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Improve the Creative Result by Goofing Off

Originally posted February 17, 2015latest Great Being post

Looking Inward At Oneself is the first step

In our present culture in which multiple jobs are held by most people just to keep up with their latest Jones, and in which Acceleritis™ necessitates massive multitasking, the creative process tends to become shortened into a two-step process of absorbing information (never enough), and implementation. In other words, no Aha! Moment.

The absorbing of information part was easier before the Internet. One saw the logic of not going too far because it would cost too much time. Now one can keep drilling down further and further without an apparent end in sight.

Finding information however continues to be the major complaint of executives and their teams. You know you have it somewhere and you can go searching for it but it is so boring and annoying given the time pressure. Give me a dashboard where I don’t even have to remember what it is called and yet can still find it in a second. Until then, just send that thing to me again please.

When you break down how much time goes into the absorption (including searching) and other aspects of the process, the two middle stages — turning away (“sleeping on it”), then the Aha! Moment — take almost no time compared with absorbing and implementing. And yet those two middle processes account for the quality of the outcome or creative result. With only the bookends and no middle the result may be passable but it does not rock. Are we here just to do stuff that’s passable, without the satisfaction of Flow state-level outcomes? No way — makes no sense. Life is about living large, not just robotically coping.

Are you letting your mind go wherever it wants? Continue reading

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Rediscovering that Ancient Territory: Your Own Mind — Revisited

Originally posted February 10, 2015latest Great Being post

All of us are naturally curious about our own selves. When someone who knew us when, someone older, tells us a story about something we did when we were too young to remember it, we are raptly attentive.

Looking inward at oneself is the first step toward clarity.

If it were not for the culturally ubiquitous time pressure, we would have the same curiosity if offered a searchlight method to see more deeply into our own mind than ever before. Here we offer just such a searchlight.

This posting is a brief exploration into the architecture of inner experience and offers tools to look into your inner Self, through observation and experience. Why bother? Because in order to get into the two higher, most effective states of consciousness — the Observer state, where we can really see what is going on inside ourselves rather than being puppeteered by software in our heads, and the Flow state (Zone), where we are spontaneously doing everything just right — we need to become experts in the empirical study of our own minds and inner life.

What Is the Architecture of Our Inner Life?

Carl Jung defined the four functions of consciousness as perception, feelings, intellect and intuition — the latter referred to in day-to-day life as “hunches”. These are four kinds of events that can go on in consciousness.

Within consciousness, what we experience first is something inside that motivates us and moves us toward or away from something. Those are feelings. Instincts — hardwired genetic carryovers inherited before birth — are partly responsible for some or all of our feelings. The rest arise from motivations we accumulated during our lives, stuff we learned or decided to want or not want as a result of our experiences since birth.

So what are these things you call your thoughts, your feelings, your hunches, your perceptions? Consider, or reconsider, all of the experiences you have had of your own mind, your own inner life. Continue reading

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You Are a World Changer — Part Three

Originally posted January 27, 2015latest Great Being post

In the last two weeks you have begun committed work on a problem/challenge condition in your current situation. You started using the techniques and tools we presented beginning with trigger notes, then you created a table with problems and approach directions toward the solutions of each problem or challenge. Then you began to apply solutions from your plan to your situation, evolving the plan with changing circumstances and new information. And you began to practice being unpredictable. All with the overarching goal of transforming your current situation into one that affords you more power to do good.

Let’s face it, the world needs changing.

World problems need changing

We see world-class threats at all levels — military, economic, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental… In my 9-5 life, I see the first solution in 50 years to make companies more profitable — yet it can only in the most brilliantly-led companies make it quickly through the thicket of confusion and lack of communication. This is all due to Acceleritis™. Changing the world means tackling Acceleritis, the pandemic shock reaction to unprecedented information overload that has most of us in its grips.

Tools for Clearer Thinking Continue reading

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Rising above Negativity

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Most of us assume there is nothing we can do about negative emotions — they come as they will, and we must just suffer through them. However, we all know someone we’ve seen rise above these feelings. With the world facing so many unprecedented challenges, it is vital that we increase our ability to rise to the occasion and surmount negative feelings.

Rise Above Negative Feelings

It’s difficult if not impossible to overcome negative feelings while remaining in our everyday “waking” state of consciousness. We can say, “I am going to put those emotions aside and get down to the business at hand”, but many of us don’t seem to have the willpower to do it. The trick is to rise out of the “waking” state of consciousness and move into the Observer state, where we are able to more easily turn off unproductive feelings.

The first step is to turn down all distractions. Create an alone space where you can’t be interrupted, where you can’t hear voices in the next room, where there isn’t a TV or some other device playing, where you’re not under time pressure. Have writing tools handy, or a sound recorder. Begin to try to understand why you are in a negative state. Be patient and wait. Once your mind knows you are focused on just one thing, which is to diagnose why you feel the way you do, it will soon start to give up answers to the question. They may be obvious or not-so-obvious. You may find yourself writing down the not-so-obvious aspects or simple phrases that are now suddenly more revealing and meaningful than you expected, which cast new light or simply state things you already knew but in much sharper and more useful language than you had access to before.

