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Solving a Two-Front War Just in Time

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 39

Part 61 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa. Previous episodes.

Running through the forest with the primitives in pursuit and hurling something faster and smaller than rocks — unknown yet somehow familiar — Blu intuited that the projectiles carried poison. Meanwhile, Stari-ki’s army to the north was being attacked by an enemy with a similar new weapon. Stari-ki crawled toward the enemy and suddenly saw a strikingly beautiful woman at the center of a large group, just as skinny pieces of wood started flying through the air toward his army. Stari-ki was transfixed. How could they become allies? Blu and Ska appeared just in time to also be taken by the beauty of the sticks flying like a flock of birds. Stari-ki saw the girl and made the connection that she was the daughter or sister of the enemy leader, just as the cannibals in pursuit of Blu and Ska and the rescued girl showed up. Now what?

They closed in for to hand-to-hand combat

Stari-ki directed his men to focus on the savages attacking them from the rear, since the army in front of him was taking a defensive stance. His men were glad to have combat at which they could win. They closed in for to hand-to-hand combat, not giving the primitives time to reload their blowguns, which Stari-ki’s men had noticed without time for curiosity. Not having time to react, the natives were decimated after taking a few of Stari-ki’s men out with rocks and darts.

Stari-ki left the mop-up to his army and turned back to the strange people and the lovely woman

Stari-ki left the mop-up to his army and turned back to the strange people and the lovely woman with the long-distance weaponry. An idea popped into his mind and he acted on it impetuously. Taking a risk that was out of character, though he could not say for sure who he really was any more, he lifted the semi-conscious girl and carried her toward the beautiful woman he intuited to be her mother or sister.

Neva ready to release the arrow.

Just before he crested the hill and came into sight, Neva, the warrior queen, had racked up one of her poison arrows and held it ready to let fly. She had the feeling that something was coming over the hill and was concerned that the whole army was going to overrun her and her small tribe, even though many of the attackers would die in the process. As soon as she saw something large appear she released the arrow but a split second later she purposely wobbled the shot as it left the bow. The large and beautiful man was carrying her missing younger sister, Canda.

Stariki down on his knees, still holding the girl.Stari-ki ducked but the arrow went through his right trapezius muscle and stayed lodged there. Instantly he felt the poison flood his system, weakening him. He stood stock still and would not give in to the effect. And yet there went his legs, and he was down on his knees, still holding the girl. Neva signaled her people to stand ready to shoot as she ran forward. Blu and Ska came over the hill and saw what was happening and stood protectively close to Stari-ki as Neva ran up to them. She looked at them all curiously and knelt to take Canda in her arms and kiss her cheek.

On a hunch, Blu sent Neva a mind message, Poison, to convey that the cannibals had hit the girl with a poisoned thorn. Neva got it and wryly thought she had also done her own share of poisoning. She turned and yelled something back to her people, and while Blu and Ska prepared for the worst, two women came up the hill with earthenware jugs and no arrows were loosed. One woman helped the girl drink and the other helped Stari-ki drink. The sickening potion made Stari-ki feel a little better. He stood up on weak legs. A young boy about the girl’s age came running up the hill. Neva gave the boy, Donjeron, his friend Canda to carry back down to be cared for.

Stari-ki and Neva held each other’s gaze. One might say it was love at first sight, though they seemed to recognize each other.


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1.  Neanderthal by Frank Frazetta
2. Stari-ki leaves his army behind – digital rendering by CK Niver
3. Neva the warrior queen ready to release the poison arrow – digital rendering by CK Niver
4. Detail of Cavegirl by Jeffrey Jones

A Long Hard Run

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 38

Part 60 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa. Previous episodes.

In our last episode, Blu and Ska had followed a tribe of savages back to their encampment and to their shock discovered that they had been carrying a light-skinned teenage girl, apparently abducted from another tribe, back to camp. She was either dead or unconscious as she was placed on a large flat rock covered with dried blood. They noticed her body move and felt compelled to save her from certain death. Meanwhile, the savages had eaten and were bedding down. When all was quiet, Blu and Ska made their move, lifted the girl’s lifeless body off the rock, and were halfway to the edge of the camp when a cry went up and Blu and Ska had to run for their lives.

For some reason, Ska found it hilariously funny to be running at breakneck speed through the forest with the girl over his back. Blu glanced over at him for an instant, nearly losing his footing, and caught a flash of the girl bouncing up and down on Ska’s back, glassy-eyed. Eyes forward again and pushing to the limit to maximize speed without falling, which could be fatal with the cannibals close behind, Blu couldn’t help but to start laughing uncontrollably too. It seemed to help his body run.

