Love, Strange Yet Sacred

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Volume 5, Issue 7

You’ll recall we are telling the story of The Great Being, the Singular Self that is living through each of us avatars. We are watching how the story unfolds on the planet Earth through the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a Mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now in a new life around 40,000 BC.

Mel and Layla's telepathic connection

Blu’s wife was pale and petite with reddish blond hair worn long all over her body. Reading her mind, Melchizedek, in the recovered body of Blu, saw that he called her Izbel. Once alone in their tent, Izbel ardently pulled him down and began welcoming him home and nursing him back to health.

Are you two doing what we’re doing? Layla pathed from next door where, as Ska, his wife Asa was licking his wounds clean. Asa was dark of skin and hair although not as dark as Blu.

We’re a bit further along, Melchizedek replied. Careful not to lose yourself in the body’s identity, he cautioned. They knew from the prior incarnation that the new brains could become dominant, causing them to forget who they really were and why they were here, and that this was more likely to happen under certain conditions such as sleep, sex, exhaustion, or distraction. Melchizedek suspected that this had happened to their new tribe’s King, who was like themselves a higher consciousness from off-planet but apparently didn’t remember that self anymore… At least not at the moment.

They continued their telepathic conversation in order to retain their knowledge of their true identities during the ensuing lovemaking. They also needed to form a plan. At any time the King could wake up to his real identity and quite likely penetrate to knowing theirs, which would mean death and thus be obstructive to the Mission.

Being kind and loving beings, Melchizedek as Blu and Layla as Ska were sincerely tender and attentive to their wives, even though Layla preferred males, which was inconvenient since this time she was one.

I wonder how many rebels are awake to their true identities here on Earth, she mused. Worst case scenario, the tribe that’s attacking us could also be led by a rebel, one that might remember who he is, and we could get busted by him if our own King stays asleep.

Melchizedek merely mentally grunted assent, which led her to believe that he was enjoying himself. The momentary twinge of jealousy she sensed in herself alerted her to Ska’s brain trying to take her over, since jealousy was not something she ever felt on her own, and so she focused on detaching her sense of self from the animal-level impulse. Meanwhile Asa had cleansed the latest wounds and was exploring unharmed territory, adding to the challenge of Layla maintaining self-identity. Moments later another distraction piled on as Melchizedek reached out mentally to begin making love to her while physically making love to Izbel.

To the Agents there was nothing troubling about this situation of multiple love affairs at the same time. They knew that in reality all personalities are really masks of the same single Self anyway. Each of them did get lost in their current brains but snapped back several times that day, maintaining a tenuous hold on who they really were.

In the warm afterglow Melchizedek announced, I have a plan. Then he added, Actually you gave me the idea.


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