What you are doing is called contemplation.  You are flying higher, getting above the weather, so whatever weather disturbance or turbulence you experience must be rejected. Put aside whatever feeling or thought is familiar, like you have been there before. Reject ordinary thinking and feeling. Say to yourself, “That’s not constructive, it’s not getting me anywhere, and it doesn’t lead to a solution. I need something NEW.”

Strip it away as it arises and see what is underneath.

Where is it coming from?

Where did the whole pattern start?

What did I want that led me to this negative mindset?

What is really happening?

What is IT trying to teach me?

How can this situation possibly be something that can make me better and stronger?

Get creative. Generate out-of-the-box ideas. Visualize what someone you look up to would do. Come up with ideas that will not engender resistance, where you go with the flow and not against it. In Taoism it is called getting into the rhythm of the Tao, linking into the underlying force of the universe.

Best to all,


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Freedom from Fear

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Fear has been prevalent since the dawn of recorded history.

Today many of us live in fear of losing our job, and maybe we’re also fearful about our health and the health of our family and friends. And with a daily news diet of horrific acts of violence seemingly happening everywhere, many of us may be fearful about our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

Some of us are afraid because we’re constantly trying to prove ourselves to our mother, father, spouse, critic or rival sibling, or to one of the people who has been unknowingly cast into taking over one of those roles. These “critics” become internalized as hidden senators in our mind, playing the taped and aped voices of others. Continue reading

The Long March ~ 40,000 BC

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Volume 5, Issue 26

Part 49 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. As Blu and Ska, they are now well into their new life, around 40,000 BC in the mountains of northwestern Spain. At this point of the story, our Agents are no longer conscious of their true identities; the new brain has taken over their souls — for now. Previous episodes.

In our last episode, Stari-ki had begun to suspect that Blu and Ska were probably not Earth natives, and so he set about testing them by play fighting, him against the two of them. After just a few maneuvers, Stari-ki (mis)identified them as Rebels like himself. And so began his re-indoctrination, telling Blu and Ska they had forgotten they were Rebels and thus (in his mind) a part of Lucifer, and promising to do his best to help them remember their true Rebel identities.

The next morning the army broke camp and, like an amoeba, split into two armies — Aldus’ army of occupation and recruitment, and Stari-ki’s much larger army that would conquer the coastline and install military commanders to raise local armies loyal to the Rebels. Blu and Ska said goodbye to Aldus, formerly their King, and now a brother Rebel from off-planet — all three under Stari-ki’s tutelage, trying to regain knowledge of their original identities and memories.

The Great BeingThe Great Being looked down and was on the edge of Her proverbial chair, delighted by the drama of this latest turn of events. Part of Him — echoed by returning reabsorbed avatars now part of Her intimate Self as His own internal chorus and senate — was excited in an almost nervous way that was very enjoyable — knowing that once Blu and Ska were actually successful in touching their own true selves, She Herself in each of those roles would be exposed to Stari-ki not as Rebels but as Agents. What sort of fight and deaths might ensue would be tragic but of course not permanent. To Him, down there in the roles, it would be highly exciting and terrifying to say the least. As spectator, She was rooting for the good guys to win, and again counting His blessings to have dreamed up Free Will.

Back on Earth… Stari-ki’s army began their trek, which would take them almost 3000 miles as traveled on foot, a serpentine course down the mountains into what would later be Portugal, then across the Straits into the southern continent, where they would capture and hold its northern coastline. Stari-ki's army routeStari-ki loved this mission. The best part was his utter uncertainty as to how it would all come out. He was too seasoned a soldier to believe he could accomplish anything; he knew otherwise. They could run into savages living in large cooperating groups. The backstabber could descend upon them if it looked like his mission was going to succeed. In continuous fighting in completely unknown territory, death could come out of nowhere. Even his psychic abilities could not track everything in his battle sphere. What fun!

Their first great battle occurred not far from what would later be Lisbon, where they were surrounded and ambushed by hordes of savages. With the element of surprise on the side of the natives, Stari-ki felt humiliated at not having seen it coming, and this self-flagellation degraded his psychic powers. Many lives under his command were lost before the armed cavemen were vanquished.

The best fighters were allowed to live, and within weeks were fully trusted to be inducted into Stari-ki’s army. Some stayed to occupy and build armies and some went with Stari-ki further south. Wives of the converted fighters traveled with their mates to the unknown adventures in the hot lands. Having more women traveling with the army relieved Izbel and Asa of the discomfort of being the only women with so many lustful men around, although no one was going to fool with the wives of Blu or Ska — except perhaps Stari-ki, but he was too focused on his mission to dally in such things.

Blu’s inner life had changed dramatically. The way he remembered himself, he had always been a simple guy, liked guy things, loved women, loved fighting, followed the rules, and was proud when he had a good thought or idea, like the cave painting. He was still amazed that he could have thought up such a thing — where did that come from? He had no great ambitions, just to keep doing what he did best, someday have children and help them grow strong and stay happy. Now he was embarked on what had to be the greatest adventure ever, so he was in a state of perpetual excitement. The news that he was actually some other identity was troubling but also fascinating. His real Rebel self must have been the one to think up the cave paintings, he now surmised. Continue reading