Rocks whizzed by their heads and other things too, small and faster than rocks. Into Blu’s mind came an image of a blowgun, something he couldn’t remember ever thinking of before. Where did that come from?  He stole another glance at the girl. He couldn’t be sure but there seemed to be a red dot on her neck. “Poison,” he yelled between gulps of breath. Ska peeked back at him, understanding his meaning but wondering how Blu could know that these savages were throwing something poisonous at them. Then he realized the girl could be drugged by some poison, perhaps from a plant or insect. He flashed on a thorn dipped in poison then blown through a hollow reed.

Ideas buried deep inside, within their true identities, had been coming back into their minds for some time. They both accepted this as normal and as a good thing. Hopefully someday soon it would all come back.

The girl, roughly shaken by the ride, seemed to be coming awake a bit. Her eyes held some intelligence now — she was watching Blu and now made eye contact. Her arm lifted, the arm that was going up and down with the ride, and she pointed. She seemed to be directing them more to the north rather than northeast as they had been heading. “Ska this way,” Blu yelled and changed direction, with Ska picking up the beat instantly.

The cannibals were still in pursuit but they had opened up a decent lead. There were no projectiles whizzing by them at the moment. Ska stole a look backward and could see the huge cloud of dust kicked up by the running tribe, a sign that they could not afford to stop and rest. Blu saw his look and nodded and picked up the pace a notch.

“Want me — carry a while?” Blu asked breathlessly, and Ska shook his head just perceptibly. He was aroused by the immature beauty of the girl and liked having her skin to skin. He liked her smell. This was all in his face, easy for Blu to read. Blu smiled with a pretend look of rebuke for infidelity to Asa. Ska just grinned innocently.

Blu sent a mind message to Stari-ki but got no sense of recognition back. A moment later he had the intuition that Stari-ki had his own problems right now.

an enemy force

True enough. Stari-ki’s army, northeast of them, had made contact with an enemy force of unknown size and character. The only thing Stari-ki knew was that he had lost many of his best men in the front line assault force. This enemy had a new weapon that was able to strike men dead at a distance. It did not make the crashing sound of rocks, it was something else. Were these Rebel marines landed by aircraft and using energy weapons? It didn’t sound like that. Rays did a lot of collateral damage in a forest fight, with branches and sometimes trees falling, and nothing like that was happening. It was almost silent yet deadly.

Stari-ki was crawling on his belly toward the front line to get a better look. He encountered the body of one of his men. A long skinny piece of wood was sticking out of the man. He vaguely remembered an ancient weapon that commonly arose on planets with humanoids, but the name escaped him. Why had he not thought of making such weapons himself? Once again he had the strong suspicion that someone had tampered with his mind and was perhaps still tampering with it, holding him helpless to bring to bear his full strength and intelligence.

Standing at their center was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.He resumed crawling toward the enemy to get a closer look. As he crested a small rise, still in the concealment of a thorny patch of ground vines, he saw a large group ahead that appeared well-organized and spaced. Standing at their center was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was placing a long skinny piece of wood alongside a larger curved piece of wood and drawing back on something flexible. The men and women around her followed her movements synchronously. Ironically, the performance struck Stari-ki as beautiful. An instant later, with almost no sound, skinny pieces of wood were flying through the air toward Stari-ki and his troops, and a moment later he heard a scream as one of them found a mark.

Stari-ki was transfixed by the woman leader. He could see from this distance by focusing his eyes, looking off center, letting his eyes tear a little, and other tricks he had taught himself. She had the light skin of Ska’s people but instead of blonde hair she had long wavelets of black hair. She had the full lips of Blu’s people. She looked like a dream he had once had, or more than once. She must not be injured. They must become allies. He needed to learn to make and use their weapons. He had to stop the fighting now. But how?

That’s when he heard the message from Blu, saying they were being chased by somebody. He sent back a homing beacon to help Blu and Ska find him.

Blu and Ska were also taken by the beauty of the flying sticks moving together like a formation of birds as they ran into Stari-ki’s skirmish line. Blu got it first. “Don’t let one of those strike you!” he yelled to Ska. Seeing Stari-ki crawling backward toward them and keeping low, they hit the ground with the girl cushioned by Ska’s body.

