Robbing the Cradle in the Birthplace of Civilization

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Volume 4, Issue 51

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that lives through each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to create homo sapiens sapiens on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

Would that sickly Tiger have moved upstream this far by now? Melchizedek now wondered with sudden readiness to move — although he knew not where to move that the tiger could not go. The spot he had sent the tiger to was a mile downstream and likely to have filled the tiger’s stomach enough to take a nice long catnap.

Tigris-Euphrates Rivers

But when the source of the rustling appeared, it was the shy barely-a-teenager COOL whom he knew had a crush on him. From her body language he sensed she had come alone, itself enough of an invitation by the mores of the tribe. He made a welcoming motion and stood up the way a civilized man would when a lady enters the room.

In his short life with the tribe, it had wandered South following herds to warmer climates. The spot on which he now bade her to sit beside him would later become famous. Two rivers joined at that spot and flowed as one river further southeast. Yoopraeese was the name of the more westerly river that Layla had intuited and taught the tribe to say. It was the tribe’s holy river, which Mel and Layla had known from birth simply as the river. Idigina was the name of the other river, taught them by an old wise man of a tribe they had met in their wanderings. Later Idigina and Yooprateese would become known as the Tigris and Euphrates.

The two teenagers watched as the rivers joined beneath their kicking feet. Mel reached out slowly and took her hand. She did not flinch. He noticed how small and lovely her hands were — almost like Layla’s. And her feet small too, like Layla’s, although of course nothing could compare to Layla. Nevertheless his fondness for COOL was growing swiftly. He was, after all, in a body full of raging hormones. They coupled above the joining rivers.

COOL responded as the Mission specified by becoming full with child. Mel always loved COOL and took care of her and GINA, named after one of the rivers, whom both he and Layla showered with affection. But then, they did that with everyone. As Mel’s exploits as the first human Stud of Mesopotamia continued and all the young ladies of the tribe bore his progeny, he had to figure out how to take care of so many wives and children, but with Layla’s help, they kept the whole tribe safe and well fed. Shelter had become far less of a problem now that they had escaped the fearful winters.

As soon as GINA was born, the first of their descendants, and then KRAK and Layla’s son KARL, and then the others, it soon became clear that something had gone terribly wrong.


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