State of Game Play Circa 200,000 BC

The Great Being, Part 5
Volume 4, Issue 32

This continues the occasional serialized story of The Great Being (TGB), the only thing that exists in the multiverse and is its source. The reader is actually TGB playing the role of the reader. See the earlier installments of The Great Being.

NAIRAS magfield
Image credti: NASA

“There will be contamination,” Melchizedek said to his companion. He and Layla were flying through space in their invisible spirit bodies toward Earth at a leisurely tachyonic pace conducive to enjoyable sightseeing along the way.

“Certainly would be exciting to have the rebels spilling out into adjacent spaces where the beings are not Lost Lambs,” Layla said, unperturbed. By “Lost Lambs” she was referring to the region of the universe allocated to TGB playing roles where He/She does not remember being TGB. (We’ll revert to “He” for readability.) Far from being Lost Lambs themselves, Melchizedek and Layla were fully aware they are really TGB, but were immersed happily in their present roles at the same time — those roles being as guardians/helpers appearing in regions of the multiverse where TGB felt like meddling to make the overall Game more enjoyable.

Melchizedek snorted, appreciating as always her Jack Benny-like understated deadpan humor. They slowed as they entered the solar system of Earth. Passing through the asteroid belt, Layla sighed, “Poor Ceres,” and her friend Melchizedek murmured empathetically. “That kind of stuff would happen in Awake Space if the rebels break out of the cordon.” By Awake Space she meant the majority of the multiverse where everybody knows they are playing the traveler point of view, temporarily having a sense of self apart from their sole true identity as TGB. Despite the 2014 view of Earth science, in our story the planet between Mars and Jupiter was called Ceres and happened to be obliterated during a space war not involving Earth humans, since it was before their time. This kind of thing was SOP in Lost Lamb space.

Now the duo hovered above Earth, focusing on a particular region of Turkey-to-be. “Perfect timing,” Layla said, observing that the manmade structures were similar to animal burrows. “Yes,” said Melchizedek, “here comes the downbeat.” From the sun in the distance there was a sudden beautiful flare that gradually rolled like a wave out across the solar system and into outer space, like ripples in a pond. This was the radiation destined by TGB intervention to cause the favorable mutation of the frontal neocortex of Earth humans.

“I see a cute couple,” Melchizedek said. “Hopefully they will have babies and we can become them.” He telepathically pointed out the couple he meant. The male was large and hairy with a frighteningly idiotic yet courageous expression on his face. His mate was petite and equally hairy with a more docile expression and more cleverness in her eyes. They were not “cute” in the contemporary sense.


Best to all TGBs,


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