“Who is that?” Stari-ki demanded, followed by the immediate recognition that this must be the daughter of the enemy leader. They looked almost identical in their features, but this one was younger. Or maybe this was a younger sister?

“Stari-ki, here come the cannibals!” Blu whispered so as to not reveal their position to the shooters of the flying sticks. Now they were beset from both sides.


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1.  Tribal Wars – AR15.com
2. Woman Leader – digital rendering by CK Niver

Rising above Negativity

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Most of us assume there is nothing we can do about negative emotions — they come as they will, and we must just suffer through them. However, we all know someone we’ve seen rise above these feelings. With the world facing so many unprecedented challenges, it is vital that we increase our ability to rise to the occasion and surmount negative feelings.

Rise Above Negative Feelings

It’s difficult if not impossible to overcome negative feelings while remaining in our everyday “waking” state of consciousness. We can say, “I am going to put those emotions aside and get down to the business at hand”, but many of us don’t seem to have the willpower to do it. The trick is to rise out of the “waking” state of consciousness and move into the Observer state, where we are able to more easily turn off unproductive feelings.

The first step is to turn down all distractions. Create an alone space where you can’t be interrupted, where you can’t hear voices in the next room, where there isn’t a TV or some other device playing, where you’re not under time pressure. Have writing tools handy, or a sound recorder. Begin to try to understand why you are in a negative state. Be patient and wait. Once your mind knows you are focused on just one thing, which is to diagnose why you feel the way you do, it will soon start to give up answers to the question. They may be obvious or not-so-obvious. You may find yourself writing down the not-so-obvious aspects or simple phrases that are now suddenly more revealing and meaningful than you expected, which cast new light or simply state things you already knew but in much sharper and more useful language than you had access to before.

What you are doing is called contemplation.  You are flying higher, getting above the weather, so whatever weather disturbance or turbulence you experience must be rejected. Put aside whatever feeling or thought is familiar, like you have been there before. Reject ordinary thinking and feeling. Say to yourself, “That’s not constructive, it’s not getting me anywhere, and it doesn’t lead to a solution. I need something NEW.”

Strip it away as it arises and see what is underneath.

Where is it coming from?

Where did the whole pattern start?

What did I want that led me to this negative mindset?

What is really happening?

What is IT trying to teach me?

How can this situation possibly be something that can make me better and stronger?

Get creative. Generate out-of-the-box ideas. Visualize what someone you look up to would do. Come up with ideas that will not engender resistance, where you go with the flow and not against it. In Taoism it is called getting into the rhythm of the Tao, linking into the underlying force of the universe.

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Uncertain Loyalties

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 36

Part 58 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they have trekked southward and have just made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar. Previous episodes.

Our last episode began with the sudden appearance of primates the European tribe had never seen before, the Barbary Macaques. Blu and Ska had been opening up as they sensed who they really were, before the slaughterhouse experience that had collapsed their consciousness. The sight of these hairy little men (though not quite men) thrust them into an altered state of consciousness, intoxicated with life as the army finally scrambled onto the new continent. It all made a kind of sense but they intuitively knew to keep their thoughts hidden from Stari-ki’s prying mind. That night, Blu had a colorful lifelike dream where he was floating above his body and somehow sensed another being flying beside him. He felt great warmth and love as he heard the word “Layla” and knew this was the woman he loved. But what about Izbel? What did this all mean?

staying on the coast

Stari-ki led his forces cautiously eastward, keeping the sea in sight as he had been ordered. His Rebel Mission remained the same: find, subdue and convert natives to conscript Rebel armies to hold the coastline from the Northern peninsula to where it nearly met this continent, and then do the same with the Northern coastline on this huge inland sea separating the two great continents. However, he was not so sure he was going to continue to follow orders.

First of all, he was not sure what was going on. His own colleagues in ships above were seemingly causing him to be attacked by an army he himself had created. He was now piecing things together and had a hunch that the recent occasions when he had allowed himself to be surprised by attacks could have been caused by other Rebel super-psychics (“Princes” in the Rebel culture) operating in the skies above. He liked that explanation better than thinking he was losing his powers.

He had been told that these armies would initiate a long period of battle during which the inhabitants of this planet would be trained to become the toughest fighters in the universe, in order to storm the gates of Heaven. What they did not tell him was all of the ways they were going to achieve that — which could easily include setting Rebel armies against each other. After all, it wouldn’t matter how many incarnations these people (including him) had, how many times or how horribly they would have to die in humiliation and defeat. They would just incarnate again and again so why not have them kill each other as much as possible? That guess felt right as to what the Shaitan, the Planetary Commander, was thinking in having Aldus attack Stari-ki.

