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Volume 5, Issue 10

You’ll recall we are telling the story of The Great Being, the Singular Self that is living through each of us avatars. We are watching how the story unfolds on the planet Earth through the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now in a new life around 40,000 BC. In the previous episode, the tribe had eluded “the enemy” and established camp high up the great mountain. Layla and Melchizedek, as Ska and Blu, had been up to something but what? Previous Installments.

The King bridled at the idea of having to go somewhere to see something. Layla as Ska persuaded him by saying, “Oh Great King, all future men will remember you for the great creation we will show you.”

The King insisted on his full guard, eight protectors heavily armed with pikes and throwing stones plus personal weapons, while Melchizedek as Blu and Layla as Ska had but their stone axes and stone blades, only good for very close range. But this was the way the King wanted to stack it, just in case he was facing an assassination exercise.

They had to do a bit of climbing to get to the cave. Previous experience had taught all these men to know there was nothing that could possibly surprise or impress them in that cave. It was just not possible.

Cueva de El Mirón Photo by Antuan AyllónThey reached the opening and Melchizedek as Blu stopped to light his fire. This took several minutes, during which the King got steadily angrier.

This is going to be one tough audience, Layla pathed. The two had laughed earlier about Here we go again, inventing show biz on this planet.

Finally the torch was lit and sputtering uncertainly. Melchizedek requested cosmic fire support and led the way into the cave.

It was instantly colder, damp, and had a funny smell that none of them could remember ever having smelled before, which set their senses on alert. The King began to fuzzily detect his own true identity for a moment, and Melchizedek caught it, and distracted him. “Great King, there were bears in this cave that I needed to persuade to depart, that is what you smell.” The King looked at him disbelievingly, pigeonholing the comment as a common boast, without truth. But it made him forget momentarily and not wake up to his true identity as a visitor like Melchizedek and Layla, though of a different political and philosophical persuasion.

They got deeper into the cave and it got darker, but it also enlarged a bit so they could walk fully upright. Here Melchizedek as Blu raised a hand to stop them and paused dramatically. He held the fire just a certain way so that he could light up just a part of the present “room” that he wanted to illuminate. He was using himself as a shade to block something else that he would disclose at just the right time.

Layla as Ska began to hum a little song, a melody, something that no one on Earth had ever heard before, that followed the universal cycle of fourths to resolve into a heroic tonic chord that made all beings feel secure. She had been trained to do this as an Agent.

“Oh Great King, the King’s Men, Ska, hear me now as I say the truth to you. This is what the King has invented to teach men the ways to their betterment — an unlimited path to a future whose greatness we cannot begin to imagine.” The soldiers wondered if in fact the King had done what they were about to see.

detail of prehistoric painting in Altamira cave, Spain - photo:MCIA P. Saura

Blu slowly turned and the torch revealed something on the wall that caused them all to jump back in fright, except of course Blu and Ska. It was a charging wild boar. A moment later they all realized that it was just colors smudged on the cave wall, which happened to look like a charging wild boar but was not really what it appeared to be. Involuntary murmurs of great respect spontaneously emanated from the soldiers, initially irritating the King but then he thought it over. He said, “My Greatest Warriors, I honor you by sharing this treasure with you. Blu and Ska will now tell you how it will be used for our betterment.” He looked momentarily smug as if expecting Blu and Ska to completely muff the next part. He could not see how this parlor trick would be any sort of game-changer he would want to lay claim to.

“Look here,” Blu said, moving the torch so they could see that there was something else above — it looked like it was behind but it was actually above the boar. “These lines” — he pointed to and touched the vertical lines grooved carefully into the rock — “represent the warriors with pikes who surround the boar on every side. In this cave we will rehearse as these men — the one who will approach from the rear, from each side, and from the front — and we will train all of them to work with each other as a team. We will rehearse the commands and what they mean, so there will be no hesitation no matter what happens in battle.”

“And then what?” the King demanded, wanting to know the entirety of the plan, not trusting anyone, least of all these two.

“Then we will go after even larger prey — including people,” Ska said convincingly.


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Image credits: 1. El Mirón Cave in Cantabria, Spain. Photo: Antuan Ayllón. 2. The Great roof of Altamira cave in Spain. Photo: MNCIA – P. Saura

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