Too Much of a Good Thing

The Great Being, Part 19
Volume 4, Issue 47

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The ongoing saga of The Great Being (TGB) as seen through the eyes of two of His/Her other incarnations besides you, me, and everybody/everything else. Previous installments.

As Melchizedek and Layla grew up and continued their good work on the witch council, protecting the tribe and helping individual Neanderthals with life problems, they of course took pride in their work, as they always had done on every Mission. This had never had any bad side effects before. But riding through these new brains, there was a tendency for good things to become so overloaded as to become bad things.

This tendency caught them napping because they had been so sure they were past the problem of not being taken over by the new brains. The way the new brains had initially taken them over was by amnesia-izing them into thinking they were just babies and not superbeings pretending to be babies. They licked that problem in the first year and then figured that was it, the brains would be docile, or at least manageable, from now on. Not so. And worse was the new way, because of the stealthy way it snuck up on them.

It all started with the GLYP incident, when the babies saved the day. Of course they never forgot the incident and often their minds would go back and re-live the triumph against astounding odds. Over time, each of them started to re-live these moments in a way that subtly made them the star of the show. Melchi saw himself as the orchestrator of the whole event and of course it was his idea. Layla somehow became gradually convinced they had both thought it up and that it was all done by her acting as the star performer (Mel was just the narrator in a language the tribe couldn’t understand, so more like background music).

They didn’t even consciously note that this was happening until one day they found themselves arguing about the facts of what actually transpired moment to moment. Melchi was flabbergasted and an alarm went off in his head when he realized that something had repressed his memory until now: he had called for Cosmic Fire Support, and apparently received it since their performances were Flow state level, and the credit went to a higher station of Self than to either of them.

Wait a second, Melchizedek pathed her. They were alone in a safe part of the woods close to camp, standing and communicating, although an observer would not notice the communication part. They just looked like they were catching their breath from a long walk over rough terrain. This is not like us, he went on, a suspicious tone in his mental voice.

What’s happened to us? she anguished back to him. I feel like I’ve fallen hundreds of levels into an extremely base state of consciousness.

Could it be these new brains? he asked slowly in amazement. The brains had not bothered them with control issues for many years. They were now teenagers and remembered their true identities perfectly. They had been doing their jobs properly for years. Now all of a sudden they realized that this must have been gradually building up over time. The brains had turned protein food into neuron clusters and some of those neuron clusters were apparently overly concerned with having self-flattering perceptions — to the point of repressing memories selectively to support self-flattery.

Ego. This was way out of line for a bodhisattva, especially those called Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, who were always sent in first to the most risky games at dangerous turning points. Agents did not have egos. Ego was a weakness that could be used against you by opposing Team members. It got drummed out of you early, in the first few thousand incarnations, if you were as good as Melchizedek. Layla had been launched very recently out of The Great Being but showed incredible promise and had caught up to being matched with Mel. But now they were both acting like rookies.

That was when they heard the growl.


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