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The Fire This Time

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 23

Part 94 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

“What did you say?!” Nimrod demanded. The officer trembled as he fought to contain his panic, knowing that Nimrod often threw messengers of bad tidings into the fire pit.

“Lord, the teenage son of Terah went mad and destroyed gods, including several statues of you. He blamed it on the largest idol of you, and had placed the hammer in its hand.” The officer now had himself under control. He achieved this by accepting that he was about to die by fire.

“Bring Terah and his guilty son to me at once,” Nimrod said, sitting back down on his resplendent throne and emanating his eagerness for violence.

“There is more, Lord,” the officer said bravely, knowing that this would be the worst part.

“What is it?” Nimrod roared.

“The Chief Vizier has admitted that he made a grievous error. He now acknowledges that the guilty boy is actually the one we all thought you killed in this room fifteen years ago,” the officer said with dignity. “He said he now sees it clearly in the stars. Or saw it,” the officer corrected himself, “the Vizier poisoned himself and is dead.” Lucky man, the officer thought, as poison was far preferable to the fire pit.

But the officer remained among the living for that day. Nimrod saved up his vengeance for the pleasure of seeing Terah watch, hear and smell his son burn slowly to death, uncontrollably screaming and begging as his skin crisped, losing all control as they all did.

Nimrod noticed that the child did not even bow as he entered, despite his father’s pleadings. He bade them forward. Terah knew where to stop and his son followed his father’s actions. The teenager’s face lacked all fear, which inwardly scared Nimrod for a fleeting instant, and then he decided that the boy had no idea what was coming, and his pleasure heightened.

“What is your name, boy?” Nimrod asked evenly, but even so his voice boomed out.

“Abram,” the boy said simply. He knew he was expected to call this man “Lord” meaning God, and he was not going to do that. Whatever would happen would as always be entirely up to God. Abram had never heard of the Free Will Zone so he could not know that God played by his own rules, since he also played all roles, and would not necessarily intercede. Men, Angels, Agents, and all creatures are wise to admit that they cannot predict what God will do. Abram did not know either, but whatever was good enough for God, was good enough for him.

“Terah, I know that you lied to me and deceived me. After all I have done to make you the wealthiest man in Chaldea, to protect you from thieves, this was your gratitude,” Nimrod said harshly. Terah was shaking with fear of torture and could not speak.

“What do you worship?” Abram asked Nimrod. Nimrod’s eyes narrowed at the effrontery.

“I worship myself, and fire,” he hissed, dreaming of the burning that was to come.

“But since water puts out fire, wouldn’t it make more sense to worship water?” Abram asked.

“Sure,” Nimrod said, half-listening, “worship water then.”

“But then water evaporates into air,” Abram said, which confused Nimrod and got his attention. Evaporation was little known at the time. Abram had seen mist rising from water and knew what it had to mean. He spoke little about it since he took it to be obvious. “So we should worship air then, shouldn’t we?”circle of elementsThe Circle of Elements: Image source

“Worship me and you might live another few minutes,” Nimrod said, “or even longer.  You are interesting,” Nimrod admitted. Then he remembered his sages saying that this harmless-looking although strapping boy was destined for greatness beyond imagination. He could not afford to keep him around just for amusement. The boy was a danger and must be killed at once.

“The point is, it’s not any one thing we can see that we should worship,” Abram said. “There is clearly something greater that stands behind all these things, is causing them, and so is the sole proper object of worship.”

Nimrod had no appreciation for logic and these words meant nothing to him. He gave the order and Terah and Abram were seized and dragged out to the fire pit, followed first by Nimrod and then, in a long bridal tail that accumulated in the short walk from the throne room to the fire pit, hundreds of onlookers.

blazing fire
Image Credit: Bonfire Cinemagraph

The fire was already blazing, sending up a dark cloud that was whipped into a spiraling dance by the light wind.

God, do with me as you wish, Abram thought with equanimity.


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False Idols

Happy New Year 2017!

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 22

Part 93 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Gulf of Perse harbor

As they passed the harbor, a breeze off the Gulf of Perse cooled the camels’ windward sides and they preened their coats and nuzzled each other. Abram smelled spices from the Greek and Phoenician ships and wondered what exotic places they had been far off to the East to bring back such cargos. The wind bore the sounds of sailors’ voices calling instructions to one another as they unloaded onto the docks. Abram with his knowledge of languages could make out a few words here and there.

