Omnia Vincit Amor*

Current Classic Bill postVolume 5, Issue 40

Part 62 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they trekked southward, made a miraculous crossing over the Straits of Gibraltar, and are now discovering Africa. Previous episodes.

Faced with attacks from the front and rear, Stari-ki’s army decimated the savages to their rear as Stari-ki turned his focus to the army in front, with the long-distance weaponry. Intuiting the rescued girl to be the sister or daughter of the beautiful warrior queen, Stari-ki was moved to carry the girl to the woman. Neva, the warrior queen, shot off an arrow as soon as she saw something cresting the hill — wobbling the shot the instant she saw Stari-ki carrying her sister, Canda. Stari-ki was hit in the shoulder, falling as the poison took effect. Neva ran to the girl and in a matter of seconds, arrows stopped flying and women with earthenware jugs were helping Canda and Stari-ki drink the healing potion. Back on his feet, Stari-ki held Neva’s gaze with a sense of recognition and love at first sight.

Despite drinking the disgusting antidote, Stari-ki’s body needed time to process out the poison, and he had gone into a long, disturbed sleep. Toxins were coming out of his body as if by the bucketful. He woke briefly again and there she was, the beautiful woman whom he now knew was called Neva, wiping the perspiration off his body from head to toe. He could see the love pouring out of her eyes. Had they been this way forever? That was his last thought as he went back into his coma.

one community made of army and tribe

Stari-ki’s army and this much smaller tribe had now coalesced into one community.

Stari-ki’s army and this much smaller tribe had now coalesced into one community and people were getting to know and like one another. With their respective leaders now sharing a leafy tent, distrust had quickly evaporated. The army, which had been conditioned to xenophobia from birth, found it strangely easy to trust these people who seemed so different from anyone they had ever met before. In a way they seemed almost like gods with their advanced weapons, knots, clothing, pottery, knowledge of poisons and antidotes, and their careful kindness toward others. Who were they? Where did they come from?

Blu and Ska with their wives, Izbel and Asa

Blu and Ska were enjoying the reunion with their wives, Izbel and Asa

Blu and Ska were enjoying the reunion with their wives, Izbel and Asa, having some of their host’s food as if at a little picnic in the woods. The food was delicious and much tastier than anything they had ever eaten before. The word spices came into Ska’s mind but he didn’t know what it meant exactly, just that it had something to do with the way the food tasted. Blu heard it and sent back a mental Yes. These people must have travelled from the East. How did he know that?

They were enjoying feeling more comfortable mentally communicating with one another because Stari-ki was obviously not going to be doing any peeping for a while. Blu confided in Ska that there was a woman he had loved throughout Time who was coming back to him now in dreams — a woman called Layla, who was not Izbel, and that he loved them both but somehow knew that his future someday would reunite him with his truest love, Layla. Ska somehow knew something about this as soon as he heard it and there was something he strongly wanted to say about it but it flew right out of his mind and seemed to sit just outside of reach no matter how he tried to retrieve it.

Blu stood and gestured, meaning that he was going off in the woods to relieve himself and would be right back. Ska jumped up and gestured that he would join his friend in this pleasant relief. Izbel and Asa nodded and continued enjoying the food. As they got out of earshot, Blu stopped and turned to his friend. Ska saw the serious look on Blu’s face and wondered what was coming next.

“Stari-ki told me who we really are,” Blu whispered. “He told me not to tell you and I was waiting for a chance like this.” Ska’s eyes widened. Why would Stari-ki not want him to know his own true identity? Blu heard the thought and whispered, “He thought the facts would disturb you.” Ska indeed already looked disturbed by this. “Brace yourself,” Blu said softly. “My real name is Bluto. Your real name is Scarlatta. We’re both Rebels of course. I’m really a male, and you’re really a female.” Blu watched the other closely, concerned at the probable reaction but certain that Ska would prefer to know the truth for himself, or herself, no matter what.

Ska was instantly devastated, but rallied immediately, seeing that Blu was still his friend and had not lost any respect for him, or her, or whatever he was. That somehow made all the difference in the world, and gave him the reservoir of unlimited strength and courage to deal with anything. He had found his inner feminine side already and it had worried him deeply. His basic life meaning was to be a warrior and that seemed incompatible with being a female. However, he had seen Neva in action and now knew that being female would in no way prevent him from carrying out his purpose in life as a warrior. Suddenly what sex he was seemed entirely irrelevant. However, if he was a woman he must be a female homosexual, he realized, because he was strongly attracted to females and not to males. Blu heard all this in his mind and laughed out loud in great happiness and relief. Then they relieved themselves, and returned to their wives, feeling wonderful and alive.

Ska surprised Asa with a passionate kiss as he sat back down, and Blu felt obliged to do the same then with Izbel. The wives were tickled pink by this and began to anticipate what would hopefully come next. But something else happened instead. Surprise visitors were approaching.


*Love conquers all.
  —Virgil (70 BC–19 BC), Eclogue X, line 69.

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