In which case, why travel in the route where they expected him to be? Maybe they were even waiting to see if he was smart enough to not follow orders having figured out the game.

Secondly, he was feeling unsure who he himself was. In unleashing his mindblast this last time, he felt sorrow and weakness as it was happening and now even afterward he was malingering in ill health, a rarity for him. Could Rebel Mind Control Forces also be responsible for this? It felt like it was coming from deep inside, as if there was a part of him that did not want to hurt others. Where did that come from?

at the edge of the great desert

Stari-ki had dispatched Blu and Ska to cover the right flank and they had gone south and were paralleling the movement of the army to the east. They had come up to a huge desert and were awed by how it seemed to go on forever. They stayed north of the desert, in the fertile area where they could feed themselves. Izbel and Asa were with the main troops, where they were protected, but Blu and Ska missed them.

Blu and Ska had each been having strange dreams — dreams of a different life. Blu had been flying in his dreams, though they did not seem like dreams; he felt like he was out of his physical body, in another sort of body. They didn’t speak about their dreams with each other because Stari-ki even at this distance might be listening in. In his weakened state he actually could not read them as well, but he had not disclosed that to them because he preferred to keep the upper hand, with bluff if need be.

Each of them felt that they had touched some inner self. A self that somehow without words communicated to them the right thing to do at various times. The mood of that inner sense was calm; it felt like everything was all right, not to worry, it would all take care of itself in time. This part of each of them was what made them stop to meditate, to contemplate a flower, or to concentrate intensely on a single question such as Who am I? Or What am I?

But right now their concentration was strongly focused outward. They had detected the sounds of a large group of something moving off to their right and had snuck up on their bellies to see what it was. They were concentrating intensely on the entire threat front including their own flanks and rear, in case this was an educated army that could encircle them.

It was in fact a group of humans, mostly men. At the center several men were carrying something. They were moving eastward but not quickly, as if they were not far from where they were going, acting as if this was part of their home territory. They were dark-skinned like Blu but did not seem intelligent since their vocalizing sounded like simple grunts, not like multisyllabic language. They were mostly naked, with few primitive garments and few weapons visible.

Crawling a little closer to get a look at what the primitives were carrying, they felt the soil beneath them getting looser. They stopped and Blu pointed down. Ska got what he meant and quietly pawed up some loose earth while Blu kept his senses peeled in all directions. Ska touched Blu’s arm. Blu looked and saw a disgusted expression on Ska’s face and then looked down and saw why. They were on top of a field of lightly dirt-covered bones — human bones. These people apparently only slightly buried their dead, Blu thought. He smiled at Ska as if to say, “Disgusted by dead people?” Their job involved many dead people and they should be well inured by now.

Ska shook his head once and pointed down. Blu looked to where he was pointing. On what was probably a child’s femur bone, there were tooth marks.

Human tooth marks.


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The Power of Respect

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If you are a leader within your organization (and anyone can be a leader, at whatever level you’re at) the single best thing you can do to mentor, nurture and develop your team members, bringing out the best in each one of them, is to create a mood of mental optimization.

Mental optimization is a mode of consciousness that shapes our choices, our information processing priorities, indeed everything that we do.

Leaders lead by example.

In any situation, we can choose to quickly set aside anger or negativity and begin to define the problem, search for opportunities hidden or obvious, and refine solution-oriented, win-win action plans based on feedback along the way. This strategy turns challenges into wins by not wasting time with negativity or letting it interfere with our ability to find win-win solutions. Obviously, whatever the setting, we can’t come up with perfect win-win ideas if we want someone to lose because we are angry at them.

CHOOSE to let go of anger and negativity

Negativity is useless and obstructive.

If we model a positive attitude, everyone will more likely be in a mood of enjoying the game of making things better, each second, the way a hero/heroine does, without internal pettiness.

We all need to feel respected.

The thing that often causes people to quit their jobs ultimately comes down to respect. Either we didn’t feel enough of it, or our position somehow compromised our internal self-respect, or often both. People can be encouraged to stay with an organization if true respect is cultivated in the right ways, not out of misdirected fanning the flames of ego.

What is the right way to show respect?

  • No interrupting.
  • Provide just the right degree of autonomy i.e. don’t micro manage.
  • Don’t use lateral second-guessing as a method of quality control, which is a subtler form of micro managing.
  • Offer suggestions aimed at optimization goals held in common by those in the conversation, without putting down anyone else’s ideas.