Near the shop they ran into Abram’s five-year-old sister Sarai, perched confidently on her own young camel, and the camels greeted each other. Ruach put her face up for Sarai to pet. Camels could be affectionate with Sarai and so could people, as she had been so charming and bright since birth she had always seemed to be an adult already, temporarily masquerading as a little girl. The fact that she was so beautiful seemed to help attract everyone too. Abram loved her from the day he met her briefly as his parents showed off his infant sister to him back in the cave.

“He won again, huh?” she teased Lot.

“How did you know?” Lot asked, slightly irked.

“When you win I can see, even from far away, your face shining like the sun,” Sarai said, and they all laughed. Sarai had raced with them but so far had never won. She rode with them a bit further and then she and Lot went off to play. Abram waved and turned off to head up the lane that led to the shop where today it was his turn to play shopkeeper. Not his favorite pastime.

He hitched Ruach and carefully opened the wooden lock with the wooden key he was careful to not lose. No one else in Ur had such a contraption and it was the means by which Terah was able to sleep at home and not have to sleep in the shop as its guard, which had been the case years ago. His friend the Pharaoh had given it to Terah as a gift the last time Terah had been in Egypt. The statuary in the idol shop was valuable and it would have been a prime target for thieves. Nimrod’s protection of Terah was well known, however, which actually afforded even more safety to the shop’s contents than the lock.

Abram sat on the high stool he preferred as he waited for the first patrons. The first customer was an older man who smiled and said hello as he entered, and then spent time reverently relating to each idol in the first room. Eventually he made his way into the next room and did the same. Abram as he had been taught checked in on the gentleman after a while mostly to make sure that all the idols were still in their places and none had been hidden under the man’s fringed linen garment. The fact that he wore linen indicated wealth so this was a customer likely to buy. Continue reading

Camel Spit

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 21

Part 92 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

A quart of camel spit about a yard long whipped around and splattered Abram’s face as he came up alongside Lot on his camel Meherah, the front-runner who loved to set the early pace so that none could catch him. God had guided Abram’s hands to bring his camel Ruach up on the left, which was the rail — the way nobody ever tried to pass because the leader could easily slam you against the rail, which could break your left leg. However, this time with God’s help Abram and Ruach managed to pass before Lot could even realize what was happening. If they had gone the other way, both knew that Lot would have whacked Ruach in the face with his switch, which camels do not appreciate.

God was the name Abram used to describe The One Self inhabiting all beings. He heard the word God in his mind long before he was moved from the cave, which is when his human education began. His relatives Noam, Ham and Shem were surprised that Abram seemed to have known in advance so many of the things that they taught him, since Abram had grown up in virtual isolation.

Lot punched Abram in the upper arm as a form of congratulations for having won again. Ruach was actually a female camel and yet Abram won races regularly against the fastest male camels. Abram credited God with guiding them to victory.

“Which god?” people would ask and Abram would just smile. These people thought in terms of endless gods and he did not have the slightest idea as to how he could ever explain it to them. There was only one God. But he seemed to be the only person in the world that knew it. Continue reading

The Nurturing Cave

Happy Thanksgiving


Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 20

Part 91 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Layla had planted the idea in Terah’s mind. Terah brought a newborn baby boy to his master Nimrod and was rewarded with even more wealth and power than Nimrod had given his supporter before. Terah did not have to pretend tears, which gushed as he tore his robe and pulled hair from his head watching what Nimrod did to slay the baby with his own hands. The child of one of Terah’s most faithful servants did not even scream, as Layla was protecting it from fear during the awful event, then taking special care of the departing soul. Nimrod threw the lifeless carcass, splattering blood on the tiled marble floor.

Maitreya hovered nearby as servants secretly carried the real son Abram — destined to become great and perhaps greater than Nimrod, which had been Nimrod’s sole concern — to a cave where he would spend the first ten years of his life.

