Staying Awake

The Great Being, Part 8
Volume 4, Issue 35

This continues our occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), the one point of consciousness singularity that is ourselves. See the earlier installments of The Great Being.

Melchizedek and Layla were helping each other stay awake — aware of their true identities. They did everything together as much as possible. Something about these new brains was too helpful. Instead of merely supporting what the Self brought, it was more like having an inner partner so eager to be helpful that it got in the way – like some overly-helpful software programs on our devices today. Although both were seasoned Bodhisattvas they had never experienced this inner takeover before.

Kuan Yin Boddhisattva statue

Mother was just lovely. She adored them both and hardly paid any attention to anything else. This caused problems with her mate and the older brother they called Tyg whose dirt-smeared face appeared to have tiger stripes the first time they saw him. There were about 20 other aboriginals about and they all stayed close. The males all had a weapon – some a stick, some a rock, and one with an animal horn. The one with the horn appeared to be the alpha for the clan. So far they had not seen any dangerous animals. The males appeared mostly alone and uncoordinated in the hunt, bringing back small game and edible vegetation while the females protected the children.

Melchizedek and Layla had played their cards right and found a comparatively idyllic situation into which to paradrop.

Their job did not allow them any time to bask in self-congratulation, especially as it seemed something had gone wrong. The Mission was to greatly accelerate ethical progress on the planet (Earth) to head off a linear extrapolation of a violence peak about 200,000 years into the future that would bring great suffering. The concurrent brain mutation was for the same purpose.

The Bodhisattvas considered these bad vibes of violence as currents or foodstuffs being piped into The Great Being and so made their own autonomous decisions about how to send back only good stuff to the Original Self. The Original of course was playing the roles of these individual Bodhisattvas and everybody else, and for all the rest of us know, could have an appetite for the bad stuff too, or simply not care one way or the other, finding both equally interesting and fun. Nevertheless all Bodhisattvas are taking the precaution of sweetening the mix as much as possible. It is their Mission, their game. They of course play that game in the only part of the multiverse where suffering is an issue – namely the Lost Lamb area. Including Earth.


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