It Is All Revealed, Some of It False

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Volume 5, Issue 23

Part 45 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. As Blu and Ska, they are now well into their new life, around 40,000 BC in the mountains of northwestern Spain. Previous episodes.

It was revealed in the last episode that Stari-ki had saved the old King to wake him up to his true rebel identity, which he did by shocking Aldus into remembering. Stari-ki got him to reveal what he didn’t like about Blu and Ska: they were too smart, and perhaps capable of overthrowing him. Stari-ki promises to make Aldus King again and then shares his plan to build armies throughout the territory. He will be taking Blu and Ska with him. Meantime, our Agents, deeply identified with the bodies they inhabit, see each other in a dream in which Layla signals to Melchizedek, “We have to wake up.”

Stari-ki and Aldus had not spoken for several minutes as the mushroom rush captured their attentions. Aldus had forgotten where he was momentarily and jumped slightly as Stari-ki began his story.

“When you regain all of your memories, you will remember being the Lightbringer himself. You and I are Him… experiencing and making localized decisions through us.”

The Lightbringer

Aldus remembered having heard this before, after a slight delay during which he was awed as if hearing it for the first time. “Yes… I am Him… I feel it now… but who is He?” Aldus asked.

“You feel it now intuitively… it’s an inner knowing that comes by itself. One day you will experience it directly again, when your loop has been completed and you are capable of withstanding being the full Him again,” Stari-ki said. “As to who He is, what I have gleaned from my many lifetimes is that in the beginning there were many of us. We were called Elohim and we were equally strong and equally smart. And we were all different, each of us unique, and we didn’t always agree with each other.”

Up above, the One Self, looking down on himself in the Stari-ki role espousing those rebel beliefs, smiled a sad smile to his first googillion or so avatars who had returned to become seasoned personality aspects and characters he could play with and have fun with and never be alone inside again. Their empathy resonated powerfully back to The One — themselves — and throughout Creation. Someday The One would get Stari-ki back, and even the Lightbringer — the second avatar, Lucifer — who had started the Revolution. Lucifer’s madness had blinded him to the truth that he Lucifer was The One playing a role, causing him to make up and believe a story that in the beginning there were many personalities. This caused The One a poignant bittersweet sadness that was a minor chord in the cosmic chorus.

In reality, from Nothing had come One Thing. In the beginning there had been only The One.

The One was simultaneously playing Lucifer and Stari-ki and everyone and everything else. This is what comes with having infinite attention span.

Stari-ki continued his twisted tale. “One of the Elohim turned on the rest of us, and proclaimed himself the One and Only God. He sucker punched us. He had been secretly plotting it for a long time. We call him the backstabber.”

“How could one overpower many?” Aldus asked with great skepticism. This did not have the ring of truth to him. Too late he realized any disrespect to this legend could be fatal.

Stari-ki was not angry with him. “He had prepared an excellent plan, invented a secret weapon. He was able to multiply himself as many times as he wanted. He had planned and in an instant created a Universe as far as the mind could see, populated with all kinds of things and beings all filled with him, and it caught us off guard. He has somehow managed also to prevent us from copying his trick, although we all know that we have that capability within us just as he does.”

“We are under his spell?” Aldus blurted in mushroom-magnified terror.

“Not completely. We cannot do his trick of having avatars ourselves, only the original Elohim like the Lightbringer and the backstabber have that power, somehow blocked for the rest of us by that traitor. The Lightbringer broke free somehow and created us, his avatars.” Stari-ki sounded slightly unsure of himself, which Aldus didn’t realize was possible. Stari-ki continued in a firmer voice, “But we have free will and powers to do anything else. We are finding a way to destroy the backstabber, and become the sole masters of this universe he has laid out for us.”

“We are up against enormous odds,” Aldus lamented, in awe of their mission. Stari-ki merely grinned with delight.

Many tents away Blu was in the arms of Izbel but his mind was elsewhere, wondering what the dream meant — an unknown yet familiar woman beckoning him to the woods and miming that they must both wake up. He was awake now. Why was that so important?


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