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Earthquakes and Floods

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 16

Part 87 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

destruction of Atlantis “The island Atlantis itself was quickly razed to a submerged mound of rubble.”

Thousands of Rebel warships coordinated their bombardment of Atlantis on a single point, the capstone, hoping by doing so to break through the immensely powerful shields of energy protecting the vessel and its city-state within.

The combining streams of destructive radiation pouring down in a single ray became diffused due to the slight errors in calculation by computers aboard the attacking craft. Destruction rained down as far away as Morocco and Gibraltar, where the shoreline appeared to the soldiers massed upon it to be cracking apart as in a natural earthquake, while the ocean flooded in with tsunami-size waves. Thousands of soldiers were killed, while most ran away and trekked to their homelands, giving up the fight. Only the Hellenes were left. The Rebels in space noticed this but since they had not given the human ground forces much chance of being helpful, it didn’t occupy their minds for long. Win some, lose some.

Out at sea the waves grew mightily, roiled by the fast heavy particles from space. Many of the attacking boats returned to Morocco and Gibraltar or sank, with hundreds of men lost. Atlantis transported thousands of men who would have otherwise drowned, and cared for them aboard the vessel. Atlantis was also able to save some, a muddy lot, from the disaster-ridden shoreline across the way.

Meanwhile Atlantis itself was unhurt by the torrent of energy, which slid down the sides and shot off in all directions, adding more damage to the army remnants and the populations on the two continents to the East.

Knowing that it would be safer for the planet and its inhabitants to leave, Atlantis suddenly shot up in the sky and into space. As soon as the rays were cut off, without Atlantis there to protect her, the island itself was quickly razed to a submerged mound of rubble.

Atlantis would have abandoned the area entirely at this point, except that option was cut off by Perse himself.


Best to all,


Image credit: Atlantis Online

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The War in Space

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 15

Part 86 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Atlantis had a klaxon horn that sounded like temple bells, which woke the entire population of Angels, Cherubs, Agents and visiting humans, including some Rebel spies, in the middle of night off the coast of Southern Europe and Africa. All but the humans listened in to Atlantis’s broadcast warning: “A very large fleet of Rebel warships is heading this way from across the galaxy and beyond. Please move indoors away from the surface of the ship.” Their hosts guided the visiting humans into the interior parts of Atlantis while the outer surface returned to its original diamond appearance.

An enormous army was assembled on the beaches of what are today Gibraltar and Morocco, and hordes of boats had already been launched, bringing assault troops across to attack Atlantis. In the boat leading the sea fleet, standing at the bow and taking the full blast of the sea drizzle, stood Ares in a heroic posture, fully aware that he was posing and feeling a little foolish about it.

Athenius was also on deck, holding on and observing everything. He had seen moving stars in the night sky but kept this to himself, having been told that Atlanteans had subjugated all of Europe and Africa and were coming for the Hellenes and Parsans next. This Rebel attack was pre-emptive and their only hope of success. If they lost, the Hellenes would become the slaves of the Atlanteans like everyone else. Ares implied they were heroes who could as easily die in this battle, but it was their duty to make this attack. Athenius took it with a grain of salt, knowing that even when people as sincere as Ares said something it did not necessarily mean it was true. Ares himself could have been told a fiction, a guess, a cover story, from whoever it was that had aligned all tribes, about whom Ares would not say a word.

Athenius was not sure that he would kill the first Atlantean he saw, or if he would interrogate him or her, or if he would be in a position to do anything but kill or be killed when the moment came, but he was staying alert internally and externally and not prejudging anything. Ares sensed this ambiguity but had no time to think about it.

The first blows were soon to come, and they would be horrific and devastating.


Best to all,


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The Attack on Atlantis

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 14

Part 85 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

“What now?” Athenius yelled from his bed. He was used to being called upon at all hours to solve difficult problems, make decisions, and provide advice, sometimes just to commiserate. Taking this as his duty and the role he had always worked toward, kind of the unofficial sage of Polis, he was supported by donations from those who wanted free access to him. Of course he tended to welcome everyone with kindness, even those unable to make a donation. However, he had been working himself to a frazzle this way as this late caller was not the first, and Athenius was starting to long for a nap at least.

He was tying his toga and walking to the front door when through it came General Ares in full battle armor, followed by a squad of his toughest men. This stopped Athenius in his tracks and his mind moved swiftly. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“All our ground forces in Europe and Africa have been as heavily armed as possible and set on march to the West,” Ares told him.

“What do you mean our?” Athenius asked. “Hellenes have armies everywhere I have not been told about?”

The General was annoyed at being questioned but used to it from Athenius, who was doggedly obsessed with honesty and complete information, from Ares’ point of view. Any other man who would have pressed him that way would normally be quickly dead, by Ares’ own hand.

“Athenius you ask too many questions for your own good. There has been a secret alliance with tribes in all directions, reaching farther than your own expert knowledge of geography,” Ares revealed, saying this now in a whisper to Athenius, so his own men would not hear. Ares was an awake Rebel in a human body, one of the strongest- minded Rebels in the zone, and had mostly conquered the overly-helpful human brain that wanted to run the show. But his men were merely humans, like Athenius, and full knowledge of the Rebels was against Perse’s orders, which he made exceptions to.

