anything he had ever touched. He gingerly turned it over while Athenius bent close to have a look too. On the screen there was a photograph of Sniike and Athenius sitting side by side in the tavern. Sniike dropped the phone.


Best to all,


Image credit: Atlantis

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Digging In

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 4

Part 75 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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The latest revelation sobered the Agents into opening their minds to the possibility that this was going to be a highly challenging mission, perhaps ending in destruction again. Given their training, they didn’t even bat a bubbleface eyelash.

Atlantis was shaping the ground beneath them using powerful rays so that it would be a perfect socket for the underside of the ship. Finally all was in readiness and the ship began to move again.

There was a sense of rest when the ship settled onto terra firma. Everyone wanted to go out right away but Atlantis asked them to wait for the area to cool off. Unbeknownst to them, while Atlantis was talking with them the ship was also emanating millions of locking clamps into the rock below.

In the manner of a mother talking to her kids, Atlantis asked, Are you going out like that? referring to their bubble bodies. Surely that would scare away any native humans on this planet.

No, Maitreya announced, and he called them around for a conference. I haven’t told you this yet, but we are re-entering the battle zone now about 30,000 years in the future relative to when you four were here last.

That makes sense, Melchizedek opined. Where we were before the natives could never have absorbed seeing our real selves and our technology.

And even now they could not deal with seeing us this way. We are going to be wearing meat bodies in this gig as well, Maitreya said.

What has changed? Templegard asked.

Architecture exists now, and sculpture, cities, trade, advanced spoken language, and the keeping of written records — kind of like tick marks, to count who owes what to whom, Maitreya told them.

Atlantis was now a city

Continue reading

The Founding of Atlantis

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 3

Part 74 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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The making of Atlantis

The Making of Atlantis

Melchizedek and Layla were not concerned with the planet rushing up at them. They were too interested by the thought of the One “adjusting away” from tolerating the suffering, by trying new experiments never tried in a googillion years. Being so complete to begin with, it was not a typical thing to see an apparent change of mind in the One.

That is really such good news, Layla literally bubbled, since she was in her authentic form as an energy bubble, and an attractive one at that. The one issue I’ve always wondered about was whether once I was again rejoined into the One, would I ever get bored. But now it appears not!

Melchizedek was well pleased with his prodigy and beloved. He’d known about her reservations and had not the right words so had waited for something like this, which he knew would eventually happen, unless he found the right words first. The One knew all and never got bored because HeSheUs is always being creative, sending solution suggestions down the great chain to us.

Meanwhile Atlantis was singing as he (she? Melchizedek would have to check) now slowly lowered the underside capstone toward what was below.

The clouds had parted and they now could see a vast ocean below. They would soon be submerged it seemed.

Look! Templegard said. He was first to see the island below them. It was hard to tell the relative sizes of the island and the ship. Continue reading

Rediscovering that Ancient Territory: Your Own Mind — Revisited

Originally posted February 10, 2015latest Great Being post

All of us are naturally curious about our own selves. When someone who knew us when, someone older, tells us a story about something we did when we were too young to remember it, we are raptly attentive.

Looking inward at oneself is the first step toward clarity.

If it were not for the culturally ubiquitous time pressure, we would have the same curiosity if offered a searchlight method to see more deeply into our own mind than ever before. Here we offer just such a searchlight.

This posting is a brief exploration into the architecture of inner experience and offers tools to look into your inner Self, through observation and experience. Why bother? Because in order to get into the two higher, most effective states of consciousness — the Observer state, where we can really see what is going on inside ourselves rather than being puppeteered by software in our heads, and the Flow state (Zone), where we are spontaneously doing everything just right — we need to become experts in the empirical study of our own minds and inner life.

What Is the Architecture of Our Inner Life?

Carl Jung defined the four functions of consciousness as perception, feelings, intellect and intuition — the latter referred to in day-to-day life as “hunches”. These are four kinds of events that can go on in consciousness.

Within consciousness, what we experience first is something inside that motivates us and moves us toward or away from something. Those are feelings. Instincts — hardwired genetic carryovers inherited before birth — are partly responsible for some or all of our feelings. The rest arise from motivations we accumulated during our lives, stuff we learned or decided to want or not want as a result of our experiences since birth.

So what are these things you call your thoughts, your feelings, your hunches, your perceptions? Consider, or reconsider, all of the experiences you have had of your own mind, your own inner life. Continue reading

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The Miracles Experiment

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 2

Part 73 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
Previous episodes.

Melchizedek and Layla were relaxing on the beach with Templegard and Neva, letting the sun of this imagined world dry their wet bodies, when the battlecruiser arrived. They naturally had sensed its approach from far off. It was advancing from an unthinkable distance at an unimaginable speed. One being was aboard and they all recognized him at once. It was Maitreya, who was even older and more seasoned than Melchizedek. They cheered their greeting and he responded in kind. He did not slow the vessel but they felt themselves whisked aboard as he passed. It was briefly vertiginous but exhilarating.

Light bubbles again, the four of them danced around Maitreya, hugging their energy embraces. The excited froth of undulating evolving mathematical sculpture patterns inside each of their bubbles portrayed great joy in very different ways, expressing from varied roots in their own unique symbol systems, in which they each thought and felt.

Maitreya had been off on another assignment while they had been working on Earth. He appeared well briefed on Earth though, because as they tried to give him their reports he seemed to already know whatever they told him.

You said that we needed more power down on Earth. The One decided to try something — different, Maitreya told them, to stir up their curiosity and make the telling more fun. They got it and played along.

The way you say “different”, Melchizedek said, you make it sound naughty, wicked, like almost illegal. His bubble was smiling broadly.

It is a bit like bending the rules of The Lost Lamb Game, Maitreya said, which has no formal rules but kind of like an unspoken rule. He was proud that Melchizedek, whom he still considered his star pupil, could pick up on his tonalities so sensitively. Continue reading

If You Aren’t Enjoying Your Self, Something’s Wrong

Originally posted February 3, 2015latest Great Being post

Assume that if you are in a bad mood or feel a negative physical symptom, this is a direct internal communication to you. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something! This is an autonomic alarm system we all have.

If for example your current activities are not in alignment with your goals, or if you have set a goal that is not in alignment with your core values, parts of your mind will try to bring this to your conscious attention any way they can, and often the signaling will involve feelings of distress or something not quite right.

Maybe it starts out one day as a bad mood you don’t even realize you are in, and then escalate as the signal strength is gradually increased in an attempt to finally get your attention. If this persists long enough it can turn into physical symptoms. It is all about communication — in this case, internal communication.

Act as if you deserve to be happy

The highest priority then is to decode the message and thereby reverse the emotional or physical quandary. Don’t get lost in the suffering and forget to decipher first, ahead of anything else. Act as if you deserve to be happy at all times, whatever the circumstances. Continue reading

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