Again, leading by example is vital. In meetings, make sure everyone is allowed to finish their thoughts — subtly, especially if it’s someone else’s meeting. Rare exceptions would be, for example, when someone is talking too much and slowing things down — be careful to use respect and ensure respect from the team to the person who is being longwinded, while keeping things moving. One elegant way to do this is to offer an offline meeting with that person at a later time, at which time you would show respect in offering constructive feedback. Your team member will appreciate the feedback if it’s done in the right way — the optimization focus with respect — not a put-down.

The optimization mood gives you permission — in fact mandates you — to tell team members the hard truth of what they need to improve on, but with respect so they can actually get it.

When all team members display a positive attitude and show respect across the board, all organizations will run enormously better. The list of benefits is endless.

Best to all,


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Mother Africa

Volume 5, Issue 35 Current Classic Bill post

Part 57 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they have trekked southward and have just made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar. Previous episodes.

The intensity of recent events, from the mysterious appearance of a land bridge to a fierce battle to defend the bridge, put Blu and Ska in deeper touch with their true selves. Unbeknownst to them, Stari-ki was experiencing his own true self, and is baffled by a new sense of not wanting to kill or hurt anyone. These feelings were private, in the peace of the last stretch of the crossing. As the bridge behind them slowly sank, by design, they were suddenly confronted by the sight of something not human coming across the land bridge. Who or what was this?

Blu and Ska stopped and watched as the small monsters approached in a long single-file line. They had no word for these creatures. They were like tiny men but hairier, the lower part of their faces protruded forward roundishly, their arms were long, and something about the way they moved suggested they might be as strong as men. Their eyes showed a human-like intelligence as they regarded the men with something like wary respect. The men had never seen monkeys or apes before, since their tribes were European, and humans were the only primates in Europe. Later this species would be called Barbary Macaques, often referred to as Barbary Apes. The macaques had seen men before and been hunted by them, but often had coexisted peacefully with them too. Men were unpredictable. Their females often vocalized in a friendly way toward these hairy little cousins, but the macaques tended to keep their distance.

Stari-ki’s army stopped to watch as the little monsters warily passed. The females and some of the males carried babies who looked curiously at the humans, some seeing humans for the first time, and wondering what their relatively fur-less cousins were, and what was going on inside them?

The Landbridge Disappears behind them.

Blu felt there was some larger meaning to this moment, a secret he needed to decode. Ska tried to imagine what had caused the monsterettes to pick up and leave their home to cross this land bridge that was rapidly eroding. Go fast, he thought at the monkeys, by now you’ll have to try to swim the last half mile at least, and you will probably lose some of your weakest, including many women and babies. Even here the land bridge could be seen dissolving at the edges and sliding back under the waves. They themselves had not much more time to get the whole army onto the other continent before they would be also swimming for their lives.

Macaque Tribe LeaderBlu noted that the leader of the tribe, the sleekest and largest of them, had a glint of purpose in his eyes. He appeared to nod respectfully at Blu and Ska as he passed, but it was hard to tell since his head kept swiveling to observe in all directions including upward and back at his people. Now he picked up his pace as if somehow hearing Ska’s thought. His followers struggled to keep up.

Blu and Ska were in an unusual frame of mind. In the past couple of hours they had relived the worst moment they could remember, when they were kings of the slaughterhouse, holding off all of Stari-ki’s army singlehandedly by dint of the terrain they had chosen to make their stand upon, which funneled the enemy into a front no wider than one or at most two crowded fighters. The experience of being killing machines had been so repulsive that it had collapsed their full consciousnesses into repressed subconsciousness as they lost the battle they had been waging against the powerful new brains they had stepped into.

Fighting Aldus’s army at the northern tip of the land bridge was so similar that it brought back a wave of horrible memories — but with them a glimpse of who they used to be before that traumatic shock, a glimpse that wouldn’t go away and which they intuitively knew not to share with Stari-ki, or even think about too much, which was their way of carefully guarding information in their minds from his notice. They didn’t yet understand why they felt that way and had no chance to even whisper to each other about it, which could be dangerous with Stari-ki always sneaking around in their minds.

On top of that, they had seen for the first time what Stari-ki could do with his mind, as he had mind-blasted more than a dozen men to their deaths. They also saw how this weakened Stari-ki, a sight they had never before beheld as Stari-ki had never shown the slightest signs of weakness or even fatigue before.