Ares had been ordered to let Athenius in on a small piece of the truth, filling in the rest with lies. Ares himself was against lying because it took up too much mental effort. The only way he had been able to counteract the human brain, sabotaged by the Rebels themselves, was constant inner attention, and he avoided anything that distracted from that task. Like lies. His plan was to tell as little as possible to Athenius, without distracting himself by having to make up and maintain lies. He knew Perse would yell at him for this, since Perse could read everyone’s mind at once it seemed, but he knew he was too valuable to be punished more than he could handle.

“I will fill you in en route. Right now these men will help you into the battle armor we brought and will quickly familiarize you with weapons and procedure. Then we will be off to lead the attack.”

“What city are we attacking and why?” Athenius asked without moving into action.

“It’s the city you found for us,” Ares whispered and Athenius’ eyes widened.


Best to all,


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Waking Up Rebel Forces

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 13

Part 84 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The pigeon flew into the home of General Ares, the planetary Shaitin, and directly up to the General, who was sitting by the fire contemplating his next political moves. Ares understood immediately that to be able to appear as such, the bird was a Rebel of at least the status of Prince, so Ares stood deferentially. The pigeon spit out a folded piece of paper-like bark on the floor. Ares knelt and carefully opened it, flattened it with his palm, and took it closer to the fire to sit and look at it, glancing occasionally at the tight-lipped bird.

It was a picture, a map. X was surely Ares’ current position, amidst an archipelago of islands. To the left side of the map there were rough lines of continents and two prominent objects. That one had to be the Pillars of Heracles, but the one farther out in the ocean, what was that?

The Pillars of Hercules

The pigeon stood up and morphed into a giant man, about ten feet tall, bowing over slightly to avoid the high ceiling. He was handsome, dignified, and appeared very sad. He was impeccably dressed down to his ebon hooves, which as always were highly polished, perfectly gleaming without a speck of dust or hangnail. General Ares stood at high attention before his supreme commander, who now preferred to be called Perse. Continue reading

Spy Counterspy

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 12

Part 83 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Dozens of emissaries had been given the key message, trained in writing and code, given tools with which to subdue their overpowering brains, and other necessary tradecraft, and then sent into the world, and yet the Rebels still had no idea what was going on.



On a day like this I could destroy them all, Perse said of his followers. He was such a long league above them that they were as much of a hindrance as a help, he often felt, and this was one of those times. But he would never diminish his forces out of sheer disappointment, since they had a good way of keeping his adversary busy.

Perse was in his ship, the same planet-buster that had destroyed the fifth planet Ceres in the Sol system so many years ago, creating the asteroid belt. He accounted to no one for his movements and although his followers believed him to be outside of the Sol system, he was close by Earth, invisible to Agents and Rebels and even to Atlantis.

The Island with the big pointy mountain

The Island with the big pointy mountain

Undetected, Perse dove from his ship down to Earth’s surface, where he took on the appearance of a pigeon and flew toward a nearby island with a large pointy mountain. Flying onto the first beach he could reach, he mixed easily with the gulls, who ignored him. Walking toward the water he spied Sniike, who he knew had come to drown himself. He called Sniike.

Sniike turned suddenly and for some reason noticed a pigeon staring at him from a few feet away. He almost spoke to the bird but then realized how ridiculous it would be and started toward the water again. Perse flew past his face much closer than would a real bird. Sniike stopped ankle deep in the sea and watched the bird circle back and land on the water, bobbing there and staring at him. Sniike watched and waited.

Giving up? he heard in his head.

Yes I guess I am, he said mentally to the pigeon but mostly to himself. Unless my messages have gotten out and you are here to reinforce me, Sniike thought with irony.

I can fly your message out, the pigeon said in his mind.


Best to all,


Image credits:
Perse by Charles Barnett III;
Island with the big pointy mountain (detail) — Records of the Soul

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Are you getting enough pleasure out of your life?

Originally posted April 14, 2015latest Great Being post

If you’re not, you’ve got to fix that. No one else is going to do it for you.

ability to re-create ourselves

All that exists is now, this moment, so you can’t be putting off fun to some hoped-for future. If you’re not getting it right now, this very day, you’re not playing to win at the game of life; you’re trapping yourself in illusion and accepting second best.

What’s stopping you from seizing the day and living your dreams, right this very moment? Very likely it’s the deep dark repressed (or expressed) belief that you don’t have the power to change your life into the ideal vision you had for it. Especially now, when so much time has passed, and you’ve got negative momentum leading away from the goal.

If everybody sees you one way, how could it ever be even imaginable that the consensus reality could ever change that dramatically? It’s a deep and true intuition we feel in our gut that when so many minds are tuned to one way, getting all those minds to change very much is literally unthinkable. Yet it is truly miraculous how much those minds can change once you’ve changed your own. Continue reading

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