Sleeping with the Enemy

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Volume 5, Issue 15
Part 39
of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now in a new life around 40,000 BC, in the mountains of northeastern Spain.

In the previous episode, the tribe made the trek to higher ground while Melchizedek and Layla, as Blu and Ska, stayed behind with the King and his troops to lay traps for the coming invaders. This had been Blu’s idea. Ska had convinced the King to feed the prisoner to gain his confidence, rather than torture him. Meantime, the King, smart enough to see the wisdom in these new ideas, continues to be suspect of our Agents. Earlier episodes.

Ska concentrated on staying with the prisoner while Blu split his time as he was also training the troops for the upcoming battle. The prisoner realized that Blu and Ska had prevented his torture and were getting him food and water. He didn’t exactly trust their motives but played along with them as much as he felt he could without getting killed by his own King when this tribe was annihilated.

Although armed guards were always with them, Ska would pretend to go to sleep when the prisoner did. In this way she was able to learn much from his dreams and even played a role in those dreams, provoking more learning. Sometimes she managed to get some sleep at the same time.

This was the way that she learned the key difference in the fighting skills of the two tribes: the invaders used the buddy system, two warriors protecting each other at all times and fighting as a pair, the same thing she and Melchi did. This was surely a secret passed down from the awakened rebels now stirring up the planet. Blu and Ska passed it on to the King, explaining that the prisoner had slipped up and given them that information during loose conversation over a hearty meal they had given him. When the ever-suspicious King asked them for the exact words, Ska quickly improvised, “He referred to his ‘battle-partner’.”

So now their tribe was training in the use of this system, and also duplicating the enemy weapons as fast as the women and slaves could make them.

Making tools and weapons

A week had gone by and still the attack had not come. This was fortunate — the tribe was now ready for it, or as ready as they could be. Blu and Ska continued to get as much information from the prisoner as possible. The man, whose name was Ya-hay, had agreed after a week to talk freely about any subject other than the art of war and the current confrontation. One evening, Blu had arrived with roast pig, a better meal than they had ever brought Ya-hay, and in fact it was what the King was eating that night. While Ya-hay delightedly dug into the delicacy, the conversation continued. Layla had learned or inferred much telepathically especially during dreaming, such as the enemy tribe’s origin to the North, a cold, inhospitable country of much darkness and ice, but there was still much they did not know.

roasting pic

“Do you have a mate?” Ska asked, between bites of roast pork.

“Yes, She-la, we were mated before she could bear children,” Ya-hay said, a soft smile crossing his face for a moment, “now we have four, two boys and two girls.”

“This constant fighting must be very hard on them,” Ska mused, but at the word “fighting” Ya-hay clammed up. He thought carefully then said “It is our way, no one objects to it.”

“What is the purpose?” Blu asked.

“If we do not kill, we shall be killed,” Ya-hay said, as if everyone knows that.

“But our tribe would live beside yours in peace,” Blu said. Ya-hay looked skeptical, and then realized that Blu and Ska had already proven this by their actions for the past week. Or they were duping him scrupulously into believing that.

“Our King has a vision,” Ya-hay said. “He is a great man, not like anyone else. He says that our mission is important and more than just for our survival. He says that we cannot understand the mission, so he will not tell us what it is. He wants us to believe him and we do. He brought us out of the great cold and down to this paradise. He fed us along the barren way with the bodies of the tribes we conquered. He taught us many things, and knows things no other man knows. We are grateful to him and will go wherever he leads, do whatever he orders. We would have all surely perished if not for him.”

This confirmed it for Melchizedek and Layla. They suspected that the invader King was an awakened rebel. Now they knew it. How would his powers stack up against theirs? They were not as confident as they would have been on any other Mission, because they knew that their powers, ironically, were being reduced by these new brains, as if in a constant inner power struggle. Their mission required them to meet with such an awakened rebel, whether they captured him or he captured them, which was much more likely.


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