Layers of Intervention

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 24

Part 95 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The guards threw him so strongly there was nothing to do but roll like a ball down into the flaming pyre, which Abram did. The heat was amazing and he was sure that all the hair on his body burned up immediately. He stood up in the leaping flames but felt nothing.

Abram in the fire

Hold real still a female voice said in his mind, and he obeyed.

This isn’t going to be easy, Layla said to Maitreya, Templegard and Nastassia, arrayed at the cardinal compass points around Abram in their invisible bubble bodies. They held the fire away from Abram with precision telekinetics, by interposing a forcefield that shielded him from the heat, which for the four of them combined was touch and go. They weren’t even sure they were doing the right thing, since miraculous intervention had possibly also been abandoned as a strategy after Atlantis along with military dominance, but they were following their intuitions.

Relax, a motherly voice said to them, and they felt The One Self emanate into them so that their realization of Oneness with The Original Self was almost palpable. They found relaxing natural and felt buoyed up by sublime bliss and effortlessly their telekinetics were upped many quantum levels. The One was doing it all.

You can move as you like now Abram, the voice said lovingly.

Thank you God, Abram said with equal love, and please protect my father, if it pleases you.

Just outside the fire pit the crowd avoided mobbing Nimrod, giving him respectful distance, but all around the fire men elbowed their way to a better view and some climbed on others, while the women drew back, crying instinctively.

“Now that your son is dead, Terah, you will be next,” Nimrod said, playing Captain Obvious. Terah still had no control of his vocal cords. This unpromising conversation was saved from further elongation by yells from the men closest to the fire.

“He’s alive!”

“He’s walking around in there!”

Abram waved to Terah as the guards hauled Terah forward just behind Nimrod, whose approach parted the crowd, with one man almost falling into the fire. Nimrod saw with his own eyes that Abram was wandering around complacently, seeming to be looking at the fuel under the fire in idle curiosity. What if there is a God? Nimrod thought. I have to be prepared to win no matter what the truth is. Perhaps I should meet this God and charm him with my evident leadership skills, get closer to him, find his weaknesses, and exploit them to take his kingdoms too.

Nimrod ordered his soldiers to drown the fire and then pull Abram up. This took quite a while. Eventually Abram stood dripping water but with all his hair and looking none the worse for wear. The big smile on his face even cheered Terah, who cried with happiness and flung himself in Abram’s arms. Abram kissed and hugged him tightly.

“You may return to your home in safety and we will speak more of this,” Nimrod said. Abram took Terah home. There was a family celebration that night. Everyone was blown away by the fact that Abram’s God really existed.

On the way home, The One Self had proposed a Covenant with Abram and his people, and one contingency was that they had to move at once to a land that The One would show Abram. This Abram announced at dinner.


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