The infant was generally serene but when left alone hungry in the cave would cry interminably for food and company. The Agents never left him really alone, spending much time communicating with him telepathically. Abram was never specifically aware of them, although they helped set his mind on a course of meditation and contemplation. Abram evolved to use his mind with great logic. As soon as he was able to crawl he began to spend time just outside the cave looking up at the stars and the daytime sky. At first he worshipped the stars, sensing their greatness, but when they went away in the morning he realized there must be something even more powerful that bade them adieu. At first he thought that it was Sol, the local star, which appeared so much larger and could not be looked at directly. But then Sol went away at night so it too could not be the most powerful. From these early thoughts and feelings he derived the certainty that there was one most powerful thing supporting and behind everything else, to which he dedicated his existence. Continue reading

Ur 1753 BC

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 19

Part 90 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The Rebels were in control everywhere. This made operations far more difficult than they had been before. Only Melchizedek was risked; the other Agents remained in their spirit bodies. Melchizedek had a humble birth in a small desert oasis far from the big cities and immediately began a lifetime of conquering and reconquering the brain that came with the human body. As had been the plan, no one noticed him as anyone of any importance.

Unfortunately, a very high being on his way to Earth to play a central role in the new strategy, was not as fortunate. Rebel spies were everywhere in Earth’s solar system and little escaped their notice.

But now Templegard and Nastassia were the spies, in the great palace of Ur in their bubble bodies, in stealth mode so as to avoid detection by disembodied Rebels guarding their human puppet and beneficiary Nimrod — the most powerful man on Earth, ruler of Ur in Chaldea, later to be known as Iraq. Nimrod had no idea he was being manipulated, believing that his size, strength and iron will alone had brought him to where he was today, and surely those qualities factored in.

The ziggurat temple of Ur - Bill Harvey blog The Ziggurat Temple of Ur

The palace was as lavish and ornate as anything the Agents had ever seen on any planet and in any plane of existence save heaven itself. Fine artists had wrought splendor all over the beautiful city reaching an apex in the palace and in the ziggurat temple. Nimrod had clad himself in fur-trimmed purple robes and much priceless jewelry, but the cut of what he wore still bore the look of a warrior, which is what he fundamentally was. A third of the human race specialized in war and the other two thirds joined in fighting whenever needed. The Rebel cause was being served well on the enslaved planet, on which most of the slaves were ignorant of that status.

“I don’t like that news!” Nimrod roared, and his seers cringed. They had seen messengers and viziers who brought bad tidings often killed. The three who prostrated before him now, cowering, were the bravest of the mages and had divined the oncoming occurrence. Actually Rebels had planted the ideas while the astrologers watched the stars. The other sages had refused to say a word to Nimrod about it, but these three felt that their duty required bringing this important news to the king even if they were to be slain for uttering it. Now Nimrod stood up and paced around them on the marble floor, and they waited to be smote by his huge jeweled rod. But he did not strike them. His manner became cunning.

“Have my good friend Terah bring me the new son as soon as it is born, and I will kill the baby with my own hands,” Nimrod said.


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Image: Reconstruction of Ur-Nammu’s ziggurat, based on the 1939 reconstruction by Woolley

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The Historic Change in Strategy

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 18

Part 89 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Nastassia came to life in a strange location and situation. She saw she was on a beautiful beach on a fantasy planet with several colorful moons in the sky, one with rings, and off in the distance Atlantis shone.


She recognized the beach from a mindflash Layla had shown her of the place she and Melchizedek preferred to go between incarnations, and she sensed that her four friends were also here somewhere. At the same time she realized somehow she was still wearing her most recent human body, except that it was cut in half at the waist. Half of her was in one place and half in another.

As the scene clarified she realized that Maitreya was playing an elaborate joke, which she had known him to do, often to lighten the saddest moments. Superimposed on the beach scene they were also in a theater, she and Maitreya were onstage, and the rest were in the audience. Maitreya was dressed as a stage magician and held a magic wand. She was his assistant and he had just sawed her in half and spread the two boxes containing her to amaze the audience, most of whom were in fact still stunned from having been vaporized after a fierce battle, so it took a moment to reorient, the way Nastassia had.

“And now, for my next trick…” Maitreya said, clearly referring to the failure down below, and taking full responsibility for it in his humorous way. Continue reading