And now this string of little hairier men — yet somehow different from men, perhaps the ancestors of men, something less noble it seemed, and yet there had been that look in the leader’s eye, a hint of vision and purpose, a sense of mission, fully as noble as any man or woman they had seen. It was all too much to assimilate. They felt themselves to be in an altered state of consciousness, somehow intoxicated with life — each sight brighter and more detailed, suggestive in its movements; even waves seemed to have some reason to move as they did. It all made a kind of sense they could not begin to explain.

More than three hours after setting forth across the sinking land bridge, the forward elements of the army stepped upon the permanency of the other continent and scrambled gratefully onto it, some kneeling to kiss the ground. Stari-ki, now leading the first assault troops onto the beachhead, roughly lifted a soldier to his feet and shoved him forward. “Keep going!” he roared, “get into the trees and head left, keeping the coast in sight!” He pointed eastward, knowing that many of his troops did not know their left from their right, let alone the terms for the cardinal compass points. “Stay out of sight and report any contact!” He pushed his army forward as they stumbled ashore, repeating his instructions again and again to the men and women as they passed. By the time Blu and Ska reached him at the tail of the army, the land bridge had all but disappeared, and Stari-ki seemed to them to be almost back to normal, although his eyes were red and his shoulders hunched. He nodded to them but appeared to have no energy for conversation or even his usual probing looks.

As Blu and Ska preceded Stari-ki into the trees and followed the army eastward, he rushed past them and headed toward the front of the army, and they followed, though not too closely behind him. They were eager to compare notes and hoped that he was too busy to read their minds; nevertheless they would do their best to keep out any thoughts from their minds.

“I think I have made a real connection with my true self,” Blu said quietly. Ska nodded “Me too,” he said. “It’s not exactly the self I was expecting,” Blu added cautiously, and Ska nodded again, once, in an understated way. They were trying to minimize the footprints of these ideas in case their minds were under surveillance. “I know what you mean,” Ska said. Blu stared at him and wondered what Ska meant. He himself was not sure what he meant. He was still surprised at having made a sustaining contact with a self he had not known, and was getting the vaguest of feelings about that self — me, he reminded himself. It was going to be hard to put words on any of this, and even harder doing so while having to maintain mental privacy.

Rich fertile smells dominated their senses as they trekked through the verdant forests of palm and many other types of trees they had not seen before. They were alert to detect potential threats from humans or other dangerous animals, including in the trees above. The day wore on without incident.

Hours later, they ran up against stopped troops and realized that the army had been ordered to make camp and set up perimeter guard shifts. They made their way forward and located Izbel and Asa, and kissed and hugged them, then found two adjacent spots to bed down in. In the distance they could see Stari-ki bellowing orders as his tent was erected for him.

That night, cuddled in Izbel’s arms, Blu had an amazing dream. He knew it was a dream, and yet could not predict what would happen next. Everything was much more detailed than in a dream, utterly lifelike — he stared at the bark on a tree and could see the immense detail as if he had been awake, and he was aware of a color richness that he didn’t remember seeing in any dream before.

First he felt himself float upward, somehow not disturbing Izbel whose arm was over him. He felt nothing of that arm as he floated up. Then — of course! — he saw that his own body was still down there, under Izbel’s arm. What was moving steadily upward was his consciousness only. At the animal skin they had placed above their sleeping bodies, he paused going through the skin. He could see both above and below the skin at the same time as he hovered there right at the point of the animal skin. It was like he remembered once swimming in a calm lake, when he floated at eye level with the water, able to see the two worlds at once, the one above water and the one below water.

Blu's Dream

Then without willing it, his consciousness continued moving upward through the trees and once high enough he saw the deployment of the entire army, and he saw that there were no enemies anywhere near the army. He looked skyward and saw the glittering stars and his heart suddenly leapt at the sight, as if the stars were his home. In a flash he was flying off the planet. Dazed, he almost lost consciousness but fought to stay awake in the dream. Now by his side, another being was flying alongside him. He peered at the invisible consciousness he somehow sensed beside him, getting a feeling of great warmth and love enveloping him. Then very faintly he saw a beautiful colorful ghost ball of transparency there, and looking into that crystal ball type object he saw a beautiful woman’s face, and heard a word. “Layla” — the name of the woman he loved. But he loved Izbel. Somehow it was different, deeper, and more permanent than his love for Izbel. He tried to remember Izbel’s face but he could not make it appear. What did this all mean?


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