Mystical Illumination

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 9

Part 80 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Adam and Eve (with a lot of help from Atlantis and his/her team) served the guests a sumptuous feast, which they richly enjoyed. Sniike gulped while the others sipped the incredible wines. Children asleep, the party was well along when Sniike, who was also well along, began a stream of consciousness speech to Layla and then also to the table at large:

“Thank you for the many kindnesses you have given us. Before I get too drunk, can we get back to the work at hand?” After a moment of silence everyone laughed together.

Maitreya said, “When we close our eyes at night, we know that we’re still here, our mind, images, feelings… consciousness. This out here,” he waved at their fair surroundings, a banquet table under the stars, “is such a convincing illusion that we take it to be the truest reality, and the stuff in our heads we take to be just imaginary stuff. What is deepest in our heads and hearts is the true Self, and there is only one of us.”

Athenius smiled. “This stuff out here,” he tapped on the table, “compels our attention. If we do something wrong it could kill us. What good is what’s inside us compared to that?”

“What’s inside us cannot be killed,” Maitreya said. That was a conversation stopper.

“My people believe that too,” Sniike said quietly a moment later. “We each live countless lives.”

“The part that’s new, the revelation,” Maitreya said, “is that all of us are the same One Self living all these lives.”

“Is that the message you wish us to bring to the nations?” Athenius asked in a serious voice.


“We can do that, kind sir,” Sniike said, “although we may never believe it.”

“What is necessary is for you to know it,” Maitreya said.

“We can do that too,” Sniike offered with a wink.

Maitreya’s smile did not change as he looked to Athenius.

“I will not carry a lie or a story or propaganda or whatever you want to call it,” Athenius said. “We are friends now and I love you people and am very grateful too. But the only message I would bring to the world for you would be some message whose truth and value I was totally certain of.”

“That’s the only way,” Maitreya said to them both, “it won’t work any other way. I need to show you something.” He stood up. “You can leave your plates, we’ll come back here soon.” The others followed and he led them into the boat, the same one they had arrived in, and he took off and flew them straight up toward the capstone of the upper pyramid (the one that was not below ground) of the great ship Atlantis.

Athenius and Sniike couldn’t help thinking again that they were flying up the side of the endless mountain that led to the throne of God. They imagined light shows in the sky appearing behind the approaching capstone. Chills ran up their spines and necks.

Then they were at the capstone, looking directly inside through its diamond texture. Inside there were a lot of couches arranged in a circle, and once inside through a sliding door, Maitreya directed them, “Lay down one person to a couch and relax.” They asked what was going to happen but he didn’t answer.

When everyone was horizontal they noticed how comfortable and pleasant it was to float here under the stars, visible above through the diamond texture of Atlantis, how nice to just breathe deeply, feel good. An extended moment began to occur in which everyone was equally contented with silence.

“I am you,” a voice said. It was not loud, but it boomed and reverberated throughout their beings. “I have always existed. At the core of you, look inside, there am I. We are one and the same. This is our game throughout eternity.”

Now reality changed. The same people were there but they were luminous bubbles with incredible and ever-changing internal details, floating in space. “Consciousness can make forms appear. Those forms can be changed by consciousness. Everything is illusion and real at the same time. You get to choose which illusion you prefer to live in.”

“Who are you?” Athenius was so bold as to ask.

“I am the One Self, the same one that is inside of you. I just asked myself that question.”

“Why do you do this?” Athenius asked.

“What would you do for eternity?” The One responded with a playful tone in HisHerOur voice.

“That is a fair point, sir,” Athenius said, resuming his earlier Thinker posture.

“Give us a sign!” Sniike blurted out. “How do we know it’s not just talk?”

“Oh, that,” The One said and laughed, “I was just coming to that. Hold on.”

Athenius felt himself voluntarily give up motor control over his body, which appeared as if his body was made up of little cubes each of which expanded into a gas. Suddenly there was no couch, no body, and space was exploding all around in beautiful color strokes from different angles, galaxies being born. Athenius suddenly remembered the many other lives he had and how it all started and now here he was back at the beginning of himself, the Only Self. It was not a story. It was complete and self-evidently real.

Sniike had a very similar experience but he didn’t remember it that way. Instead he remembered it as the whining patronizing propaganda of the backstabber, as remembering all of his lives clearly reminded him of his true identity as a Rebel, a being at a higher level of evolution than humans. Part of him later admitted that he was convinced there is a powerful Self within him, which he communicated with, and he was not sure of whether he approved of that Self or not. He had not been ready for the experience so he did not get much out of it except to feel more confused.

They were back on their couch. Athenius opened his eyes. Everyone sat up and looked to him first.

“I’ll carry this message,” Athenius said.

“Me too,” Sniike said.


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